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this is kind of adorable?


Well, Brandon either found the portal and stopped screaming on his own… or something found Brandon and stopped his screaming for him – possibly permanently.


One can only hope for the best/worst…


So… if everything the Dude does has purpose, intent… then what is up with his flirting with Danielle? And what on earth will happen when she arrives at this thought? 🙂 I never stop loving this story!

Dragon Master

LOL I imagine it will be something like an “Ughh” face.


It’s part of establishing his character as the lovable idiot.

Dani hasn’t clued in to “roleplaying” or “in character” yet.


Being an idiot, he has trouble coming up with a purpose, sometimes. That’s where Bandit comes in.


I was certain you were going to say that’s where screaming comes in. By screaming he triggers to Flee response. Dude has a card that says luck and a portal someplace else when you’re Flering from something would be very lucky to run across.

Nikary Flare



I found some fun NAV-related stuff on YouTube.
Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7MJ6OAooPo
April Fool’s guest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89w_X7sN4-c
Wouldn’t it be nice to have these linked to in the extras section? The latter one allegedly (i.e. according to the video description) had been here for a while.

I never expected your name to be pronounced Aneekya, but at least I stopped myself from pronouncing Danni as Dunni before I saw the interview. German pronounciation always finds a way to sneak in when you’re mainly reading English instead of listening to it. 🙂


You love that third panel?
I love that third panel.
(Actually I think I love this whole page…as usual.)

New comment system, looks weird. Hope tags still work… ^.^ heh.
(Was spam so bad you really needed a captcha? o_O)
(Heh, and the “Notify of..” is hilarious. A dropdown with only the one option! XD)


Just want to say, I really like the different effects you’ve been using around whispers.