‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 500

Colors by Audrey with a bunch of edits by me. Everything else is by me.


500th page!!


I really wanted a certain *other* page to be page 500, but I just couldn't make it work. But I think this one turned out pretty cool for the moment, too!

And I'll be in Denver next weekend! I'm holding a meet up at Cherry on Top (in the Cherry Creek Shopping Center, east side - 3000 E. 1st Ave. #106, Denver, CO 80206) at 11am on Saturday, July 2nd. I'll have a stack of NAV books and be carrying the glow-in-the dark bag with D and Kleya so I should be easy to spot.

I'm slowly finalizing the rest of my trip to Vermont. Here are the stops so far:

Denver, CO (Sat, July 2 at 11am)

Sioux Falls, SD (Mon, July 4 in the afternoon)

Alexandria, MN (Tues, July 5 around 11am)

Minneapolis, MN (Tues, July 5 in the evening)

Chicago, IL (Wed, July 6 around lunchtime)

Between Ann Harbor and Detroit, MI (Thurs, July 7 in the evening)

Toronto, Canada (Fri, July 8th in the evening)

Rochester, NY (Sat, July 9th in the afternoon)


Once I've moved in, I intend to make some weekend day trips to meet fans in Montreal, Canada, Manchester, NH, and Boston, MA, too! And do I have any fans in Vermont that want to meet up?

When I come back in late August, I most likely will be following I-70 back and hope to meet fans on that route.

I'm re-opening an old survey regarding this trip. If you're near these cities (or would like to add one that is enroute) and would like to be put on an email list so I can email you the details of when and where I'll be, please fill this out below. Thanks!