Dragon Master

Kat looks mighty pleased with herself, bordering on smug. But given her new tripped out ride/pet, she has every right to be smug.


By the might of Greyskull… she has the power!

martin leske

look at my horse
my horse is amazing


I still prefer my spider mount in Rift xD


So the plant allowed a theft centered special. Welp, there goes that confrontation. And that looks like the completion of Danni’s quest for the dude. Now all that is left is to find out what the rest of the other team is going to do.

James Eck

I think it stole the cards, not just copied them, probably because the card were part of the ability she snagged.


so….. not a copy-kat?

(I am so sorry)




Well played…

Cpt. Obvious

I heard that in the voice of Mike Neumann…


Growing up, Kat did not want a pony. She wanted something better.


Dang, that rare plant was Exceptionally rare. It not only gave her control of the ability of the last person who attacked her, but it copied any items they were holding for her to use?

James Eck

I think it stole the cards, not just copied them, probably because the card were part of the ability she snagged.


Well, it was said that the plants here may have been types for manipulation and control of others. Perhaps this is what we are seeing?


The last frame of the previous page show the cards being taken out of Vize’s hand.


Did not see that coming!


*Gloat* You were too early in reading the comments:

Nystran on 05/22/2016 @ 5:21 am Reply

Kat’s not attacking, I think she’s taming the lion. We’re on a Mani island, and I think taming an animal would be a power a Mani plant could provide.


I think Erbana plants duplicate specials of Cardistas, Manis, and Kesti players, while the Erbana specials do their own counter/protection thing.

Sooo… yeah. As we’ve all become sure of lately, Erbana’s are OP, unless you already know how powerful they can be.


D***! she stole his cards! First I thought she made some kind of copy of them, but there are some lines there that suggest that they flew in her hands… she is best thief I ever saw! hehe

Wow. I really didn’t expect that something like that was possible. Taking over the beast AND stealing BOTH cards from Vize’s hand? Looks like Erbana required some serious bonuses to balance the huge handicap they have for being a pacifist. Heh, maybe the beast’s heart is connected to the Heart of the Cards, so this connection is how she was able to pull the cards towards her. πŸ™‚ Also too bad your claw-drawing-skills were wasted. :p I wonder if the beast looked different because Vize’s card allows creating beasts of the opposite gender, because then I’d be even more curious… Read more »

I think the plant let her steal the cards, and that’s what gave her control of the critter.


What. What? That’s got to be the coolest thing anyone has seen a low level player do ever. This further reinforces that Kat has no idea what normal people do.


That is a twist I didn’t expect. I thought the summon would disspell, not become Kat’s.

Aaron Lehmann

Yo, dawg! I heard ya like monsters, so I put some monsters in your monster!

Tadd Mencer

Ping My Ride does it again!

Shiori Tsumi

Holy wow. At least she’s not going to be completely blown for this-since the audience has already seen her ride a monster before. And they DID get to see her looking genuinely panicked for a moment. Which already may help throw off suspicions.


I wonder if this mean that Kat now has some points in Cardista?

Bob C

I’m afraid that’s… Not in the cards.



Hmm.. If I touch a plant, I do not gain points in Erbana, but if I hoard cards like a Cardista would, or use plants for an effect like an Erbana then..


Only if she keeps the cards, I think.


from what i’ve seen so far, the plant that cat used took complete control over the creature which also gave her control over the cards that created it.


in the tutorial they did kat befriended/controlled creatures with plants so it makes sense she can do that here yes?
erbanas must have an aspect that lets them work with animals too. would make sense.


Wait, what?…

This is mega cool, anyway!


Earth to Kat. You’re still in hiding, remember? That isn’t hiding. XD

I wonder where she got the idea she needs 100% for people to like her? People who make mistakes are easier to relate to than ones that don’t.


Dude, probably the same place she got the idea of being 100% Erbana at all costs.


We know that, but she obviously doesn’t have that much knowledge of how people work.


“Like normal people”.

I’d say she’s being like that normal person who either plays a couple times to get everything perfect, or the guy that looks up a guide so he already knows what’s happening and where everything is.

She might have to admit to some foreknowledge of the game, given just how well she’s doing.

She wouldn’t be lying if she admitted she never played Erbana before, but had someone she lost who loved playing Erbana, and told/showed her all about it.



… please forgive me. xD


That is a TOTALLY AWESOME mount, but honestly I would still be concerned about that tail.

Autumn Fyre

Oh, h***, that’s friction awesome!


Sure beats the h*** out of the ‘heart of the cards’.


LoL. Many years ago when I was playing MTG, I liked blue for it’s ability to mess with things. I even had a game where someone built an entire deck to summon a Legendary Dragon. He expected to win easily after he summoned it, but then I took control of it, used it against him, then discarded and removed it from game. The poor guy almost cried.


Kat is in your base, stealing your chimera. πŸ˜€


All your chimera are belong to Kat.


I think people are going to start catching on sense she obviously knows what she’s doing


License and registration for your…Chimera, ma’am?


Panel 3 would make a great poster.


This is way more awesome then anything I was imagining.


At what point does Bandit say “I give up?”


Probably when Kat saves civilization from some new disaster, or rebuilds a section of a city and repairs programming faults, saving many lives.