I sry, I don’t understand this one at all.


Something crazy is about to happen, getting into a tree apparently helps, and unfortunately she’ll lose points if the enemies die to it as it is with pretty much all causes of death with her around.

That’s all I can think of.


What about the kid tied up on the ground lol


They’re probably safe by way of being covered in plants. I’m thinking that whatever it is goes after non-plant things.


She’s at the damage control point?


Kids. The original mani and the guy that tried to free her are both tied up.

I doubt she can be held responsible for friendly fire, however.


She can, because she’s Erbana, and anything dying within a certain range will lower her rating in that class. She wants 100%


Oh I think you’re right. Dude is about to do something excessively major… and Kat is trying to hold him back because she’s Erbana.

Alexander The 1st

First Thought:

Anyways, it’ll be interesting to how Kleya plans to deal with being out in the open as a result of trying to save her Erbana ranking.

Would’ve been interesting if Kleya had made that whisper into a quest for Danni though.


Not a native speaker here: “into” a tree? What does that imply?


Into as in climb the tree.


Get in a tree. Climb a tree.

Another example: Get into the house.
Hope it helps.


climb a tree as high as you can and hope that whatever is coming cannot climb trees.

Techno Gray

I would think that “into a tree” means either she is to get inside a hollow log, or that she needs to climb up a tree.


Common usage implies climb. You can think of it as being short for “get up into the branches of a tree” where “into” is used as equivalent to “among.” If it means to literally get inside of something hollow, it will be as much a surprise to the native speakers as to you 😉


When you climb a tree, there’s often foliage at the top. This can be considered a roughly enclosed area. Thus “into” is used because you don’t want to climb onto the side of the tree, but into the branches where you’ve got some protection. Essentially, into is used to _infer_ that an enclosed space is preferable to an exposed one. It’s quite the nuance – I’ve never thought about it before.


Well this is interesting…


“Can’t we just hug it out?”


Completely unconnected in anyway to hugging the enemy cardista …

How good is Kleya at palming cards? 😉

Craig Rawe

At first I thought Kat was going to use Vize as cover from whatever the incoming was, but I guess she’s got to save him to protect her 100%

Scott McCarthy

What about the to wrapped up on the ground? How will she save them?


it will most likely ignore them because they are still tied up. and it’s three on the ground. the mani, the one that tried to rescue her and the guy with the sword that attacked kleya.


A tree???
I see he is trying to “branch” out his powers.
I just hope he doesn’t “leaf” people stranded. ;p


She’s saving the enemy! One of. What about the others?

Dragon Master

Who is he talking to? Kat and co. are all behind him.


Going by everyones’ positions, he is clearly talking in the direction of the demoli-turned-tree.

I wonder though whether he is saying that he can un-tree him; or whether he is just reassuring his wooden friend that he can still beat the others…


I can’t tell if Kat is trying to save him or using him as a human shield 😉 .


“I’m’a taking you with me, bub – you have cards my friend needs to complete her quest!”

Scott McCarthy

Can Kat at least swipe his cards, and give them to Danni to complete her Dude Quest.

Kerim the Storyteller
Kerim the Storyteller

Somewhat unrelated to the current storyline, more related to my current book craze. Has anybody here read the wardstone chronicles? Especially the later books? Grimalkin really reminds me of jane… or the other way around.


Aneeka, I lobe the middle panel! It really captures the feeling of the moment.
And Audrey, I really like the way you colored panel 1.


At 40% gravity, I imagine Kat can pick up Vize and run, but I don’t think she’ll be able to jump into a tree while carrying him….

SeattleFan #8

Maybe she can use a plant to protect him and herself?


I would be bugging all my friends in LiFe at this moment, telling ’em to watch this crazy team.


Looks like it’s Kleya to the rescue, not Vize. 😀


And thousands of Kat’s fans gasped in simultaneous glee and despair as they started shipping Kat and Vine, for truly only love could spur her to such action.

And that kids, is how the demon spawn hacker began the Kat shipping wars which have left us even further devastated than she did before.


I can’t believe that no one so far has guessed that the point is to get off the ground. Kleya will simply climb Vize and thus escape what I assume is something akin to the fate of the Demoli earlier. 🙂

Something wicked this way comes. That, or the dude ran into their one missing member, and the two are embroiled in a vicious battle to the death. It’s not a random encounter (I figure the erbana things so still going for random encounters) so I figure it’s either a random event (discrete from encounters), or a response to the destroyed trees. Worse, it’s a something that appears to have had the opposing team turn their backs to Aneeka & friends. Best guess (eg: most fun) I have is that The Dude found Jane, and is running back with her in… Read more »

Time to make like a tree and Leaf.


I don’t think this is true, but I would love to see the whole island crashing

Michael Davison

Dugtrio used Dig! Dugtrio went underground!

Kat’s team climbed a tree!


NO NO NO. I don’t care about her erbana rating, or what every big evil thing is attacking them, or who wins this fight. All I care is that we were finally going to find out how a cardista uses cards and now we won’t. Darn I need to know this game so I can figure out the exploits 😛


Don’t we all? Don’t worry, we have TheDude to make sure we’ll see it sooner or later. It *is* a tad frustrating to be still in the dark about that, but this should be worth it.


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