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Run, tree! Oh, wait...


If you were a watcher, this might be what you'd be seeing instead.

Results From Previous Poll

Kat and D, Sanity, Just D, and the Binary (non-spiral) are a solid go. Yay! However, I'll only offer two T-shirts at first. If the campaign overfunds, I will offer the other two. If the campaign goes really well, I might be willing to gamble and offer the last two (if all the "maybes" turned into "yes", then I'd have more than enough).

The Mug with the Hint is also a go! Yay!! I'm super excited about that one. However, I probably won't offer it during the initial campaign but wait for a stretch goal. This is because during a Kickstarter campaign, if the initial amount isn't raised by the deadline, then it gets cancelled and no money is transferred. Offering the mug at the beginning of the campaign will mean I'd need more money (to print the mug as well as the book). I already need $10,000 to print Volume 4 and the two t-shirts and that's a really high number as it is. I'd like to make sure we reach that number first before asking for more money to print the mugs.

So, let's make sure we can make it! The campaign is set to launch Oct 4th! Less than 2 weeks! And six days before NAV turns 6 πŸ˜€

Another Poll

I had some fans ask if I could offer custom skins of D (or D and Kat) for phones instead of the cases. I looked into that and it looks possible, probably in the $30 range. The coolest part is that if I did the skins, the vendor I'd go with could also allow me to offer cases for around $60! These will not be 1-fit-all skins/cases, but custom made to fit whatever kind of phone you have.

Here's a quick follow up poll to see if anyone is interested in that (it would also be a stretch goal)

Thank you!