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Bandit is conflicted.


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Dude insisted on driving, Danni claimed shotgun, Kat wishes she hadn't agreed to go, Bandit wishes Kat would talk, and no one wanted to sit next to Jane but she didn't care anyway. Dude insisted on driving, Danni claimed shotgun, Kat wishes she hadn't agreed to go, Bandit wishes Kat would talk, and no one wanted to sit next to Jane but she didn't care anyway. Also, first time drawing a car. Woot!

Aneeka Meetups!

For all the meetups, I'll have a stack of NAV books and be carrying the glow-in-the dark black bag with D and Kleya so I should be easy to spot.

Denver, CO: Cherry on Top (3000 E. 1st Ave. #106, Denver, CO 80206) on Sat, July 2nd @11am.

Sioux Falls, SD: CherryBerry (5107 South Louise Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD 57108) on Mon, July 4 @1pm.

Alexandria, MN: Pike & Pint Grill (110 30th Ave W, Alexandria, MN 56308) on Tues, July 5 @11am.

Minneapolis, MN: Yogurt Lab (309 SE Oak St, Minneapolis, MN 55455) on Tues, July 5 @4pm.

Chicago, IL: Giordano's () on Wed, July 6 @12pm(noon).

Novi (near Detroit/Ann Arbor), MI: Blossom Berry () on Thurs, July 7 @7pm.

London, Canada: Petit Paris Creperie & Patisserie (130 King Street, London, ON N6A 1C3, Canada) on Fri, July 8th @3pm

Toronto, Canada: YoYo's Yogurt Cafe (417 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M5S 1X6, Canada) on Fri, July 8th @8pm.

Rochester, NY: Yotality Frozen Yogurt (1380 Mt Hope Ave, Rochester, NY 14620) on Sat, July 9th @2pm.


Can't wait to meet you all!


Ufff. Jake’s in a really sticky situation here, isn’t he…

And I’m getting more and more curious about what happened with Kat and her mom. That’s her mom, right?…


At the top

My hypothesis is that her mom tried to stop her pursuers, or a pursuer, and was killed. The killer then blamed it on Kleya, saying that he/she found the mother that way. Since everyone already thought Kleya was a monster, it was an easy sell. I’m more curious about Dr. Grace’s role. If I remember right, he seems very intent on getting rid of Kleya, and doing so in a non-public manner. No hauling her before a court. No letting her tell her side of the story. Makes me wonder if there is something in Kleya’s version of what happened… Read more »

But if she was framed for killing her mother, what’s she talking about in between these two pages?


She might have either been tricked into believing that she was the one that killed her mother, OR she might have felt guilty for not saving her, which in her mind made her just as responsible, if not more so, for her death.


I don’t know where you’re getting Dr. Grace’s motivations from, but I don’t remember anything like that. The closest I could find was here. He wants her alive, most likely to use her to further his own goals.

Meanwhile, Kim is much more intent on killing her.

I figure those two links are good references for the second panel.

Rowen Morland

It sounded a lot like her mother got wounded and hospitalised and then Kleya blew up the hospital, supposedly killing her. Buuut. It really sounds like it was a big set up and that whoever was actually responsible for killing her mother egged her on into a conflict between them that ruined the world.


Hey, he cares about her hating him! He caaaaares! >:3


Apparently your server doesn’t like it when you do everything yourself. 🙂

Kat looks so creepy in panel 3, because she doesn’t face him. Or like a blind person… wait, is Kat actually blind in Reality, at least while she is not connected to her… device?

But Kudos to Bandit for finally realizing that Kat might not like getting killed. 😀 Don’t try to find out whether a mine can still explode by stomping on it repeatedly, Dude!


Ooh… Blind Kat? That would be interesting. I have to admit, I had the same impression.


Finally, the logic. He is correct. Killing her would *prove* it. She’d be safe but hate him. Not a good thing, but a simple one. The real question is does Bandit like Hard Mode?


Not necessarily. His killing her could be viewed as a deliberate act, meaning this Kat character warrants more surveillance. The thing about ‘logic’ is that it doesn’t take into account human emotion or intuition.


Also, proving it isn’t the only issue.

Proving it, and convincing her that her help is needed and that she can do good is far more necessary.


That’s a lot of pressure for one man to handle. Though what she wants matters little in the long run, especially since her inability to control her ‘must-win’ urges is making it too easy to figure out who she is. Do whatever it takes to keep her safe, Jake. She has to live if she’s going to have a chance to try and make up for what she’s done to the world.


To be fair, we are barely even operating on 15% of the backstory regarding what actually happened. But knowing what little we know, one could argue that Kat’s mom shouldn’t have given a boy that responsibility. It isn’t Jake’s responsibility to keep Kat safe, they have no relationship anymore.


It’s his responsibility if he takes on the mission from the person in authority over her. She may not consider it his responsibility, but his contract isn’t with her, it’s with her mother. Just because someone dies doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve lived up to your promise.

Would you leave an old friend to the vicious, hungry tides of fate just because the person who begged you to save them wasn’t around anymore?


