‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 549

Colors by Audrey with edits and everything else by me.


Dude is basically running around in circles right now.



Random Game Info: Emotional stats are normally increased/decreased by the actions your character does in the Game. However, one of the key features of the Kido is that it can detect major emotions (also one of the reasons why it's required to play this game) and that feature was incorporated into the Game, allowing your actual emotions to also influence your character's emotional stats. So, if an attack truly scared you, and your character fled, that would increase your chance for getting the fleeing benefits and surviving.

Fun* fact: if you are into meta-gaming and can keep yourself in a certain emotional state (like being mad all the time), you can technically help grind that emotional stat in the Game. This tactic, though, was usually employed only by hard-core players since the emotional stats were hidden and the Kido's emotion detection wasn't always perfect.


*well, it would be fun if this game actually existed.