oh my gosh this is so d*** cute & i’m in love!


Hrm, so did she actually get hit, or did the power of plant friendship protect her?

As a side note, she looks pretty angry in that last panel there.

Patricia Raftery

Im pretty sure whats-his-name has not released his attack yet. Kat can’t dodge, so it looks like she’s going to try to block it with a plant.

I’d be angry too if I were Kat! She’s trying to help him, and he turns around and attacks her.


Not trying to help him. Because she’s Erbana she doesn’t want violence. So she did it for herself sort of?


Is it possible that D edited her bag contents to spawn another of the vine restrictor plants? ? “last of those plants”


That looks like more of the herbs/grass she was picking earlier. No hacks yet.

kit ramos

I would agree I think is is trying best she can to avoid hacking at the moment, I think she believes a hack of any sort would certainly draw the wrong kind of attention to them and there’s plenty of people watching already. That Yes up in the top seems a more of a resigned yes. As in “I’d really rather not do it but I can’t afford to get killed here” sort of yes, so when she though of an alternate way that does play by the rules she’s going to do that.


Oooo I love this page! The facial expressions/thought progression is lovely 😀


This page did turn out nicely.

I don’t know if she has been hit yet or not, but I assume that will become obvious on the next page.


Did she almost hack there? She’s slipping. Not too good in the long run.


Keyword “almost”. We all knew she was going to have these moments of temptation; sheer knowledge of how the game works isn’t enough to avoid them. But she beat the temptation and decided to go by the game-set constraints.

Go Kat!


*sniff* *sniff*
This just reeks of character developement. Way to go Kleya!

Ariella Rollins

AHHH! The suspense is killing me. I agree the page did turn out nice. If Kat hacks inside the game, will the government easily notice and be able to trace her codes to discover who she really is?


If I recall correctly, Kleya specified to D during the reality scene in the submarine or whatever that there was to be no hacking in L.i.F.e., but that it wasn’t her fault if people could hack the Game code, since it leaked all over the place.


I think she was ordering D to not shut down hackers in the game like he does in L.i.F.e. I don’t think that had anything to do with the options that he provides to her.


So good to see Kat making an effort. I think this is the first time she has actually gotten a hold of her anger before it ran away from her.


I don’t think it’s anger so much as entitlement and frustration.


Yes! Way to resist, Kat! Woot!

I love this page, Aneeka! I think the artwork has been getting even better.


Wow, I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do now. Or what Vize’s attack did. Or what the monster is doing now. Or pretty much what everyone else is going to do. ^^

I can’t believe Vize and Kat are fighting while the monster is around.


I’m not the only one questioning if what Vize did *is* actually an attack, am I? He has two cards, and I can’t imagine every card only deals damage.

Craig Rawe

nope, I said on the last page I think it’s a ‘buff’ spell, so did someone else


Alex dude, relax. Dude’s got a plan for bringing the monster onto the board, and an eye on our friend’s cards..


*Requests wallpaper of last panel.


Love the new magic animations! The pink arcs are great.


Its like she is trying to fight an addiction to hacking lol


Keep at it Kat.
I know it’s difficult going from easy mode to hard mode, but it’s a lot more satisfying when you win.


I beat the game Doom twice as a kid. Once with cheats, and then again to actually play the game. ;D

Also, I’m rolling caster in Dark Souls, and the spells make the game a LOT easier that only using melee. But, that does mean that I’m going to play through again as a melee/bow based character later.

Broder Tuck

Looking forward to see how she will get out of this.

This page doesn’t suffer from those odd eyes that we saw some pages ago that made Danni look rather demented.

Reminded me of this:

Nathaniel Jauregui

Holy crap, No kidding on a page turning out really well. This is probably not your best page, but it’s definitely way up there. Keep up all the great work Aneeka. Even if the page doesn’t look awesome, you’re awesome, and so is Kat.