‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 506

Everything by me this time.


Alas, you can only push her so far.


This was one of the pages vying for the 500th page spot. There's one more (the one I had initially planned for it, but had to move back due to script problems) coming up soon.


Jake… you done screwed up.


It’s only a game.


And she was doing so well too…. ^^;;


Crud. Yep, she snapped.

Binge Reader

Great Job Bandit, you’ve pissed her off and now she’s going to start the second apocalypse. Nice job, GG.


It’s up to you Danni. Save Kleya from Kleya and Jake’s flaws.


I kinda wish that D would run wild now, because the consequences would be manifold and interesting, but I still call that Danni pulls her out of the way and D doesn’t get in on the action after all.

And then Jane appears, kills someone and destroys Kat’s 100%. Hopefully her victim isn’t Vize, but judging from his current position he would be the prime target. I mean, everyone else is either in a tree, is a tree himself or is out in the wide open field.


I swear, it’s like people just WANT everything to go to h***. Why would you ever push someone who has the ability to destroy everything that is left?

Though, I guess they might not realize that when it comes to hacking it isn’t always something she does consciously, but almost purely out of reflex thanks to her neat cyborg enhancements.

And thus Bandit’s attack does the exact opposite of what he was planning. Taking her from an extraordinarily skilled but still plausible in the game world player. To someone who has displayed abilities outside of what is possible at the very least, and that’s if they don’t just realize she is hacking right away. Also I’ve seen people comment that Jane will show up and kill someone several times. That’s pretty unlikely. Remember Kat is not just seeing things with her eyes. She’s reading information straight out of the game code. If anyone tries to sneak up and attack she’ll… Read more »

People have been predicting Jane to show up since she’s been gone for so many pages, and we have no idea what she’s up to. The dramatic tension is high.


Heeeeere it comes.

Told you pushing someone with such a temper is a bad idea.


Now now Kat. Be a nice little Erbana and just oh… make him BALD or something.
Then he’ll have REASON to kill you other than his goofy logic.


What is the first panel?


A side view of Kat’s glowing, angry eyes. And the bridge of her nose.

Autumn Fyre

that confused me, too


Do not do not do not please kat do no

Dear Aneeka Richins

Know that
If Kat does that
I’ll depart from Carnate, Milan, Italy, Earth
I’ll look for you
I’ll find you
And I’ll be vengeful

On the other hand if all goes well I’ll give you cookies. Or cakes. Or cook you spaghetti, as the case may be.

Choose wisely! XD

(I’m, of course, joking. About the vengeance, not about becoming your personal True Italian Food cook. You could open a restaurant! xD)


“-Anyone!” or “-anyone else!”

…is my guess. Kat’s trying really hard to be a hero. Heroes are self-sacrificing when they must be, but they don’t let other people die. I think Bandit totally misread Kat’s motive. The 100% Erbana isn’t about a perfectionist obsession, it’s about being a hero.

So I don’t think she’s about to unleash D here for vengeance… I think she’s holding him back and accepting the hit, even if it kills her (which it won’t, because… I don’t know! Please, post the next page soon!).

Autumn Fyre

I like your take on this page


Based on the previous page, where she realized he is trying to kill her, and the anger she has, that seems incredibly unlikely. The only option for her answer not being “-me” that I see, is if it turns into “-Danni?” from Danni jumping into her to save her from the attack.

kit ramos
yea your right, she was trying to be the hero. Trying to prove she can be a really good person on multiple levels. And while I think Bandit is actually trying to give her that chance. He went about it in all the wrong way, though the plan may of worked out if he gave her some idea why he was attacking her, so she’d at least have some reason to believe he wasn’t doing it to be mean to her. would at least give her reason to pause to consider if it’s for the best, instead of jumping to… Read more »

Hm, I still don’t really understand the Bandit’s actions here. I mean, the viewers see a fight between two Game groups. Now, at the climax of the fight, he attacks his own group member. This doesn’t make any sense. Okay, he wants to convince Dr. Grace that Kat is somebody who can be killed, but why now? Dr. Grace knows the Game as well, and wouldn’t he start scratching his head when he sees Jake acting like this instead of acting like a part of his Game group?


Yeah his behavior is simply suspicious. He clearly isn’t thinking clearly.


His behavior is suspicious, but it can be explained.

Bandit could say that he wants to be Team Leader. To do that, he would have to take out Kat and Jane. Not to mention, he chose the ‘everything-goes-boom’ route, so he could just say he’s making everything go boom XD


He could also say that Kat was getting in the way and that he attacked his team members to keep her distracted so that she couldn’t stop him from dealing with the other team.

Wouldn’t even have to lie too much.


Don’t forget that Kat did plant-whack Bandit right at the beginning of the confrontation. If I were him I would justify it as a boom character both getting revenge for an earlier slight AND freeing up the group from future slights. Plus they haven’t exactly gotten along very well, from a viewer perspective.


Wait… that angle on D’s head is a bit odd. Where exactly is he looking? Not where Kat is looking that is for sure. Is he about to shut down KAT for hacking?? That is the primary objective Kat has told him several times to accomplish. And… how much overkill is it gonna be this time?

