Dance time!

Come on , shake your body baby, do the conga


Maaaaybe redirecting that into the monster _wasn’t_ such a great idea…


A Groovitron special, huh? Or would it be more similar to Crypto’s free love ability? Forcing your enemies to dance. The fun way to troll in a video game. Even more priceless when done strategically.


That escalated quickly.

I wonder what would have happened to Kat.


Well, if it really is a dance card like some people her suggested, she would’ve become a Lolkat. 🙂

But I haven’t got the slightest idea myself. I thought maybe he wanted to create Kat’s evil opposite clone or something.


So, the card would create a duplicate of Jane?


Probably yes, but with cat ears.

Scott McCarthy

Dog ears, Evil twin remember 😉

Rowen Morland

Well that looks like a meaner version of the deselione. So I guess that it would have summoned the Deconstruct Me era Kat. D:


Now I’m curious what would have happened if that had hit kat


Yep, Dude is totally losing it.


Well that was unexpected!


The card…. made a powered up… clone? Hopefully under the card users control?

Craig Rawe

okay… target becomes Chimera…

really sounding like a buff… unless Chimera automatically attacks it’s mirror….

Nope, I think it was a buff, and now there’s two of them, one of them enhanced….


I’m still not sure if it was a buff. I feel like at least D would have taken note of the effects of the action, before Kleya blocked it. And Bandit said that Kleya avoided another “hit”, meaning he believed it was an attack as well.
That’s three intelligent characters supporting the theory that the card was an attack.

The Dude also does not seem concerned that there now seems to be another opponent.
I’m not sure wether that means he thinks it was an attack, or if he simply is impressed by the card.


What the nuts just happened?


a buff. a buff happened. this wont end well.


So, the Deselione has evolved into Dechimerah? What would be more impressive is if card guy can now control the new creature XD


……..yeah called it. was a buff… -_- bad D.


OOO! Things just got shiny!


Dude! I have no clue what that does, but I need it dude!
So shiny…


… and the dude is back.


If it was a buff, the cardista wasn’t thinking ahead too well. I’m wildly guessing this card creates a combat-oriented clone that mirrors the movements of the entity it’s based on(rather than the card user).

An Erbana is a TERRIBLE choice for that card!


First, i think it was some kind of a cloning spell, give me a powered up version of the original to serve as a minion, something like that.

Kat wouldn’t be a bad choice for that card at all, her agility seems to be great and if a clone would gain some claws, after seeing the transformed clone I would assume that would have happend, a battle ready Katclone would be rather good.

If it was just a buff spell, which I’m pretty sure it wasn’t, using it on himself would have been the better choice.

“Buff is a term used in some video games, especially MMORPGs and MUDs, to describe increases in the power of a game element. There are two main usages. The first describes a permanent (or at least indefinite) increase in power levels as a result of adjustments to game mechanics, usually in pursuit of game balance. The second usage of buff describes an effect (usually cast as a spell) that temporarily enhances a player.” ……waiiit wait wait…. that dosent sound right. but neither does anything else i can think of. cc- pbaoe- heal(wut noooo)- taoe- gtaoe- purge- cleanse debuff none of… Read more »

True. My assessment hinges on the assumption that the clone will mirror Kat’s actions. Regardless of her abilities or the abilities of the clone, her choice of play style restricts her from doing anything directly violent, rendering a mimic like that useless.

Of I’m wrong in my guess as to how the card works, there are all KINDS of possibilities for a souped-up Kat clone.


There is no way that is a buff. That guy looked aggressive, and as has been mentioned, every experienced player judged that as an attack, including the one who can literally see what it is.


It make you see your own worst nightmare. Kat would see her Dad.


Now That muddies up the waters.


…well didn’t that work out great

I said there were three outcomes last page. This is actually a fourth one o.0


I’m pretty sure that was a buff card, for several reasons:
1) It made the dandelion definitely more powerful
2) The wielder was aware Kat had just saved his tail
3) He’s also aware Kat was jumping back down, intentionally risking her life to save others
4) A buff spell does not usually make one meaner or more dangerous. It simply increases their existing powers. A warrior will become stronger, a wizard more powerful, a bard more persuasive, etc.

So… buff card. That’s my story an’ stickin’ to it. : )

I do not think the card can be a buff: rather than making the target stronger, it has generated/summoned a more powerful creature of a similar type (a chimera is part lion after all so using the spell on a lion-monster gets a larger, more dangerous type of lion-monster). The only logical use I can think of for such a spell is to have the new creature attack the one the spell was used on (so that the original is taken out by the new creature and the caster can stay safely out of range). Depending on the details of… Read more »

Clearly it would of made a stronger more powerful version of Kat under the card users control, except it would amplify her personality along with her strength, so she will be EXTRA SUPER DUPER NICE ABOUT IT even if it EXTRA SUPER DUPER SEEMS ANNOYING sometimes. :3

There we have the question: was a duplicate but stronger version of the creature created– or is the art just depicting the original creature changing? I didn’t “see” it as a new creature being created. If it is a power-clone… then if it had hit Kat it would have made a second Kat but more powerful, to assist her in fighting the critter. Either that… or the original becomes powerless while the new one takes over the fights . Then when the fight is over the new one vanishes, restoring control to the original. It will be interesting to see… Read more »