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Colors by Audrey. Everything else is by me.




Two items of business!

IMG_0349First, my fantasy novel, The Wanted Child, is participating in a big giveaway contest where you can win a Kindle Fire as well as 50 fantasy ebooks (mine included). Five runner-ups will be able to win one of the ebooks for free (their choice of which one). Details of how to enter are here.

Second, do I have any fans in/around Los Angeles, CA? It's possible I'll be there in March for a week and since I have yet to do any cons in California, maybe I could arrange some type of informal meet up instead? Would anyone be interested in that?

Thanks everyone!


I can’t believe the team fell for such an obvious distraction. Oldest trick in the book, lol XD

PS: There seems to be something wrong with the bitly link in the description, Aneeka.


Actually it’s a link to the last time she used the entanglement spell.


Does the comment time run off computer clock cuz the reply says it was made before the comment


I know it doesn’t make sense, but 12 a.m. happens before 10 a.m.


This is the first time I see something like this.

Freakishly effective, though.


It may be obvious to us readers, but the surprise factor gives a -13 hit to perception. They could be run over by a jet plane right now and not notice.


– provides a useful distraction?

(Also, the mouseover text says “Low” instead of “Love”.)


So mean eater doesn’t just eat bad stuff but can spit it back out?? Operation Dude Distraction success!


Ah, the use of ‘Direction’. Classic.


About the novels: when can we expect the third part (at least roughly)? Its almost 2 years from previous one, so I hope it will be this year!


Typo in hover text, I believe – “low” -> “love,” I assume?







I see 3 options for what the Dude is doing:
1. He realy ran away.
2. He just tries to get Jane here by shouting loud
3. He is planning a surprise attack on ManiGirl

By the by, those guys could use names. Has nobody ever told them to introduce themself when meeting new people?


Or, 4. He provided a distraction so Kat could do her thing, plus now it looks like she couldn’t dominate without said distraction.
Yeah, I assume once Kat lassoos them all we’ll get to intros, but I think Mani girl prefers the whole “I know who you all are, but you don’t know me” angle. Also, some nutter in the comments gave them all terrible names out of boredom, so you could use those if you wanted.


could you remind us all of what those names were?


No, No I couldn’t. As I said, they were terrible, albeit intentionally. The option is there if needed, but I’m in the “Patiently wait until names are given” end of the spectrum



(clueless coward lol if only she knew what he knew about kat)


Look! Over there! A Distraction!

Hey, looks like I was right about The Dude running past sword guy. Looks like I might be 1st comment too… …Maybe… …Hopefully… Anyway, Looks like The Dude’s given them enough distraction for Kleya to instant-seaweed-wrap Miss Chatterbox-Mani. Then they gotta deal with a 34% Kesti, 32% Cardista, 21% Morto who is 28% damaged, a 71% Kesti, 16% Morto who is 67% damaged, a 74% Demoli who is 12% damaged & a 48% Kesti, 45% Morto who is 79% damaged (Thank you Leilatha for writing all those up too). Wonder if it gets into an actual fight (not that Kleya… Read more »

Nope, not 1st, 10 comment chains started before mine got started. Oh well, still interesting to see how this turns out next…

Lex Pearson

Tree faces are back


Well that about wraps things up. Good distraction Dude.


And the clueless coward once again creates a major distraction so that Kat has time to pull up a surprise attack before the others can prepare. Neither clueless nor coward. He did however, manage to get away anyway. Dude!

I forgot

Oooooh! He’s distracting her so she can use that… plant rope thing which silenced Bandit. Honestly, I have no idea how I didn’t see this coming.


And all they see is a clueless, bumbling coward who couldn’t do something right if someone else did it for him.

I expect The Dude to be saying, “All according to plan.”


Aye especially as in the event that Kat fails, he is still alive and free. Fits both his actual calculating personality and his fool persona. Well, he is silly, but he acts a lot dumber than he is.

Tim C

Kat is probably never going to say “thank you,” though.


Well I’d say it’s less running away and more a “tactical retreat”, but you can’t expect layman to understand such complex maneuvers from someone as clever as the Dude.


Nicely (and hilariously) said. No stage illusionist could ask for a better assistant than the Dude. He’s a natural.


The fine art of distraction.

Hey! Look at me running by and making noise! Pay no attention to the pink cat eared girl! Nothing to see there, nope!


And he didn’t even use a demonic duck. πŸ™‚


Is that an El Goonish Shive reference I see?


I love the second panel.


I like where this is going.


Uw I wish there was a con in LA, I always miss out on all the fun. πŸ™
LA has many events (even the grammies are hosted here I think) but none close enough to the coast and are very pricey.

Arcanist Lupus

I’m in the LA area!

Alexander The 1st

Hey, if it works, don’t knock it, right?

Incidentally, The Dude has an uncanny ability to see when “Run for your lives!” works.

That’s his superpower.


Just realized theirs hover text, been reading the whole thing on mobile, wish that I could see hover text on mobile, like by holding the picture down or something.


I love how everyone’s watching him and now Kat can pull a new special out of her bag of plants.

I signed up for it. X3
Doubt I’ll win, but I thought it would be fun to try.

I’m technically in San Diego more than LA, but it sounds tempting to try a meet up. I admit I’d be the socially awkward loser who brings her dad along, though. And hides under some ridiculous handmade hat. Probably my unicorn, haha.
(I put my real e-mail if you want to add me to the list.)


I am still confused. What just happened?

Arcanist Lupus

Kat needed a distraction. The Dude provided a distraction. By running away screaming. Nobody really expected that, which made it particularly effective. Now Kat is going to take advantage of that distraction and do something cool.


So would that mean Dude has like mad illusion skills?

Does anyone else get a Yu-gi-oh fibe from him?


Is the mean eater going to eat her malicious intent?


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