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I like the new design of the comment section and especially the new feature, i.e. notification of replies to comments! I think the comment text field needs to auto-resize when someone pastes a big chunk of text or it needs scroll bars. Aaaaand I’m already at the midway point of The Wanted Child. So much for trying to read it slowly. My favorite typo was when De was written as Du once, because this implies DuDe the Great. 😀 If you need proof-reading for volume 3, just send me an E-Mail, I’ll pay for it as normal and my reward… Read more »

I concur with your opinion of the new comment system.

Not sure what the little rectangles in the top right of each comment do yet. One is a share function, which is interesting in and of itself, not sure about the other though.


The one on the right opens a box with a permalink to the comment. Your comment is http://navcomic.com/not-a-villain/page-548/#comment-25033

Craig Rawe

woah there Alex, nice attempt, but you’ve had the books what, a week or so now.. and you’re.. volunteering… to help out for advanced copies?

nice try, but the queues about a mile behind me and I’m not even near the front.



I don’t mean to cut in line. 🙂
I don’t see the problem if I’m willing to pay the full price for it (just so long as I don’t have to pay again for the final release), because why not just allow for everyone in the queue to do that? Would there be any harm in doing that? I think that having 1000 proof-readers is a nice thing, even if only 20 turn out to be reliable.
This might even make for a nice kickstarter reward.

Btw: I just realized that the reply notification didn’t work.


He’s triggering the Flee response and Jane can later say she helped! She won’t say that, but still.
Run, run, as fast as you can
I -can- catch you,

Stellar Jay

Many predators have their pursuit response triggered by their prey’s flee response. That must be why Jane took of after the Dude.


I love how Bandit keeps up the show in these recent pages, while juggling the whispers and actual management of the team.


Oh, new comment system.
So there is actually a requirement to “scream and run” in order to trigger this? That would explain why that portal is not that well known. Nobody BUT the dude would be likely to do that…


Or it’s The Dude’s special at work when he flees.


So it looks like everyone that said he was secretly well acquainted with the game and just playing the Jester was proven right. Please accept this complementary thumbs up for your trouble 😀

Leo Orionis

Well, that’s different! I’ve seen people use “complimentary” when they meant “complementary” lots of times, but I think this is the first time I’ve seen the reverse.


Where are Esones found?

Silly thoughts

Quests, players, floating islands may have one, cities will have at least had one. Anywhere Gravity is screwy in comparison to land arounded may have one. Dungeons will likely have them as possible rewards? They’re rare but they’re no unobtainium or key of the twilight.

They will get new ones eventually they just have to work for it.


That actually makes sense. If the portal is triggered as an escape portal then one would need to be in the state of Flee to open it. It would actually make sense for it to open this way.

Is screaming part of the escape mechanic though or is it just part of The Dude’s Aesthetic?


OOH! New comment section! More whispering! Today is so exciting!


A “Flee Response”…
That’s pretty cool actually. The Game reacts to the actions of the players in more than just their physical interactions.


Hey, Aneeka, I’m not sure what happened/is happening with the Kickstarter merch, but I just wanted to ask. Like I said, I am ENTIRELY unaware, but it seems that my stuff has not arrived yet. I was just wondering if this is just a problem for me, multiple people, or you have actually delayed something. Please, someone reply so that I can have some small idea of what’s happening. Thanks!


So it sounds like the “Flee Response” is some kind of built in command or script that he uses to run away from trouble.
Why would someone use something like that instead of controlling their own character? My guess is, if I’m right, is that it has some kind of bonus. Maybe higher movement rate, or increased evasion.
Just a wild guess, but why not ? 🙂