Or did she mange to plan in some “just enough kill” ahead of time? Either way doesn’t look like Jane or Dani or anyone else will be needed to stop an obvious hacking attempt from her.


Animals with eyes that are oriented closer to the side of their head then the forward facing front of their heads generally turn their head sideways to look at things more clearly, so its quite probable that D is looking the same direction as Kat.


Think of that scene where the T-Rex looks inside the Jeep on Jurassic Park. It’s like that. If you haven’t watched Jurassic Park, go watch Jurassic Park.


This is such a cool page! Please make the last panel a poster or something. I absolutely adore it 😀

Autumn Fyre

Riiight, kill your own teamate therefore kindling her violent side and reveling who she is.
HOW is this supposed to save her?


The only mind reader here is Kat. People are quick to judge a plan after it’s failed, but could not themselves come up with a better one in the same span of time.


Except that people were judging this plan before it failed, too, and suggesting better alternatives, as well as explaining why this plan was a bad idea, and couldn’t have a good resolution.


Well, good point, but to be fair, those people aren’t under attack in a game and have had all the time they wanted to come up with a solution xD


While that is a valid point, since this is a game and Bandit new Kat would do something like this, Bandit could easily pre-plan a majority of what has occurred. Essentially, Bandit has planned to ruin / test Kat’s resolve to be a “hero”, so your reason doesn’t exactly fly since he should have thought of the potential consequences when he initially planned this.


Kleya, no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’ve got my fingers crossed for Jane making an entrance.


Is it just me or does she remind me of the mother of dragons right now?


Note the ‘hands up’ position. If D had a sense of humour he’d use that special to squash the fireballs.

if you mean that “Be nice” special, she would have to get hit by it… and that would most likely kill her.. and I would like to know what limitations those Specials have… can she Raise ground in front of her and use it as a shield? or make some kind of Grass barrier? could you use some energy from that Attack to make a shield? or do specials only affect stats(like draining life or redistributing points to another stats)? as far as I know, we only saw 3 Specials in Action (Be nice, Hero smiley and that redistributing special… Read more »



I don’t think she’ll do it. Danni was standing up in last page, so if she drags Dude and herself away from Danger, Kat will just dodge this Attack without need for hacks (or any other help D could offer).. and if I was Kat, After this battle, I would just walk up to Bandit and punch him in the face 🙂


so that end game “the world blew up” comic was foreshadowing! we’re doomed…all dooomed!

i…still hold out a tiny bit of hope for Kat, though lol she’s come too far to forget why she’s there…maybe this time she’ll actually snap out of it BEFORE causing another crash o.o

or maybe she’ll even kill the viewers O_O only time will tell


So out of curiosity.. Does the binary you use say anything meaningful or is it just random?


I love it. LOVE it. These last few pages have been beautiful.


Well Jake, you may yet break her 100% erbana. She may just kill you out of annoyance. Good plan mate.

I’ve seen a lot of people complain about Bandit’s logic here and, fair enough, it’s not entirely ironclad. However, not only is that kinda humaninzing, blaming him for it also kinda disregards context. Think about what we know of Bandit’s life and background. The world ended, guys. H***, the world ended and he was friends with the girl supposedly responsible. Not only that, but it seems like her parents were also parental figures to him, before it all went to h***. He now has to carry that around with him on top of the doubt of what to tell his… Read more »
While I respect your position, I would just like to point out that in essence, even with his life and background, and even with putting it against the whole my-girlfriend-may-have-caused-the-death-of-millions-including-her-mother thing, his logic basically boils down to “I will prove she is not what she once was by pushing her to collapse back INTO what she once was, and hope that she doesn’t go nuts again.”- all of that on top of the knowledge that she hacked SUBSTANTIALLY when the alignment “test” didn’t go her way, like you mentioned. While I understand that his sense of self preservation (both personally… Read more »

And yes I realize that, by definition, emotions are not logical. Not sure what I was trying to say there 😀

A Joe in the Bush

I did not mean to binge read this entire comic in one sitting, but I don’t regret it at all. I’ll be waiting patiently for this to update again. I love your work!

I predict one of two things. Either a) she catches herself because she wants to be nice, but still somehow avoids it, or b) realizes that Bandit is Jake somehow and goes with it since she knows he is doing it to protect her. We all know she’s not going to snap since that would pretty much end the comic since TenKA will shut down the game and isolate her. Either that or that WILL happen and the comic will shift hugely in its feel and overall tone. That isn’t a very safe move, but it would be commendable to… Read more »

Unlike most of these comments, I think she’s going to stop herself right before she does it. (Although I’m probably wrong)


D looks so happy… Why does D have to look so happy, yet so evil?


G-dd***it, Kat, NO.
I sure hope you have Hero Smiley active right now… wasn’t it for this exact kind of contingency?


She doesn’t. Her current Specials are the no random attacks one, the bottomless bag one and the Mean Eater. Plus, her Esone just took a hit, and we don’t really know how does that affect the Specials.