Yes, because I wouldn’t have made the promise in the first place. Unless that adult cannot take care of themselves, it isn’t my responsibility to be another adults guardian. It was irresponsible for Kat’s mom to put so much pressure on a boy, and at his age he didn’t fully comprehend what he was promising.


Well, at least Jake admits he has no idea what he’s doing.


I know, I know. He should ask the Dude.

Jake: What should I do? I can’t decide.
The Dude: Run away screaming.
Jake: What? That’s ridic…..
The Dude: Always works for me.
Jake: Eh. It’s worth a shot.


Finally, he’s talkin’ sense!


At LAST! Bandit now knows how we ALL feel.


Not all, just a frustratingly large number of people who want to blame Bandit for everything and treat him like a monster when he’s the only one trying to protect his friend from a world of people who want to kill her. D:


Don’t project feelings onto people. I can’t speak for everyone but I can speak for myself, I do not see Bandit as a monster, merely misguided and taking on a responsibility he has no right to take on. I’d consider that more misguided chivalry than monstrosity. Now there are people on here who see him in the wrong, but don’t project feelings onto them just because they don’t see things the same was as you.

I’m not projecting – you are quite mistaken and I take some level of offense to being policed by someone I disagree with on ideological grounds and would like an apology. As for what I am doing, I am collecting on observation and then making light of it. Since he started trying to protect her, nearly all Bandit-related comments have been EXTREMELY hostile towards him. If you do not accept levity, that’s fine, but considering your idea of this situation was summed up in ‘Jake shouldn’t do anything because it’s not fair for a mother to ask him to protect… Read more »

lol, well I apologize you are so easily offended.


And the question you posed to me was overly sensationalized (kind of laughable), but the point is. I trust my friends enough to respect the decisions they make. Sometimes I do not agree with their decisions, but it is their decision, not mine, to make. If they ask for guidance and my opinion, then I will give it to them. They have no responsibility to take my advice, just as I have no responsibility to forcefully make their decisions for them. That is the problem I have with Jake.

Okay, I think it’s time to point out that Kleya’s plan is somewhat nonsensical. “I’ll be a nice hero so people will listen to me.” That’s not really how the world has… ever… worked; especially now that it’s a desperate post-apocalypse situation. I only bring that up because Jake’s plan will be stepping on her plan a bit. A fair bit. She’s not going to succeed at it, anyway. Being a nice hero is one thing, but that’s a long game she’s playing, and she has very little patience for setbacks… which is *very* important for a long game. Jake… Read more »

And how old is Kleya? No social contact for the past 2 years. Not really social before that. Maybe she still believes in fairy tales. Or, at least, her own wishful thinking.

True, about the plan, but consider this: likely, in the end, Jake isn’t strong enough to force her into doing the ‘right’ thing (‘right’ instead of right, because, like mentioned, there’s so much of the backstory we’re still missing) – he only has this opportunity due to present circumstances. So what’s the better alternative? Pulling her out of immediate harm the only way he can see right now and possibly losing her trust forever, thus ensuring that any future help he might offer to help protect her will be distrusted and likely rebelled against, or trying to find another way… Read more »

I’d say the whole story is based on Kleya’s plan being somewhat nonsensical 🙂

Kleya wants to be a hero. She also wants redemption for her prior mistakes that turned her into public enemy number one. She also only knows that she’s the golden child, who was supposed to be perfect, and that drive for perfection is still there. Plus, Kleya has opened up a bit and become friends with Danni, so she wants to help Danni as well. Hence, her goal to be the perfect hero, that rescues everyone and never fails to succeed. Also, the world is broken, so there’s not many other ways to do good now. Helping Danni and her… Read more »

You’re mixing up Danni and Mina, aren’t you?
(…I think her name is Mina? The singer girl)

I’ve recently put some thought into Kleya’s overall plan. Most of the world thinks she is dead. Most of the world hates her for destroying the world. Clues are mixed as to whether she did destroy it or not. I seriously doubt she hacked the magnetic field, and I’ve my private guesses as to what happened when the world fell apart, but to the people of the world, true or not, common knowledge is “the cyborg killed the world”. Kleya I think, wants to be part of the world, and not simply as some anonymous member, but as herself, and… Read more »

Or they might wonder why he is killing team members for no real reason and realize he is hiding her.


I for one still find the idea that him killing her character would prove something (or more than her voluntarily taking the blow) rather far-fetched.

(Not to mention he doesn’t realise she will probably do about anything to stay in the game, no matter how much she has or has not changed: not just because she wants to “win” now, but more importantly because she thinks she needs stay to for Danni’s sake… So I fear it might have dire consequences if he decides to go through with this.)


I think killing her character would definitely prove something. As the world knows Kleya, she is untouchable. Those that knew her know she was absolutely obsessed about winning. If Kat dies and no big hacking event ensues, everyone would be justified in assuming it couldn’t possibly be the same crazy girl who supposedly brought about the apocalypse.

I don’t think he will kill her, but I just realized that if he does, Kleya may be less inclined to go the pacifistic Erbana route again. I honestly have no idea what she would rebound to.

