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7 Comments on "‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 553"

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I love every character on this page )=


Bandit you are a bit late to this party. Everybody has been watching you since that creature appeared has known that there’s a portal on the island all of this stuff that you’re worried about is probably already happening. Or it’s not happening but worrying about it won’t help you in either case. I also was already under the impression that they knew the virus was in there system still period just primarily quiescent and they’ve been unable to remove it.


It looks more like the Tenka people are worried that somebody (the evil hackers?) will find out about the Virus. My guess is that there are still rogue hackers out there messing with stuff.


How does one time travel to the future where the next comic is already published


One second at a time.


I prefer to see it as one day at a time, the wait gets so bloody long if you think about it every second… then again, sometimes it’s hard to avoid 😛


There’s only 86400 seconds in a day, unless it’s a long day. Those get 86401 seconds. May take you a couple hours to count them all, but it’s a way to pass time if you’ve got nothing better to do.