‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 481

Colors by Audrey. Everything else is by me.


The page of 'what's.


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Lol, I stick to my prediction that the Dude became a giant, because his Special was triggered. πŸ˜€ It was meant to be a joke, but now it looks like it could actually be correct.


Well, if the Dude has become a giant, who’s doing the screaming in the background?


The Dude, of course. Only this time he is so big that his scream is above the treetops.


Dude is out there…..
….Mary is out there…..
And she still hasn’t gotten to kill off a starting member like she was promised.
And she has it in for Dude anyway….

Kate from Iowa

Yeah, I’m definitely thinking that’s Dude screaming and running from Mary…I’m probably wrong, but that’s what I’m seeing in my head.

Rowen Morland

But wouldn’t Kat be saying, “She what!”, if it was Mary stirring up trouble.

Iron Ed

Maybe the Dude tried a preemptive attack on Mary and it backfired? πŸ™‚


!?!?!?!?! omg i CAN’T WAIT!!

PS I am REALLY digging panel 2 right now! Love the perspective!


lol, it’s a Train, they’re gonna get MPK-ed!

Rowen Morland

I like trains.


And Bandit quickly gets out of the way

Mr. Potato Patato Von Spudswoth III
Mr. Potato Patato Von Spudswoth III

Duuuude! This is going to be good! I was wondering what the heck he was going to do when he said his special was “super violent”.

Ps: if you launch someone into the air, and they land outside of the erbana’s range and are killed om impact, does that count negatively towards the erbana?


He didn’t say that. He said that his Special required “excessive violence”.
So when Herve used his AOE-attack this requirement might have been fulfilled.

The Dude transforms into “The Doom”. πŸ˜€
Or maybe into the Hulk. ^^
Or he’s a Power Ranger and called his Megazord. Wait, no, he’s afraid of Mechas.


Well, it’s the dude, if he transforms in a marvel hero, squirrel girl would be my first guess.

Must be something “big”, since Kat talks to D about it. So two questions, who is “he” and what is “what”.

Flynn Curtis

Well maybe he’s taking a page from Batman’s book and being the thing he’s afraid of.


‘He’, not ‘you’ so in all likelihood she isn’t referring to something D did but someone else. Possibly the Dude, since we haven’t seen him in a bit. Now is that what he did good or bad?


I’m guessing “he” (Dude) woke up the AI controlling the island (Iemis), who is a giant walking tree/Ent (????). Except wait, he was terrified of that guy.

Dang it!!! Okay… He woke up Iemis, on Jane’s promise to try to kill him.

And Jane will do it, because Iemis trapped her children as trees, and she wants revenge.


If I don’t see this comment show up I am assuming it is canon. XD


I thought somebody might have woken up Iemis, probably not on purpose, but the rollover text hints that it might be a less terrifying event… more humorous. πŸ˜‰ Maybe Dude got turned into a giant by some stray bit of magic… or got turned into an ent. πŸ˜€

I believe it’s WAY too early for Iemis to make an appearance, unless D’s presence or the presence of a 100% Erbana has disturbed its slumber or something. But even then we were still told that the A.I. is super smart, so it’s unlikely that it just barges in, saying “Hello Kitty! It’s soooo good to see you back in action, my little girl! And I see you brought your virus with you! Wow, D, you’ve grown, we do need to hang out sometime!” or “Hello cutey honey, are you trying to invade my island again? I’ve been waiting for… Read more »

This page had me remember something. Mary killed a tree earlier, and we’ve seen a consequence for destruction with what happened to the opposing team.

Maybe related to said screaming.


Read the wording again, it explicitly stated that it only reacts to specials.


This page is awesome.

And can’t wait to find out who the ‘he’ is referring to…. Dude or Iemis???


‘Rocks fall.’ equivalent incoming.


People seem to think that “he” is the Dude. I, however, suspect that it is the island’s owner/the AI of Kat’s father. Of all the characters that have been introduced so far, he is by far the most likely to be able to do something large scale here, and would require Kat to resort to D to investigate from her current position.


Alternate theory: “He” is the Dude, and he needs excessive violence for his special to work… so he went to find the best source of excessive violence, aka Jane. What we are hearing now is his special, which is an Indiana-Jones style rock rolling behind him as he runs!


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