‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 500

Colors by Audrey with a bunch of edits by me. Everything else is by me.


500th page!!


I really wanted a certain *other* page to be page 500, but I just couldn't make it work. But I think this one turned out pretty cool for the moment, too!

And I'll be in Denver next weekend! I'm holding a meet up at Cherry on Top (in the Cherry Creek Shopping Center, east side - 3000 E. 1st Ave. #106, Denver, CO 80206) at 11am on Saturday, July 2nd. I'll have a stack of NAV books and be carrying the glow-in-the dark bag with D and Kleya so I should be easy to spot.

I'm slowly finalizing the rest of my trip to Vermont. Here are the stops so far:

Denver, CO (Sat, July 2 at 11am)

Sioux Falls, SD (Mon, July 4 in the afternoon)

Alexandria, MN (Tues, July 5 around 11am)

Minneapolis, MN (Tues, July 5 in the evening)

Chicago, IL (Wed, July 6 around lunchtime)

Between Ann Harbor and Detroit, MI (Thurs, July 7 in the evening)

Toronto, Canada (Fri, July 8th in the evening)

Rochester, NY (Sat, July 9th in the afternoon)


Once I've moved in, I intend to make some weekend day trips to meet fans in Montreal, Canada, Manchester, NH, and Boston, MA, too! And do I have any fans in Vermont that want to meet up?

When I come back in late August, I most likely will be following I-70 back and hope to meet fans on that route.

I'm re-opening an old survey regarding this trip. If you're near these cities (or would like to add one that is enroute) and would like to be put on an email list so I can email you the details of when and where I'll be, please fill this out below. Thanks!


Again we see Kleya not quite knowing what “normal people” do in games. 😀

I’m glad she didn’t hack, though, and I hope this convinces Jake to help her be a hero team.


She’s normal, just not boring.


Is the suicide block not normal? I’ve apparently been playing multiplayer games wrong.


The suicide block is not normal for players that aren’t generally considered “tanks”. Somehow I don’t see Erbana fitting a tanking role, but a supporting role. It’s common enough though in games where there is a strong party dynamic, not all MMOs have one (usually games with defined party roles, like healer, tank, dps, etc).


Ranger in Everquest One would willingly die for any reason..


LOL. Rangers in EQ1 also UNwillingly die for any reason. But, I’ve played a ranger in EQ1, and when the tank dies, my ranger was usually the only pc who could taunt the mob off the cleric. And sometimes, I’ve sacrificed my ranger so the cleric could escape and come back and rez everyone.

Craig Rawe

as an enchanter in EQ1, pretty sure I could out aggro any cleric, but was never much of a road block once I did 😛

A Nonny Mouse

Supports in games I’ve played are usually less affected from an XP loss or lessened XP gain than the carries would be, and (especially in high-level play) a support will willingly “tank” a shot that might kill a teammate’s carry.


No one knows whether or not Erbana should be tanking, and even if she’s not a tank, in some games like LoL the support is better off dying to save someone else on their team.

Friar Tuck

Didn’t Pat say something about tanking back when she told him she would not use weapons? Seems she remembered that moment, although she gave that somewhat demented ‘I WILL BE NICE!’ in response at the time…


Most games where players are willing to suicide block probably have ways for the players to respawn. As we saw with Mary/Jane, players in this Game have to create a new character and compete in a new entrance deathmatch and game trials. Suicide blocks are probably not terribly common in this game.


A “normal” Erbana player would probably accept that they couldn’t hit 100% when faced with somebody of Jake’s skill level, intentionally trying to make them lose their 100%.

Also, “normal” players don’t even know how to play Erbana properly, so the things she is doing to keep Erbana at 100% are very different from how “normal” people think and do things.

Most games that have people that make sacrificial moves, also have ways for them to retaliate with lethal force, and they only make those sacrifices for teammates, not enemies.


Keeping Danni alive is still a “victory condition” for Kleya (self imposed), even though Danni’s RL situation has improved.


Yep, this is going to hurt.

Craig Rawe

Has she overshot / mistimed her jump?

She’s in the perfect blocking position now, but the bolts havent hit yet…. will momentum carry her out of the way and the bolts go past her and still hit?


I’m thinking the bolts are much faster or closer than they appear.


I’m guessing we’re in the bolt’s perspective right now. It’s pretty sweet.


Is there a person in that tree?
I mean weve had faces before but this looks like an outline of a person


I think I see an eye under Kleya’s arm and part of a mouth near her waist, with a very sad expression. The form of a person is pretty clear to me.

Iron Ed

I think it almost looks like that tree is/was more than one person. Or maybe we’re seeing the same person at different ages or from different timeframes or personalities.

Regardless; Kleya and that tree are beautifully done!


NAILED IT! Splash page, and a beautiful one at that, woo!!


um, Kat are you sure you know what normal people do?