Alexander The 1st
Killing her character, and succeeding, would prove that is wasn’t her because the one thing she was always constant with is that she does not lose. And most notably, does not lose if she ever has the chance to do anything to win. Her only loss is that against Jane, and even then, it could be implied she let not hacking let her lose so as to lose the trail of her hacking ability, and she figured she could win the long game by being in the game itself. Here, she doesn’t have “can still play the long game” as… Read more »
At this point I see no reason for him to kill her. She already put herself in the line of fire, lost her esone (sp? or should that be eSone? ;D), and is down to 20% health. Kleya NEVER loses, never quits, never sacrifices, cheats if necessary to win. Kat is just the opposite. So how will killing her solve/prove anything? If he really wants to help, he should run to her and make sure she’s all right, kiss her, get married, move into a condo, have 2.5 children and take the world’s attention off of her. Her character is… Read more »


Danni still has the special that Kleya made for her. The Dude still has his Luck card. Kleya’s Dad’s character could interfere again.

Also, I think Bandit views Kleya as a sister. Which would make the whole marrying thing a bit awkward.

WOW!! So, this page basically proves that Jake has been lying the entire comic to everyone! It is my contention that Jake knows the truth of what happened during the Ending including what happened with Kleya’s mom. He has to know more! I have to wonder if the first time that he failed to keep her hidden is in some way related to the death of Kleya’s mother. What I can’t get over is the fact that Jake has been lying to everyone the entire comic! When The Dude asked him why he was not going to turn Kleya in,… Read more »

Sometimes it’s the only way to protect ourselves and those closest to us. If he’s willing to box himself in socially, letting no one inside because he can’t allow them to glimpse the truth he holds, then he’s been suffering all this time for Kleya, hoping to live up to the oath he failed to keep once.

He’s less of a Bandit and more of a Knight, if you think about it.


No, I think it’s more like he’s only willing to make good on his promise back then now because it does seem like Kat isn’t too bad now. He promised at one moment, then hated Kat at another, and now he can not-hate her again. It’s a complex situation, and no one motive he has can be sufficient to explain it all.


Don’t worry jake. There is still a bunch of enemies that are just gettng free again.

And a wild Bloody Mary. If that one appears, nobody is save especially not team members.


I thiiiiink this will work…

If not?
Direct link to Kat v7 Plushie in Blob form.
comment image

I’ve got her 96% done, just need to add the ears and eyes.
I’m pretty sure a lot of people could do better when you see the finished one … but it’s still my first time trying to knit a plushie. >>;
(More details when I get the last bits added)
Aneeka gets dibs. XD

Kit Kat

My prediction is that if Bandit does try to kill Kat, Jane will fly in out of nowhere, and take the hit. Then she and Danni will proceed to kill Bandit, and Kat will be mad enough at Jake to let them kill him. Then the rest of the game will proceed with the three girls in cahoots and The Dude trails along afraid of them all, but does not have anywhere else to go.


I think Jake is going to have to deal with the other team and possibly Jane first too.

I don’t know if Kleya will keep her 100%, but I get the feeling that Kleya and Danni will still be in the game after this. Maybe.

Methinks I finally figured out at least part of it. Kleya was a super-genius coder and gamer. As she herself says, “I always win. I’m the best.” Kleya had lived a very sheltered, very focused life, evidently under the watchful eyes of devoted parents. She always had everything she needed, and at least one good friend. So she could not imagine the world outside in which people depended on The Game to survive on a daily basis. If they did well in the game, they ate. If they didn’t, they went hungry… or worse. If a family member got ill… Read more »

Before the Ending, the Game literally WAS just an MMORPG… it only became the only reality show after that.

Follow-up: Sure makes me wonder what Bloody Ma… er… Jane has been up to all this time. We can bet donuts she hasn’t been idly standing by. Roving the forest to pick up power strikes me as a possibility. Testing things to see how this Erbana-based island can be twisted to her will? Creating deadly dolls and traps with which to ensnare others. I’m pretty sure her end game is to make sure she’s the only one that leaves the island alive. Most potentially dangerous character in all the teams… and no one has any clue or even seems concerned… Read more »

I have a question regarding Vize’s name:
Does it mean “second-in-command” (as in “vice president” or as in “grand vizier”, i.e. someone who wields power from the shadows and knows about intrigues and stuff) or does it refer to “vice” as in “guilty pleasure” or “bad habit”? As a non-native speaker I wasn’t aware of the latter meaning until now.
I hope it’s not a spoiler question, because the name you choose for an online game doesn’t necessarily depend on who you are or how you play.

honestly, from what we have seen so far my guess for the cataclysm would be that things spiralled very, very very badly. Known facts(at least from what I gathered so far reading): 1) There was a hacking attack(scope, true leader and damage unknown) 2) It caused widespread anti hackersentiments that unloaded themselfs violently 3) those sentiments targeted not just hackers but also programmers, in short anyone that might be a hacker since they had the ability 4) finding themselfs targeted like that at least some of the programmers fought back the only way they knew, setting their robots on the… Read more »

When I find myself in times of trouble
Bloody Mary comes to call
Speaking words of wisdom, killl them all.
And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom, Kill them all.
Kill them all, Kill them all
Whisper words of wisdom, Kill them all.