Alexander The 1st

So..I wonder if that’s a teleportation spell?

It’s supposed to be rare, and presumably non-healing, and I doubt it’s just a regular controlling plant, so…that’s my bet.

Even better if it’s a telefrag – technically, the enemy could telefrag out of range, so…


I’m pretty sure it’s a healing plant, or a buff plant. She was about to grab it for Danni after the initial fight with Mary.


I wonder what kind of “boring” plant she collected back then to use against the Deselione.

Are Vize and her going against the Deselione together now? If so, then it’s quite ironic that Bellatrice’s team’s inverse ninja helps Kat, but none of Kat’s team contributes anything.

I wonder what the thumping on the previous page was.


I suspect the thump was one of the lion-things landing next to that bound-up attacker, who looked rather worried, I suspect from sheer proximity to the danger.


I think you’re right. The way everything is shaking it looked to me as loud as thunder or a volcano, but that Deselione already made the same sound a couple of pages earlier before it appeared.

I guess that means the beast is really heavy, if it can make sounds like that in an environment with such low gravity and grass so tall that Aneeka kept complaining about wasted feet-drawing-skills. I would probably run away screaming like a school girl if I ever had to face a tank like that.


It looks like she’s going after the guy dude person thing. Probably with some sort of pacification plant that doesn’t allow attacking or something. Erbanas seem to be the masters of crowd control.


What’s a guy dude person thing? 😀

I call she’s disposing of the Deselione and I’m not sure if she and Vize are going to keep fighting amongst themselves, too.

I do wonder why Bandit doesn’t throw the same attack he tried to throw before getting tied up. I mean he did want to ruin Kat’s 100% after all and in this situation he would even have an excuse for doing so.

kit ramos

well the spell that was cast on the Deselione, was aimed at Kat, it’s just that Kat manged at the last second to come up with a way to deflect the spell. though not sure if it hitting the Deselione was due to good quick aim, or D stacking the odds, or actual dumb luck.


dis gon be gud


It’s ON now!

Now we get to see a pacifist kick the crap out of someone. But, you know, NOT kill them.


H*** yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!
I’ve been anticipating this since the Game Trials! Wooooooo!


She’ll jump on its back and ride it to victory!


Yes! Kat is going to incapacitate that monster just as much as Batman incapacitates villains.
Wait, let me rephrase that…
Kat is going to incapacitate that monster just as much as Superman incapacitates villains.
Da**it DC… Let’s try this again.
Kat is going to incapacitate that monster just like Big Boss incapacitates villains.
Yeah, that works.


Oh! I really like the drawing and coloring on this page.

Dragon Master

Given where Aneeka linked to in the description, I’m wondering if Mr. Cardista there is standing next to the rare thing Kat wanted earlier. Maybe she’s gonna make it grow really fast and eat him or something.

Scott McCarthy

I figured she went and got that when she disappeared into the trees…


Yeah, her hesitation back then was because she started to tell Danni that there was a rare plant on a tree, but then realized that she shouldn’t know it was there. Instead she just went up and got it without telling anyone, as if she just got lucky and ran into it.

Emily Martha Sorensen

Wowee. Both of those Kat poses in the first two panels are *incredible.* Aneeka, you are killing it on the art.


Kat’s not attacking, I think she’s taming the lion. We’re on a Mani island, and I think taming an animal would be a power a Mani plant could provide.


I’m still suspicious that those big THUMPs are announcing something else big coming. Although the thump in the last page could have been Kat hitting the ground – which might explain why she’s so mad right now. Also, Bandit didn’t react to it. Unless his comment about someone dying relates to being able to kill whatever he knows is coming.