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This is what my life has been ever since I started reading NAV. 🙂
The Dude’s Special, Porto del Fama, Erbana Island (is Kat’s mom’s A.I. there?), Saisuke, Jane’s motives, whether or not the real world’s living conditions are improving, why Kat is hiding from her father,… not to mention minor stuff like Mina, Annie and how Danni’s parents are doing now that she earns money herself.
But I will hang in there, always curious to see where you’re leading us.

Btw: Isn’t “Or someone else’s?” in panel 2.75?


So Kat can not only tell a person’s code but also that it wasn’t their own programming?


Well, it is true in real life that if you know well what a persons writing – be it poetry or prose or code or math – you can tell when a piece of writing is written by someone else. Kat should recognise all code written by herself, her dad, her mom and Jake, at the very least. She might also be picking up on such things fast enough that she would recognise Jane’s code by now, but I don’t think so.

Karis Van Valin

This is actually based in real life. If I look at code-base, I can usually tell where one programmer started and another took over. I can’t always tell but then I am not the best programmer in the world.


Like how one person’s coding can be ONE giant unorganized paragraph wall, another neatly organized and indented, or organized with comments #tagged all over. Then there’s also different types of encryption or lack there of.


Most coders leave fingerprints in their code. Just like how handwriting or an author’s style is very distinctive, code works the same way.

I think what she means here is that this code doesn’t have the same distinctions as who she was expecting.

“It’s not his code” is a reference to someone she knows, I’m guessing her dad. When it comes to code, there is a very formulaic built like a factory robot type code that follows the exact rules of whatever institute taught them. It’s boring, and I think it mostly sucks. It’s like a paint by numbers, but with 1/3rd the colors. Then there’s the stuff written by someone that has developed their programming skills. If they were pictures, some of those may be like a 4 year old with crayons, and others like a DaVinci, with everything else in between,… Read more »

G-d this story is so good.


Plot! I love plot! Actually, and I’ve said it before, plot and especially the fact that it often surprises me is what I read this comic for.

So, who planted this? Jane? Jane’s enemy, and if so, who is that? And what is Jane about to do? I’m loving it and I can’t wait to read the next page!


I’m thinking Jane might be intending to make use of the fact that the Dude is alone right now on the other side of the portal…

Dragon Master

LOL moment of confession: who else went what do you mean plot there’s no excessive cleavage here ….. Oh wait never mind.


Plot Plot, glorious plot! Que backstory explaining why Jane is anti TENka… Wait NO! NO! PLEASE, NOT A BACKSTORY CLIFFHANGER… *Knocks on wood violently*