By the way, don’t Demoli spells have some kind of a range limit?


I’m fairly sure they’re well within range, or else that attack wouldn’t be effective at all.


Woo Kat is flexible! Surely a little drop like that should be no problem for a dancer.


Indeed, but Danni was in the air… and with the 42% gravity and her limited experience with moving in such conditions, I’m not holding out much hope for her to come through unscathed.


Danni’s got great legs. They may not help her fall to safety faster, but I’m betting she can use them here to save her some hurt.


Who knows how great her legs really are, though.


Come on, let’s see some sweet aerial evasion move…

I bet Danny could pull that off if she thinks fast enough and doesn’t panic.


We will miss you Mean Eater. You will allways have a spot in our flower pots.


Well, Kat’s plant thingy is screwed. Danni can’t duck (does the quest bind her?). Seems pretty bad. But my guess is Bandit will get free and waste them all.

Dragon Master

I’m guessing that we’ll find out why Danni is in bad shape IRL next time. I’m calling a PTSD induced flashback.


It has been implied that she is paralyzed from the east down IRL.

Interestingly nobody has made a Matrix reference so far. I mean now Kat and Neo have another thing in common besides being able to read and alter the code. 🙂 Also if she’s able to get back up from that position she’s a champion at Limbo, at least in the Game. @Danni: JUMP! ^^ Her feet should have at least minor contact with the ground again and since she’s a famous ballet dancer she must be an expert on how to jump from just the tip of your toes. I don’t think she’ll evade the attack completely (injured leg means… Read more »

Then she can pull a Karate Kid and crane kick them into oblivion (or unconsciousness)!


Re: Vote Incentive

Yes, I can hold on for one more update. 🙂 I like this comic way too much to put it down over a little thing like agonizing suspense.


I notice that Kat’s arms are up in the “Be Nice” position….

Craig Rawe

except with only one esone, Kat can only have one special at a time going, and when the attack started she still had mean eater up…


This explains so much…
The motion lines one the unwelcome guests indicated they were dropping. Then we get the wide ranging point blank aoe attack that scoots along at a couple feet above ground….

Lesson: Friendly fire is a real thing.


and danni is useless.
D*** f*s sake i will be so pissed if kleya loses because of her! this is so -URGHAAAAGHASDFGJJHHHAEUFHAWESGHHHAHH!


You cut her flower!
I expect this to generate the same reaction as Spaceballs’ “You shot my hair!”


Yeah, they will feel vengeance for de-flowering Kat. 😉


*cough* phrasing *cough*


Yeah, something tells me it was deliberate…

There’s probably kids reading this too, isn’t there…?


THAT was a very… interesting… choice of words.


Prediction: Jane saves danni


or somebody from danni’s fanbase saves the day? 😀 since we now know she has fans.

Alexander The 1st

So…does the Mean Eater taking that hit mean that Kat loses some Erbana points?

Or can the Mean Eater act as a meat – er, plantshield?


um its a special not a player right? so it should not count.


……this should be trpg Or something not kidding would be so kick a**.


Special move as double jump, D interference (make a hole), sacrificial interference, or she fries and Kat goes into a rage.

Iron Ed

I really like the vote incentive this week, Anika. Thanks!

Matthew Rezendes

My first post! First, lemme say I really enjoy the comic. Haven’t posted b4 because my main thoughts were plot guessing on a massive scale, so didn’t wanna ruin or misdirect.

That said…

Think this counts as enough violence for The Dude’s special?


I suspect that this would qualify as ‘excessive violence’. I wonder how close he is.

Thai Axtell

I wonder if Kat specials will hold up.