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Everything by me this time cause I like doing the hacker style and I need to save up some money.


Probably not Kleya's best side...


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Dude insisted on driving, Danni claimed shotgun, Kat wishes she hadn't agreed to go, Bandit wishes Kat would talk, and no one wanted to sit next to Jane but she didn't care anyway. Dude insisted on driving, Danni claimed shotgun, Kat wishes she hadn't agreed to go, Bandit wishes Kat would talk, and no one wanted to sit next to Jane but she didn't care anyway. Also, first time drawing a car. Woot!

Aneeka Meetups!

For all the meetups, I'll have a stack of NAV books and be carrying the glow-in-the dark black bag with D and Kleya so I should be easy to spot.

Denver, CO: Cherry on Top (3000 E. 1st Ave. #106, Denver, CO 80206) on Sat, July 2nd @11am.

Sioux Falls, SD: CherryBerry (5107 South Louise Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD 57108) on Mon, July 4 @1pm.

Alexandria, MN: Pike & Pint Grill (110 30th Ave W, Alexandria, MN 56308) on Tues, July 5 @11am.

Minneapolis, MN: Yogurt Lab (309 SE Oak St, Minneapolis, MN 55455) on Tues, July 5 @4pm.

Chicago, IL: Giordano's () on Wed, July 6 @12pm(noon).

Novi (near Detroit/Ann Arbor), MI: Blossom Berry () on Thurs, July 7 @7pm.

London, Canada: Petit Paris Creperie & Patisserie (130 King Street, London, ON N6A 1C3, Canada) on Fri, July 8th @3pm

Toronto, Canada: YoYo's Yogurt Cafe (417 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M5S 1X6, Canada) on Fri, July 8th @8pm.

Rochester, NY: Yotality Frozen Yogurt (1380 Mt Hope Ave, Rochester, NY 14620) on Sat, July 9th @2pm.


Can't wait to meet you all!


It took me forever to reach everyone. I stayed up till four in the morning just to get to 300th comic.

Kleya looks so creepy in the last panel and now I wonder if Jake has met D within LiFe.


Jake has never really heard of positive and negative reinforcement, has he? For someone he believes is potentially unstable, he isn’t considering the lesson he is teaching her. He “got” the reaction he wanted and he wants to “reward” that behavior by killing her character? That might push her farther away from behavior he wants. He should instead reward her behavior. Then when he sees the behavior he doesn’t like, discourage it. It is usually a long process, but it produces lasting results.

Shiori Tsumi
Yeah, good point. Plus, it seems that that sort of screwed up reward system is what helped her become a villain in the first place. First, she was encouraged to do something and rewarded when she did it. She continued doing that thing, and was punished for the thing she was previously told to do. Frankly, Jake should understand that better than anyone else. He’s not necessarily thinking straight here-he’s pretty clearly stuck in a sort of tunnel vision at the moment. Getting Tenka’s eyes off of Kat and proving to them she isn’t the Hacker through any means necessary… Read more »

I’m inclined to believe her going crazy isn’t the whole truth.
Yes, she’s been brought up badly and that skewed her personality, but I also believe its possible that she got hacked through her cybernetics, and things spiraled out of control… and so on

kit ramos
weather or not she got hacked herself, I do agree that she didn’t intentionally cause the problems. And what ever she did that started the downward spiral was not meant to cause anywhere near that kind of havoc bit it spiraled out of control rather fast. or She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and she didn’t actually start things in motion but was hacking in for a completely unrelated reason, then discovered that the system was falling apart was maybie even trying to do damage control when it failed completely. Thus setting off the chain… Read more »

That would require introspection. He ain’t good at that, clearly. His best skill is assuming he’s the only person in the room who can make the right decision.


Well, the only person he ever met that was smarter than him made some seriously bad decisions and destroyed the world. He does have a pretty powerful precedent behind that assumption.

