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A Nonny Mouse

555-4321 Danni phone home?
It seems the portal is conditional and/or temporary, which may mitigate (a little) the TENka people’s level of being upset.

Silly thoughts

Danni move quick or your going to be doing a solo run with no special or revives…nevermind you just don’t have the popularity to run solo you story may end eitherway so stick with your team


Derp? Ó_ò

(I love Danni’s derp-face. XD)

Nathaniel - Vanilla

(I don’t know if Aneeka is making Danni kinda super crazy looking on the face sometimes. But for some reason I fudging love it! :D)


No! Don’t split the party.


How did I know when I woke up today that there’d be a brand new page of everyone overreacting at the d*** portal and reiterating on points we should already know? Aneeka, when does the Game arc end? I want to see more of L.I.F.E. People trying desperately to distract themselves from a nightmarish Reality where their physical bodies may or may not be failing on them while they wile away the last of their days in virtual reality… that’s the kind of dark that originally drew me into this comic. Not the pretty backgrounds or difficult to follow fight… Read more »

Heyyyy… Don’t grump at Aneeka! It’s her story, and she can do it as she likes. Also: this whole thing is planned weeks, months, ahead. She has a buffer, and does conventions. What you want is nice and all, but how about you let the expert make excellent comic without the negative commentary?


You are of course completely correct, but I have to say that I too am getting kinda fed up of this forest. We’ve been in it since June 2015! Just a few days shy of 1 year and 9 months now. We’ve had some very important character development here, but give me more of the doom and gloom of reality and L.I.F.E please.


I have made a decision to join this comment section. I criticize because I love. You are welcome to engage with me in meaningful discussion, but your thoughtless protectiveness and hypersensitivity on behalf of your beau does not endear you to me or engender thoughtful discussion.


She must go now; there is a possibility that it is an exit from the island, she would be left behind if that is the case and she does not follow her team.

Autumn Fyre

Dani get in quick before it’s gone! I woudn’t be surprised if someone purposely closed it to isolate her…


My stuff from the kickstarter arrived… about 5 minutes ago.