Awww, come on, how hard can that hit? Just take the damage, Kat.


Err, it could hit hard enough to kill her with one blow? That’s not a good choice necessarily.


This might be relevant too:


Hmm, in 482, Vize had turned his back on Kat, turned towards the creature and said he’s got this… now he’s casting towards Kat… has he changed his mind, or is this an incoming Buff spell (maybe he was the other groups support caster?)

Rod Chamberlin

I don’t think ‘D’ would be chiming “Alert” if it was a friendly spell.

Then again, he didn’t say what he was going to get…

He also wasn’t party to Kat’s “get into a tree”; and may not even have seen the big scary monster. Then again, he could also be utterly tactically incompetent.


I think D would alert Kat about *any* spell being cast on her. Not knowing about a friendly spell could seriously mess up her strategy. But either she doesn’t have time to read the details, or she doesn’t want whatever the card is supposed to do….

no, Kat says she can’t dodge, and she wouldn’t try to dodge a buff. I game like this will be designed in such a way that it’s obvious rather a spell is hostile or a buff, and even if not D would have to provide that info. I don’t buy Kat being too slow to read the “buff” line but having time to view the alert and worry about dodging. Any good gamer will have trained themselves to know the difference between these two and almost instinctual behave differently, and Kat is implied to be a major power gamer. Unless… Read more »

(I guess): welcome to the real world Kat, where even the world champion loses from time to time. To be fair that was a really low shot, and the guy is indirectly taking out his own team mates.


I see your point, but it’s invalid because Kat never loses. Even though in the real world champions lose from time to time, Kat doesn’t actually lose. While it’s easy to think Kat could lose in the real world, she can’t. She can’t lose because she can’t lose. In other words, it’s true that people lose except for Kat. Because she doesn’t lose. ShE nEVer LoSES.


I hope I am not offending you by saying this, but I think one of the reasons she never has lost is because she used to cheat; thus there is a chance of her losing now. Although it complicated and depends on certain game rules.

You aren’t offending me, but try to see things from my point of view. Yes, she used to cheat. But that’s irrelevant. The point is that she never loses. Even though she cheated, she didn’t lose. Not losing is all that matters. Cheating is irrelevant. Even now she doesn’t want to cheat, but she’ll also never lose. Losing is something she is physically incapable of doing. Thus – logically speaking – she won’t lose. I agree it’s complicated, but she won’t lose no matter what the rules are. Even if the only rule is that she loses, it’s wrong, because… Read more »

Did she just grab that?!?!?!


No the cards in the last panel are the one Vize is holding in his other hand. D is suggesting usurping them.


Yes, clearly killing the Erbana is the top priority in this situation. Okay, she is definitely a threat, but she’s going for nonviolent, and that is a tentacle faced owlbear.

Bob Johan

Owlbears are bad enough lol


Of course you can dodge it. You just need to utilize your momentum a bit more and DO A BARREL ROLL!

Dragon Master

We don’t know how large the blast radius is, so that might not be of any help.


Vize is clearly not a student of Sun Tzu. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. And right now, everyone’s enemy is the giant fluffy dog monster Dude apparently summoned.


Maybe he’s not attacking the dog monster because…

He’s more of a Kat person! 😀 😀 😀


I walked right into that and didn’t even see it.

Alexander The 1st

At least it’s native to this comment section.

Patricia Raftery

I know right?!?! Attacking the pacifist, what a jerk!

….Even though she is a dangerous genius pacifist, lol.

Dragon Master

Looks like it’s time for Danny to start throwing things again. LOL


If Kat just redirected the path of the card toward the Fuzzbear, that wouldn’t count as a violent act on her part, now would it, huh?


EEEK! No, crazy card man! Don’t hurt the Kat!

Come faster, Friday!


Wow, Vize is actually going to cast after all? And here I thought Kat’d just disable him like all the others. Nice! 🙂
But what exactly was Kat trying to do holding him?
Did Vize throw her off or did she jump away from him to save others from the monster?
I’d say Vize is real confident if he thinks that he can save his group after disabling Kat.
Also Kat:

kit ramos

I think Kat’s original plan was to attack him from behind and knock him out, but then Dude showed back up and accidentally distracted her, with the beast he picked up. And that moment of distraction when she had to stop and wonder “wtf did dude just do” was just enough for vise to turn the tables and knock Kat to the ground and start one of his own spells.


I read it more as she was grabbing him from behind to try and get him out of the way and he is misconstruing it as an attack on him and counterattacking when she was trying to save him.

Page 483 looked to me like Kat grabbed Vize and jumped with him to get him out of the range of the monster attack. If he’s quick on the uptake, he’s using that card to make Kat stronger or otherwise better able to help the whole group. And D is just offering her a chance to hack here, not warning of an attack. I like the idea that she might be able to “save the day” with the help of one of the players from the other team. It would be good cover for her, and will really annoy Bandit,… Read more »

In case anyone is wondering, Vize is casting a love spell. The monster is going to fall hopelessly in love with Kat and carry her away and try to make her is wife.


When Suddenly! Haste spell.


I love the colours on this page.


Based on the four strips mentioned, is she going to hurt him so much he gets blinded? You can’t throw cards at someone you can’t see, punk.


Gee, D, so helpful with Kat’s ‘no hacking’ policy