I disagree. Bandit is different from every other character in this whole world because he sees Kleya as a person and not a beast. Kleya is not Pavlov’s dog, but instead she is a human capable of much more complex thought and feelings. Therefore, he’s not trying to “train” her, because you can’t train people the same way you train dogs. He’s doing it to save her from suspicion which could (hopefully) protect her life from people who want her dead. If it were anyone else except Bandit (Dude or Grace or Kim or anyone else), then they would act… Read more »

Actually, Behavior Modification (what I described) is one of the key disciplinary tactics used within education and parenting. So yes, you can “train” people. I do see your point, but his actions would be counterproductive if he does kill her character.

Mandy Lemmi

You can also use it to train yourself. 🙂


“Education and parenting”. In other words – something you use on children. But Kleya is not a child. She is an adult human and also happens to be a genius with a murderous streak. If you intend to treat her like an animal, then you truly are a fool.

Please don’t resort to name calling, lets have a discussion devoid of that. The fact is we, even unconsciously, train each other. We want to be around our friends and people we like, so we avoid doing things that would prevent us from being around them. Our friends, even if unconsciously, train us by expressing displeasure or disappointment when our behavior displeases them, and as a result we adjust our behavior accordingly. Those are just examples of how the people we call company “train” us and we (in turn) “train” them. Most often it is done unintentionally and not in… Read more »

Pavlov and Skinner (because Skinner is actually the one that studied positive and negative reinforcement while Pavlov’s dog was an experiment on association) studied animals because their experiments would be considered cruel when performed on humans. The behavior and capacity to be “trained” still exists even in full grown adults. Which is why it’s one of the first things taught to people studying Psychology. You can also see its effects in propaganda, workplace interactions, and health fads.

Alexander The 1st

In fact, it’s a well known principle of the Skinner’s Box style of gameplay – which is most notably distinct from gambling in that Skinner Boxes technically have a free model, that just so happens is easily skipped over with a paid model. So you theoretically don’t have to pay anything to receive the rewards of a Skinner Box’d game, but…

…F2P games are one example of how that doesn’t tend to be the desired route.


Wow, the madness in here eyes! O_O
Aneeka, I think Kat doesn’t like these kinds of updates, because she must have hacked navcomic and blocked this page. 🙂
Missis Dude, if you’re going to be the first person whose characters come to life you better write them to be nicer. 😉


Fantastic last panel. But I have to admit after all this time, the suspense of what actually happened back then is starting to get to me. It’s like a 3-hour murder mystery in which they never let you in on what the crime was. Too many missing details at this point. I know it’s a slow reveal and that’s part of the intrigue, but eventually there does need to be a reveal.


IDK, it’s _my_ personal favorite part. This isn’t a murder mystery, this is postapocalypse, and in those the reveal _what_actually_happened_ is usually kept near the climax of the story. We know the consequences, but how it got this way is not the crime, it’s the perpetrator.

I mean, the plot might feel like it goes slowly, but it’s a serially updating webcomic. They just go that way?


Of all the times to not be in Chicago, And youre going to one of my favorite pizza places… Have fun tomorrow

Enjoyed the update, I am guessing thats the version of Kleya that The Dude mentally pictures whenever he talks about her.


@aneeka how long will you generally be at a stop? Specifically the Toronto & Rochester ones!


One thing to consider when criticizing Bandit’s thought process – while we may have weeks to pore over his schemes and consider every angle, all his inner monologue from the last dozen-odd pages has happened in about ten seconds. This isn’t D&D where you can spend an hour strategizing every action; he’s living it on the fly in the middle of a real battle.


I suppose being a parent has trained me to quickly utilize the Positive / Negative reinforcement system in split second decisions such as above. I do see your point, though it doesn’t take much time to run through the following internal dialogue:
“Is this the behavior I want to see? If yes, positively reinforce. If no, negatively reinforce.” The only question from there is level of reward (or severity in the case of negative) of the reinforcement to use.

