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Colors by Audrey with edits and everything else by me.


Dude is basically running around in circles right now.



Random Game Info: Emotional stats are normally increased/decreased by the actions your character does in the Game. However, one of the key features of the Kido is that it can detect major emotions (also one of the reasons why it's required to play this game) and that feature was incorporated into the Game, allowing your actual emotions to also influence your character's emotional stats. So, if an attack truly scared you, and your character fled, that would increase your chance for getting the fleeing benefits and surviving.

Fun* fact: if you are into meta-gaming and can keep yourself in a certain emotional state (like being mad all the time), you can technically help grind that emotional stat in the Game. This tactic, though, was usually employed only by hard-core players since the emotional stats were hidden and the Kido's emotion detection wasn't always perfect.


*well, it would be fun if this game actually existed.


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16 Comments on "‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 549"

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Mars is about 38% earth gravity and as such would be very similar to a 50% environment. Running would be very difficult.
In summary, skipping would be the best way to travel in low gravity environments.


Clumsy Danni is so cute! ^^ Interesting that you can grind emotions. But can’t you just use alternate versions of Hero Smilie to grind any emotional stat? I don’t think it takes a genius to devise a Special that alters emotional stats. The genius part was finding out that it’s actually useful to do that because of a weaknesses in the code, right? Apropos: Can the Kido only detect emotions or is it able to infuse the players with them, too? Did Bandit actually feel happy after having been hit? Or did he do good role-play, saying that he felt… Read more »

Yeah, that was… weird. I wonder what’s up with that


Finished novel 1 during lunch-break and what a wild ride that was! It was a good choice to buy both volumes at once. Now I need to wait until I can return home from work, so I can continue with the 2nd volume. Sorry, but the spell-checking of the 1st one will have to wait. 🙂
But in the mean-time you can already look for the words “anticlimatic” and “verses” and replace them with “anticlimactic” and “versus”.


I want this game to exist a little more at the release of each new page.

Running or walking in different gravities would use the same muscles regardless. So its not a matter of using different gaits for different gravities as it is learning the correct level of strength to use. As a ballet dancer Danni should actually pick this up pretty fast. Micro-gravity doesn’t count of course – that isn’t walking so much as “swimming”. The only time you’d want to learn “skipping” or other tricks would be if you are planning on staying in the variable gravity for only a few days. If this is a feature of The Game… players would want to… Read more »

Interestingly, this does kind of confirm that Dude’s not nearly as dumb as he makes himself out to be. Not in terms of the game, anyway. The screaming might seem random, but he’s basically meta-gaming.


Well, he did win the tournament, after all. 🙂 Of course he’s not actually dumb.

Ammon Boone

Just binge read the whole archive. Superb. Please don’t stop.

Got here from Erfworld, by the way. A page or two ago there was a caster(magic user; there’s enough unknowns for cameos) with a white shirt that said Dude, and a comment was made wondering if it was a reference to this.


I have a feeling that Kleya is going to end up “grinding” that anger stat completely unintentionally. Everyone but Danni is getting on her nerves enough.


so… dave is a min-max’er…
maximizes strengths and minimizes weaknesses….
clever… very clever


That’s a VERY fun fact to me 😀

(I’ve been waiting for more concrete system rules on a Game party I made based on what we know so far).


Sooo can I state the obvious here and demand that you try and make this game happen (on your own terms) someday (soon), Illustrious Creator Aneeka?


Hey! What did he just say? Sounds like Bandit is about to make another boorish comment. Unless he’s going to help her with her leg. (Does that really matter after she was giving new life when she lost her first esone?)


I thought the Flee response was going to be something along the lines of a monster AI response. Like, how some predatory animals will ‘chase’ after people just because they run *cough bears cough*. I thought he was intentionally using some ‘Flee Response’ glitch to lure monsters to come at him from through the portal XD.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Ooh Chimera, that’s not Native! must be a portal. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!.

Just imagine walking by a portal in the game, just to hear the dude’s scream from it as he runs toward/away from it. Lol.