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10 Comments on "‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 545"

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Hahahaha, I love this page! XD
So Danni finally found her place as the only serious character in a comedy quintet.


Well, since Jane is the only one who doesn’t want to use that portal (for some odd reason), seems Bandit just guaranteed Dude’s potential demise.


Not all… *DUN DUN*

The Dude must know the game like the back of his hand as well. Similar to how Kat knows the locations of high level items, but better because he makes it all look accidental. My theory is that he’s just acting, roleplaying – but also metagaming. He needed a plausible excuse to run off and find whatever it is he found – probably that portal, maybe a source of esone – so he had his character flee from the others in terror. Brilliant. (First comment, but I’ve been following NAV for a year or more! I love your work! And… Read more »
His idiocy actually kind of makes The Dude weirdly interesting. I mean, the guy’s with Tenka, right? At the very least, he’s a long-time player and he must indeed know the game like the back of his hand. It might also explain why Bandit keeps him around, beyond friendship and the fact that he looks vastly more competent next to Dude. Maybe he knows what his buddy is capable of. Is the idiocy real, or is it an extremely talented player just goofing around because it’s boring to him if he doesn’t? It’ll be interesting to see what happens when… Read more »

That third panel made me laugh out loud!


I know right! I can’t help but think that if I was a Watcher, I’d be a big fan of those two. Shipped.


-the least.

Autumn Fyre

Literally every page has a panel zoomed into someone’s face lol

And what’s this whole portal thing about? I think I missed something.


Remember that giant lion thing that chased Dude back into the fight with the other group? Dude found a portal, and that thing chased him back through it.