‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 525

Colors by Audrey with edits and everything else by me.


You got me.

I got you.


He should have stayed quiet...


EDIT: The Kickstarter is alive!!


Having a strong start is key to building momentum and getting the notice of Kickstarter (who will then advertise the project for free--which would be amazing!). Even if you can't pledge, sharing the campaign to friends, family, and your social network would be a huge boost, especially if they kept sharing to THEIR social network. Kickstarter makes it very easy to share; the sharing buttons are directly under the video. The more people that get to hear of NAV, the better chance the Kickstarter will succeed. And for you to get cool stuff such as:

For every 100 backers, I'll post an extra update on the main site after the Kickstarter has funded!

For every other 50 (Ie: 50, then 150, then 250, and so on) backers, I'll convert one of the offered posters into a wallpaper for Kickstarter backers. If we reach 550 backers, I'll release those wallpapers to everyone!

Which reminds me, do I have any fans that have the technical guru to make a Live Wallpaper for a phone? Contact me if so!

Plus, let's see if we can reach the cool stretch goals like the heated mugs, wall scrolls, and more T-shirt designs!


Oh, and don't forget Patreon and AneekaChannel members get access to special rewards. See this post here!

And don't forget to vote to see what the tree thinks!

Thanks everyone!!!