‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 472

Colors by Audrey. Everything else is by me.


D tries to help.


Los Angeles Fans: I'll be in your town next week and it would be fun to meet any of you! I was thinking meeting at Hollywood Blvd's McDonalds on March 15th at 6pm. Comment or email me if you'd like me to send out a reminder email to you. Thanks!


If this did not come out as cool as it did in your head, your head must’ve been in a beyond awesome place, because this came out awesome!


Ditto. This was epic.


Yeah, I’m gonna have to go with these 2, so much better than anyone this end could do…


I really, really agree. It’s just great, and your depth visualizations are getting better.






What do you mean, Aneeka? I think this page is very cool. 🙂

I love this: “I can destroy them — the nice way.” Can someone open a dictionary and define “nice” to Kat, please? For some reason, I don’t think destroying someone is considered nice. LOL

Alexander The 1st

The “Nice” Way:

“Make sure you eat your vegetables, starting *now*!”


or your vegetables will eat you


An Alternative definition then:
Gneiss (pronounced ‘nice’): a metamorphic rock subjected to such heat and pressure that the minerals it is comprised of separate into distinct bands.
So the ‘nice’ way could be the same in a pinch, as long as it doesn’t Kill, all good.


Your esone is so WHAT? Epic? Nice? Pretty? You can’t stop a page liek that D:



Apart from that, why is Kat’s esone visible right now, anyway? It wasn’t visible before, when she was casting Mean Eater or the two binding spells.

Rowen Morland

Given his look I’m going to guess he says “feeble” just as she one hits him.


Given his facial expression I think he isn’t commenting on the Esone appearance, but rather on the fact that it’ll be his after he kills her. “Your Esone is so mine!”


Or just straight up gone after he kills her. “Your Esone is so gone…”? He is obviously planning to start swinging that sword, & it’s already established that if you “die” you loose an Esone. I guess the big question is is it gone-gone (not coming back, long gone, never to be seen again, etc) or is it ejected when you “die”, bouncing around like Sonic the Hedgehog’s ring collection…?


I think it was that the esone takes a hit for you. That’s why it gets put in the heart, because 1 good chest stab can kill you if it hits your heart. I doubt the esone would do anything for beheading though.


Her esone is so SAFE. I don’t think anyone’s is safer.

Arcanist Lupus

Los Angeles people should join us! Don’t be shy!


This guy is always so creepily manic. Something’s not quite right about him. O_o

Oh well. His a** is grass. XD


Possibly in more than 1 way too…


Yes, destroy. Nicely. Into a nice pile of dust. Like a hero would do.


Well, there is nice, and then there is… nice…

Somehow, I’m thinking that when Kleya is finally finished with Sword Boy and his cohorts, all of us readers are going to have sadistic smiles whle we say, “Nice!”


…Who says some of us don’t d that already… }:D


Agreed :>


… Yes. Use a jump attack in a low gravity environment. That’s smart. I mean, you’ll descend slowly, the weight you can put into your strike will be greatly reduced, and evasion is off the table. But it looks cool, right?

In a low-grav scenery, always swing upwards, with your feet on the ground. That way you can put your full power into the hit, and maintain an alert stance.


*take notes*


I think it’s just the angle making it look like he’s jumping, he seems to be running with the visible (left) leg raised mid step, knee pointed at us. Still, you have a point about low-gravity combat…

gravity is an acceleration, not a velocity, your downward speed at the end will always be the same as your upwards speed at the start (assuming start and end are at the same level) minus air resistance. as damage done has to do with kinetic energy transferred, and kinetic energy is mass times velocity2, neither of which are impacted by gravity, a low grav jump attack will hit just as hard as a standard gravity jump attack. It will take longer (as it will take longer to reach the pinnacle of your jump, which will also be higher) thus being… Read more »

From what I’ve seen, gravity would help the attack, as coming down from the jump adds more velocity to the strike, but that said, lower gravity will reduce the amount to downwards speed they get plus it announces the incoming attack much longer…

But at least we both agree he’s running & not jumping… :p


I remember in a movie called the “Road House”.
Early in the movie, the main character exholes the bouncers to escort trouble makers out “nicely”… until it’s time to not be nice.
one of the bouncers asked how’d they know it was time to be nice.
the chief said “you won’t. I’ll tell you”


“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”



Dragon Master

Do it your way Kat! …. That’s not your way ….


Seriously though, Kat is scarriest when she’s being ‘nice’. What does she think the word means?


I’m actually looking forward to seeing just what she thinks it means.


I think he’s actually going to say “Your esone is so mine” or “so gone” here. He’s saying he’s going to kill her, right?


From the creators of: “It’s lawful good not lawful nice!” comes “It’s nice, that doesn’t mean you don’t get to destroy things. Just do it the nice way!” yyyyep, because nothing says nice like crushing your enemies. Seeing them driven before you. And hearing the lamentations of their women.


Nothing is nicer than good dentistry.


‘Your a** is grass.’ *Token goon goes all Chia pet from Behind.
Everyone else watching the writhing hedge animal: ‘How is That Nice’
‘Could have grown it out of Anywhere.’


Interesting that she can apparently do something with just the basic grass, and not just scattered flowers and specifically flagged plants. Wonder if she can do anything with the evil trees…

Listening Daisy

D***, the one week I am leaving Los Angeles is the one you are doing a meeting :(. I hope you have a great time!


Your esone is so…

What? Cute? Mine? Fat?


Am gonna make a wild guess. Since her esone is apparently visible, and he was gonna swing a sword at her but hasn’t yet… I’m thinking it is…
“Your esone is so… beautiful!”

Hims been charmed, bigtime. He couldn’t attack her now if he wanted to.
Just guessing. We’ll see if I get a cookie.


Creepy ‘~’


Is this referring to the expression in the last panel? Because if so, that’s what I thought, too. And I love it. =3

Jimmy Joe III

Is that Danni? It looks exactly like Danni. Did that spell crop her hair? o3o


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