‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 476

Colors by Audrey. Everything else is by me.


And the cards come out!


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Even though I know I’m wrong, I can’t stop seeing what ever that thing is that hit him in the face as a piece of bacon. Possibly some beef jerky.

Dragon Master

It’s a dog biscuit.


That’s the Dude’s special, he throws a piece of beef jerky at your face and a hungry werewolf comes out of nowhere to rip you to shreads.


Wow, looks like Dude isn’t the only Kardista in play…


Wow, more than one Cardista player in the Game? I never expected that. 😛

His Cardista alignment is almost as high as his Kesti alignment and slightly higher than his Morto alignment. I’d wager that he intended to be Cardista, but they’ve been scraping by for a while, doing kill-quests or something.

Argh, it’s so funny AND so anti-climactic that I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry. But I still hope that eventually any of the 4 options I mentioned on the previous page happen. Please let Vize and the Demoli be decent opponents. Please? …you’re not going to show us any of his cards, are you? 🙁 Bandit’s outburst made me think that a few seconds ago Kat could’ve thought: “Finally! I get to teach you a whole lesson, all by myself! No, wait, I am not ‘Kat Monster’ anymore.” Also in panel 3 she could be like: “Rare… Read more »

Oh yeah, and Bandit could be all like “I’m here for your Blue Eyes, young lady, and I won’t take no for an answer.”


Is that a shoe? Because it totally should have been a shoe.


That would make for a nice “Boot to the Head” reference, but I don’t think it is one.


Who throws a shoe? Honestly….


A Nonny Mouse

American Maid, for one.



I wonder if the reason Bandit wants to “stop Kat from winning singlehandedly” is mostly so her identity isn’t obvious / more suspicious than it already is…



He said that a few pages ago. If she wins single-handedly the people looking for her will get suspicious of her again.


Also, she might then get all the exp from the encounter and possibly level several times over.


I’m wondering who threw the piece of wood. The panel’s suggesting Bandit, but would he be so non-violent? I’m hoping that Danni is still with us


I’m hoping that as well. And after knocking the Cardista out she can take the rare card and give it to the Dude and get like, a perfect on her quest.


Not Bandit. See the previous page, that (card,stick,shoe) was already in play before his bindings loosened.


Good eye. I completely missed that. Bandit isn’t yet up at that point, so presumably it’s Dude or Danni. (I doubt Jane would throw a mere stick.) I am hoping it’s Danni, as it would be a sign that she didn’t “die.” Otherwise, Kat’s Erbana score will drop. That might also non-lethally disable the foe, and if he drops a card, might even help Danni fulfill her other quest.

It’s even somewhat likely– Dude ran off in the other direction, I think– though I’m having trouble keeping directions straight between panels.


Depending on who caused the “Whap”, Kat could be thinking something like:

“No. My 100% Erbanna score. Ruined!!!”

Her eyes do look kind of fearful in that last panel after all.


If a simple “Whap” was enough to do that, then her score would have been ruined when Danni got hit.
And I mean the first time. By Jane.


Danni didn’t die in that first “encounter”, though. If she ends up dead from this encounter, I imagine it would affect Kat’s score. Being disabled (unconscious/unable to fight) probably wouldn’t, as it can still be healed. I wonder what rate the charas heal on their own?


Yup, cards definitely too small. Less like playing cards, more like monopoly chance cards.

Really not a good idea to let Kat win singlehandedly, is it?


the stick is harmless… What follows it is not. I hope.


I know it isn’t, but that would be so funny if it was a shoe that hit him…


Maybe Kardistas have the option of resizing their cards. After all, different avatars might have different size hands, so someone with small hands might have a disadvantage if card size is standardised.


If Kat won the encounter single-handedly, would it mean she got all the exp out of it? Possibly enough to level her several times?


Probably, not to mention how Danni’s quest would likely be stuck.


Nah, the cards aren’t too small, he’s just got big hands 😛