Self-Sacrifice is totally normal.

Especially for someone who’s not allowed to let other people die.


She’s going to kill him when this is all over.


Naah She’s going to horribly maim him but if she actually kills him she’ll lose points. Maybe she’ll find a way to turn his hair a different color or give him a magic sign he can’t remove that says “I’m a stupid team killing a**hole” or something.


1) This is a REALLY cool page. I was frantic to know what’d she do. I love this story so much and and I love that Kat decided not to cheat.
2) I’m crying for joy right now. I can’t believe you’re going to stop in Sioux Falls. Time can’t go fast enough!


OMG I live semi close to Sioux Falls! (Give or take a few hours off the drive) squee!

Dragon Master

LOL love Dude’s WTF face.


Same! 🙂

Tim C

I wonder if this is what Bandit meant earlier by “Knight Sacrifice,” before Kleya ruined his first plan.

Well, her comment about “(saving) everyone like normal people” pretty obviously refers to “not hacking”. “Being overdramatic”, on the other hand… However, this will still bring a lot of problems…to the Bandit, of course. Right now, in what was supposed to showcase a Villain group getting its start, Katt/leya has most definitely hogged the spotlight, and everything she does, even a deliberate attempt at backstabbing, has only helped to place even more spotlights at her. Bandit’s gambit just backfired spectacularly, as while he expected her to either lose her full Erbana rank OR resort to hack and win, it precludes… Read more »

Well, you just said pretty much everything I was going to say. I’ll just add a “squee” to learn that Aneeka will be in my home state of New Hampshire! I was prepared to drive to Vermont or Rochester, if necessary. 🙂


I don’t think it is “convenience” that Jane is out of party range. What I mean is Jane is in league with our sponsors to recruit Kat away from TENka. For what end we do not know, but we do know that the character Jane I playing doesn’t play well with an Erbana. Hence her being “away” from the main combat to maintain her alignment. Allowing Kat to do her thing without her needing to impede her to keep her own alignment intact.


There are places in Detroit where you wouldn’t want to be. Some parts are not safe. Others are. I would suggest that you get guidance from Detroit fans if you plan to stop there. Otherwise, you might want to make your pit stop elsewhere (e.g. Ann Arbor, not Harbor). Hopefully fans will make good suggestions.


This page is gorgeous!!! I love her body position and the ripples on her outfit. I would buy (like right now, just-show-me-the-link would buy) this as a poster.
And the coloring is fantastic. Just want to give a shout-out to Dude’s face, lol!

Curious George

Well, personally I think this is a perfect page 500. It’s her story, after all, and it’s called “Not a Villain” for a reason. Few things are less villainous than making a sacrifice like the one she’s just chosen to make. The fact that she’s willing to lose something, rather than cheating to get everything she wants, is a huge personal step forward.


Yes! She didn’t blow it! Self-sacrifice is the one thing that might convince them she’s not that hacker. Now if only she’d let herself lose a little.

So much awesome!


If any of that blast hits that tree he’s well and proper $#%@ed.

Iron Ed

Since the formerly-people trees appear to still be sentient.. I wonder if a tree kill would count against Kat.


Meanwhile, their team’s alleged leader has not only missed all the action but is still AWOL…

Siva Smith

What if Jane’s somehow the source of the beastie that was chasing Dude?


Kat doesn’t want to be normal.

She wants to be a Hero.

Wonder Mint

I like the colors.


Who else knew this was coming!

As a Zyra player in League of Legends who regularly engages the opposing team without intent to actually be the one to kill them or get out alive (immobilizing people, taking hits, generally finishing most of the engagement before it starts so our team finally reacts they just have to clean up…), I approve highly of all these actions xD


Wow finally a artist of a web comic makes a stop in Denver that I can go to.


g-d d*** the art work has progressed so far

Aaron Lehmann

I-70 is garbage. Grungy rest stops and billboards for pornography. Pay the money for an EZPass and take the turnpike. You’ll not regret it.

Dragon Master

I LOVE the artwork here Anneka, you and Audrey have a made a very beautiful page. The background colors and designs are amazing and mesh so well with the foreground. It’s just breathtaking and truly awe-inspiring.

Jarod Leutri

Such an awesome page, I think it makes a great page 500, though I am very curious now what you wanted to be page 500 (I assume you will tell us when we get to it?)

Also, very excited to meet you on Toronto. I will have to make sure I take out money in case you bring your books. Look forward to finding out the exact time too. If needed I will leave work early xD


Wait, at that angle, couldn’t she have knocked them out of the tree? Wouldn’t that have pushed them out of the way? I mean, if they didn’t resist? It’s low gravity, falling wouldn’t have hurt that much.



Good job, Kat! You are starting to figure it out.

Also, how much of the audience is glued to their screens right now? Wanna bet?