Wow those last 3 panels looks awesome!!

AhhhHHHH I’m anxious that I can’t find out what happens until tuesday /cries


need more, badly


this is an amazing webcomic, can’t wait for more

splurged and read the whole thing so far in one sitting

too good

must… learn… story…


“Someone’s gonna burn the forest.”

Admittedly, I did, but mostly because I didn’t expect the melee types to be able to stop and drop mid-charge in low-G. On the other hand, the opposing party seems to have likewise forgotten about keeping someone on rearguard. None of the melee types stayed back to defend their demoli. Dude, Jane, or both could come back from that direction and drop him without warning, thus leaving the melee members both outnumbered and flanked by Kat’s group. Also going to make an assumption here, but I doubt that a starter character like Kat can maintain two instances of her binding… Read more »

I don’t think the binding is a special. I think it is simply the effect of a plant she has found. “The cute thing has found some plants.”(p446) Since it is the plant’s effect, it probably does not require Kat to maintain it.
If Bandit jumps into action it will be because he has finally worn through the plant’s effective hit points.

If it was a special, she would be up to three because the Mean Eater is still up. Or four, if you count the Erbana bottomless bag which is a special.


The bottomless bag would count as a passive special, as does the no random encounters special, and wouldn’t impact passive specials. And the mean eater is not still up. Bandit mentioned earlier that it wouldn’t last long, and if it was still up there’d be no need for Dani to duck.
That said, the binding is an effect of the plant when activated by an Erbana. So we don’t know how long it lasts or how many times it can be used by Kat before previous effects wear off.


Meant to say “wouldn’t impact active specials”.


One must remember, Dani is a dancer. Flexibility is key. Bending backwards would be as effective as a duck in this situation, or bending forward, though backward would likely maintain her forward momentum at a more stable landing than forward which would put her into a low grav roll.

Binge Reader

Well, she’s either a death woman or someone’s going to tackle her to the ground, probably Jane.


if ducking isn’t an option…jump.


She is in mid-air… there is no jumping either.


And so the actual fight begins…

Looks like the best high-speed-run technique to use here is to lean right forward & run like a ninja. I think someone tried running normally…




Don’t tell her to Duck, tell her to fall, WITH STYLE! Throw yourself at the sky and miss! Take a close-up look at a particular blade of grass!


Officially in love with ‘throw yourself at the sky and miss’


An interesting variation on throwing yourself at the ground and missing (H2G2)…


Maybe Danni can move better with some Duck Tape on her shoes.


I was wondering about the demoli. And why they were so eager to rush an obviously accomplished player (Kat), especially with 2 of them critically injured. This is probably their standard attack strategy.


Real quick thing! Whenever I try and view your website on my browser with ad-blocker enabled browser I can’t see anything. Actually, all I could see was an ad from “Ad Choice”.
I wasn’t confused seeing the ad, because I specifically turned off ad-block for your website, but literally only the lad loaded. It was rather random that I even figured out how I can access you now.


gahhh the suspense is killing me hurry up tuesday


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