You don’t make those decisions while in a life-or-death-for-the-whole-world situation. You stop to make those decisions when the child is safe and your top concern is their mental and emotional upbringing, which is frankly entirely unimportant here. Bandit needs to know he can trust her not to turn back into what she was, and at the same time needs to make sure she doesn’t conform to any patterns TENKA is looking for from back then to positively ID her. He has to consider all this, balancing innumerable factors and all the knowledge he has on each person potentially involved, while… Read more »
You’d be surprised what training can do. I am by no means “fond” of Kat. But if you train at anything, during “battle” your training kicks in and it becomes automated. It happens all the time when you talk to heroes who save lives doing CPR, fire rescue, et cetera. They all say similar things “I just did what I was trained to do…” Behavior modification is no different. If you practice it over and over, in the heat of battle (and yes, sometimes raising a child can be a “battle”) your training kicks in. I am not siding with… Read more »
Additionally, people are so quick to say “it is easy to make decisions when you have 3 days… Try making decisions in a split second like Bandit.” They forget that Kat is making the same decisions in a split second as well. In “battle” people revert to training and leave rational decision making behind. I’d propose that this implies Kat has truly changed, since her split second decision wasn’t to revert to hacking (how she was “trained” as a child), but instead did it without hacking. That is the biggest tell that she has changed. Bandit, on the other hand,… Read more »

He’s HAD days. Do these people honestly think that this is all happening on the same day as that first concert? As the game trials? Do they honestly believe that it doesn’t take time to get someone into the Game? That it doesn’t take time to do art lessons AND to have Paddy design them some art?

Bandit is NOT doing this on the fly, d*** it. He. Has had. DAYS. AT LEAST.


Yes, he has had days between the game trials, but this “encounter” with the enemy group has most definitely occurred within the same day and the last 7-10 comics have happened over the span of maybe (at most) 30 seconds.

As I mentioned in another post, he might have premeditated this event (IE, “If she does this, I’ll do that), but he never expected her to tank the hit. Meaning what he does next will show at least part of his true character.


Everyone’s speculating on what Bandit is thinking and planning to do.

I’m just over here wondering if D is gonna start tearing things apart all on his own.


What are we looking at in that face? Evil or temporary insanity? Was she tricked into thinking that she was playing a game, initially? Modeling something that her father did for real? Was the bombing of the hospital a mercy killing? Or revenge on her mother for complicity with her father–

that torn photograph. What IS she healing from?


Or, as I suggested earlier, combined with her ill-begotten upbringing, was she hacked too? she seems deathly afraid of someone discovering she’s back, is that because of of her actions, or because she’s afraid this unknown will try and get her under their control again, to wreak even more havok, or to try and dominate the other survivors?

I feel people are so emotionally attached to Kat that they’re overlooking the fact she WAS bad at one point. The entire comic is called “Not A Villain”, she’s doing this whole hero thing out of atonement. If she’d been hacked, forced to cause the apocalypse, to destroy the world, some part of her would know it’s not her fault. You don’t atone for things you aren’t responsible for, especially not the lengths she’s prepared to go to. She’s afraid of being found out, again, because she destroyed the world. There is almost no one who wouldn’t want to get… Read more »
Not sure you are right here. I mean yes the title is not a villain. But are you a villain? If you answer no then that means you are not a villain. So semantically it can be said to be true. Right now the jury is out. A number of people say she did all the damage everywhere. And anyone that can hack at all is to be put to death. Programmers of any kind are in the ‘almost’ hackers look of suspicion. What we do not know is if she really did any of what they accuse her of.… Read more »
Chiu ChunLing
I have to admit, as someone who would definitely be self-defending a lot of hacker hunters to death in that world, I have certain sympathies for a little girl who’s having her family destroyed and being told it’s because she’s a monster for having gotten a cybernetic device to work. We absolutely don’t see anything from Kleya’s point of view that indicates she even understands what exactly she is supposed to have done wrong. And there are indications that the only thing she knows for sure is that people are so scared of her they’ll do irrational things to try… Read more »
I think the bombing of the hospital was a trap Everyone knew it was the hospital her mother was in. Why did everyone know? hospitals dont generally announce the names of thier patients especially if they are famous or related to famous people I think everyone knew because kats mom was bait in a trap set by the military My theory timeline from the reality pages (sorry i dont have links atm) 1) The one where kats mom comes in insisting that kat stop Im pretty sure her mom is holding her side in that one 2) soldiers at the… Read more »

Everyone is so hard on Bandit for wanting to kill Kat.

