‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 54


And Kat forgets a very important aspect of her avatar...


And I totally forgot about an incentive last update, but I've got one this time! VOTE to see what the Bandit was probably thinking in panel 2!

Click on the pic!

Also, for those that have missed out on earlier incentives, check out the 'Extra' tab.  I'll be collecting the incentives once a month or so and putting them there.


Yay! The fight scene! So awesome job thus far into the fight, but what’s that thing in the upper left of the bottom frame? With the center of gravity note…it looks kinda like a light switch but I have no idea why there’d be a light switch. And loved the incentive once again!


Ha ha. It’s supposed to be a close up of her eye. But now that you point it out, it does look like a light switch. Oops! lol.


I see it now! maybe if it had been slanted with a wide pupil instead of so close to square…


She’s going to do a backflip now, isn’t she? 🙂


Ha ha. She probably could! The rest of her body is pretty light in comparison with her head.


Wow, what a weak punch from Bandit. His hips aren’t in it at all, so there’s just about no power behind it. And he’s not even trying to hold his guard up. A good strong hit involves stepping in, turning your hips, and putting your weight behind it. Also, the face is the worst possible place you can punch. The skull is much harder than anything in the hand, so you’ll likely do more damage to yourself than your target. The collarbone and bottom ribs are where you want to hit for some serious damage.


Yep, it IS a weak punch, but he knows all her weight is in her head (or at least most of it). One hit, or even a flick, to the head will easily put her down and he highly doubts she can do much damage to him with her flimsy hands. And remember, in this game, it’s not about hurting your opponent the most, but making them look stupid the most.

Yeah in the game world I don’t think bone structure works quite the same, which negates any argument about the location being the problem(otherwise she’d have snapped her neck long ago in reality, lol). Though I do agree that I think on the second punch he would have put his hips/weight into it. He was already slightly embarrassed by missing her the first time, he would have been trying harder on the second punch. My thought is perhaps this was a drawing challenge(after having tried drawing my own action sequence recently… and failing lol) that was avoided by the ‘weak’… Read more »