ha! love the top frame there! The epic stare-down, classic. So the last couple of frames there kinda lost me. Did she get hit or did she just read his program and know he intends to punch her in the face? And why does her face look so different than normal in that last frame?(no dis intended if you weren’t intending to make it look different, lol)


This page is kind of mid-scene. The answers to your questions should be obvious by the next page, but if you still don’t get it, let me know.


I’ll be honest, i was really sceptical about reading this at first. But then i saw the undertones of a truly mature story and an interesting non-villain, that i got through every page. I was so frustrated when i didn’t find another page. I want moar!

I’ll be watching.
Keep it up.


Ah, thanks! I’m glad my story sucked you in 😈

May I ask what made you so skeptical at first? I’m curious…