I think it’s a good idea. The Game works on popularity–a character might “die,” and they might reset, but if enough fans petition for the player to come back they will never be truly “dead.”

Killing might be a death knell for Danni since she’s so unpopular, but for Kleya it would only be a setback. Assuming she doesn’t lose her cool, she could be back to playing (and free of the albatross around her neck that is her team) in no time.

Chiu ChunLing
It’s not a bad idea. But he’s failing to consider the implication of it sometimes being a good idea to do something in a game that would be a terrible thing to even consider doing in real life. Everything bad he thinks he knows about “Kat” is because Kleya liked doing ‘bad’ things in games if she could win by doing so…and she always could. But what she ‘won’ was praise and approval from her parents for being a genius…and then someone took them both from her and torched the whole world while they were at it. The only evidence… Read more »
The unknowns of Kleya are that she is condemned for having murdered her own mother as well as hacking robot controls in various cities. The pole reverse just added a layer of messed with for the world. We also know she loves her mother and is trying to be like her and live up to her ideal. But cut her father out of the family photo. No one seems to be mentioning him other than Kleya was once daddy’s little girl. I wonder if dear old dad had tried to be a conqueror and Kleya is getting the blame for… Read more »

Its possible though my prime subject for the real masterminds is a certain company which dominates the world of the survivors, who had the most to gain and the most to lose if they were really responsible and it got out.

Of course for all we know her father could be the mastermind behind said company.

Chiu ChunLing

I think Sasuke is the actual big bad, and Kleya was a scapegoat.

I think the guy that has been traveling the game alone, avoiding any quest that would take him to challenge this island’s AI, is Keyla’s father looking for her. I suspect that he avoids this island’s AI, because he is trying to keep himself secret as well, and an encounter between his new character and his old character AI would force him to either destroy his old character, drawing much suspicion upon himself, or play both characters at the same time just to make the match-up not seem lopsided or contrived. Or, perhaps, he has set up the old AI… Read more »
Chiu ChunLing
I discarded the idea of Saisuke being Kleya’s father a while ago, I don’t remember exactly why, though. Could have just been a case of Saisuke being too clever to have done what he’s done to Kleya if he really knew her, and the full extent of her abilities. Let’s not forget that Kleya can kill TENka’s entire city at a whim (and can threaten them with death just by losing her cool). The fact that she doesn’t want the collateral damage for doing so on her hands isn’t a weakness…because actually killing her would probably ensure it happened anyway.
Finished the entire comic from start to finish in one go last night and was bummed at having to actually *wait* for today’s update. Loving it, and already recommended it to a friend of mine. I agree with the majority of people saying that there are too many unknowns as of now to make a judgment call about Kleya’s past actions, but I definitely don’t mind the slow reveal. There are so many possible scenarios at the moment as to what happened, and at least as many that absolve her of blame as ones that make her actually responsible for… Read more »

D: ‘Revenge?’ ‘Yes’ *Jake explodes.


Is it possible to get the last panel as a wall paper WITHOUT Bandit’s words? You know, just the awesome picture with the laughing?


That last panel is giving me nightmares.


Bandit had best hope that the D we’re seeing is just in his head. Cause if we’re seeing D looming over him in real time… nom nom nom.

Only moderately unlikely here too, given D’s, lets call it ‘reactionary’, stance with regards to protecting Kleya.


