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23 Comments on "‘Not A Villain Webcomic – Page 556"

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Ethan Mitchell

Something woke up and it does not look happy.


That’s not where your moustache goes, Wispy Woods.


Imagine Danni’s nose as her mouth in panel 1. 🙂

That Guy

Oh, that’s awesome!

Nikary Flare

So blinding these trees was pointless.


I spy with my little eye, a new vote incentive! ^^

Ofer Horowitz

Was a good decision to leave the thoughts out IMO 🙂


*gets really close to screen*

Why am I disappointed that she didn’t even get a strand of hair caught in a Portal Cut?


Because you really like that cliche?

That Guy

I’m very impressed with Danny’s precision in jumping in that portal! Bandit’s suggestion really seems to have helped her with her movement in low-G.


aww she did it


D***, that’s creepy


I definitely thought the red line was a new mouth and that it was grinning a creepy lipstick grin


…Are they gone now? Can we stop pretending to be trees?


I’m going to agree — she has to go through. If she stays behind, she has no clue/leads on where to go next, and the way out might just be forward here.

Of course, since the party could be in parts when one group gets here, putting a short timer on the only way out would be a really bad GM design, unless the point is to emphasize “Do Not Split The Party”. In that case, go right ahead 🙂


Ok, just went back and re-read the last few comics.

This portal is not a normal part of this scenario; both Kat and Bandit have commented on this. So it’s not the scenario storyline.

This makes for an interesting question: Is this being broadcast?

What will we see on the other side, and what will viewers see on the other side? If we are looking at a hacker’s portal, and we wind up in a “hacker’s den”, in a world where hackers equates to mass panic …

Did the broadcast suddenly run into “Please stand by, we are having technical difficulties”?

If TenKa is in any way competent (a fact of which I have doubts) they will broadcast on a slight lag, in addition to the slight lag required to give Paddy time to make edits to the broadcast on the fly. Under normal circumstances I would not expect TenKa to be actively monitoring the broadcast, but considering their suspicions of “Kleya” and that their golden programmer boy is in party with her I suspect they’re watching the feed like vultures. The real question is how well the civilian Watchers know the world, and whether they will notice anything out of… Read more »
So, here’s what my enormous brain thinks of this situation. The head honcho of this forest area is an NPC modeled after a player that was close to Kleya (I forget who exactly; it’s been a while). There have been strong insinuations that this NPC is more than s/he initially appears. Many of the trees in the forest are players or NPCs that have been turned with this character’s power. I believe this character has control over the trees’ actions, or at least their senses. The tree in the last panel here seems, um… particularly attentive, by tree standards. Given… Read more »

Her father not her mother


her nose looks like a mouth


took way to long to realize that was her nose not her making a weird little smile