Jake is dealing with multiple people who are not ready to forgive her and would try to kill her if they think she is alive… “lesser of 2 evils”, he is kind of desperate because he thinks they will suspect her and catch her if she stays at 100%.


That’s right, David. People are too busy trying to find ways that Kat’s innocent and precious like a baby kitten to understand the situation, though. It’s easier to be angry at Bandit for being ‘mean’ to her than to consider things from his point of view, and how he’s putting his own life on the line to try and help her.

If anyone finds out he’s helping the girl of the apocalypse, he’s a dead man.


I find it most likely that Kat and Bandit are friends because they’re both competitive jerks, myself. We just tend to take Kat’s side during their competition.


Agreed, they are both unlikeable characters. No one likes super competitive players that will do ANYTHING to win.

Though I have a sneaking suspicion that even though Jake is thinking this stuff, he will do what we think is the “right” thing and not kill Kat. Essentially this dialogue is to create tension for the readers and for good storytelling. Thus making all of these wonderful discussions regarding behavioral modification and the stress involved with making exceptionally important decisions in split seconds completely moot.


Thought this was relevant.


It is true she has some redeeming qualities. Remorse and self doubt are redeeming and do make a person likeable, but she is still exceptionally competitive. But often times highly competitive people aren’t fun to be around because they tend to value the “win” over everything else, which is definitely not likeable. Yes, afterwards they may show remorse with how they behaved, but then the next game / competition rolls around…

Or you could read our arguments instead of assuming we’re all not paying attention. He isn’t helping her. He has done nothing to help her. He has FOUGHT against her at every possible turn, first by bringing her to the public eye, then by demanding to see her code, then by fighting to ruin her chances at maxing Erbana. He’s done nothing but try to sabotage her since day one. And he’s doing it because he believes that she doesn’t know what she’s doing and he’s the only person capable of making rational decisions. Stop assuming we’re just looking for… Read more »

Good point, this is just the icing on the “WTF is he thinking?” cake.

And it isn’t just what ‘killing’ her here would mean either. Unless ‘The Bandit’ has a reputation (really can’t recall right now) of being an A** to people on his side, ALL of his prodding/disruption of Kat is likely to draw attention. He can’t even claim killing her is to maintain HIS 100%, since basic killing seems to be more Morto. Demoli seems to need collateral, which we’ve seen would be SUICIDE for him right now. Ya know, unless he wants to change his name to Pinocchio.


Dear Aneeka,

You probably will never see this message, but I just noticed the comments color scheme features… yellow and pink.

yellow and pink.

Kat’s favourite colours!

Ok, I’m slow, it took me just… 503 panels to realize? xD

Was that on purpose? Or is it that writing Kleya you gave her a love for the same colours you love? Or both? xD


Heh, still ahead of me though 😉

(And FTR, Aneeka *did* read the comment, or it wouldn’t show up AIUI…)

Ethan Mitchell

So is this our first look at Kat’s real face or is this her old avatar?


I’m guessing real world (that’s the art style) and somewhat younger. It’s not the first look.

This might be tho: http://navcomic.com/not-a-villain/page-202/

Hitokiri Akins

It is, indeed, her real face. But it is not, in fact, the first time we’ve seen it. I don’t remember exactly which comic we see her in the real world, but we DO get to see Kat/Kleya/whatever her real name is when she logs out of Life and eats something.


All I can think about is how bubble 3 of panel 3 reminds me of ‘An Indirect Kiss/Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem’ from Steven Universe. I recently got into that show and it’s kinda prominent on my mind lately. XD;


I totally expected the incentive to be kat saying “I’m going to kill him… Nicely”

Jake may not have to do anything if he waits long enough because Jane is still out there and the other member ran off. I’m expecting he who fights and runs away lives to die by Jane.


If he runs far enough, that won’t affect Kat’s alignment though…


Re: Hover text: if in doubt, D always makes for a good background 😉


OMG that final panel. D: