Hope this will be enough.


Running away while screaming like a little girl? Clearly the most effective strategy available to them.


Come on Kat, attack while she is still confused.


Run until your feet bleed and scream until your ears do, Dude!
Still better than falling under pigtail b****’s control


What they really should do is tie them up and leave them for Jane to find. Then get the help outa’ dodge. I mean, they wanted to find Jane… right?


I was!


Why do I feel that the Dude is trying to get Jane’s attention by being his normal self? He’s fast though, he’s passed miss mani before she could even finish the sentence.

Imagine if he had body checked her instead, that would’ve been truly unexpected of him. 😉


when in trouble when in doubt, run In circles scream and shout…


Wait why scream? The only other person around that isn’t there is… Oh. Now I see why he is running away.

But it begs the question, why would Dude want to summon Jane?


He probably would want to summon Jane and draw at least some of miss mani’s group after him, so they could get away from Kat’s sphere of influence and kill them.


And The Dude was never seen again. Some say you can still hear him screaming through the trees to this day.

Am I seeing it wrong or did he start running from behind Kat, then turned around and ran between her and Bellatrice? That’s the weirdest kind of “running away” I’ve ever seen. 🙂 Also it’s interesting that at first she thought she realized what he was doing, because I have had no idea whatsoever until I read in the comments that he might be summoning Jane. This is likely what Bellatrice assumed he is doing, but I’m not sure if that’s his true plan, because it’s not really a strategy to silence her. Now if only I knew in which… Read more »

He started between & slightly behind Kat & Dani, Then sprinted towards Mani-Girl, only to go beside her & run down a path. Looks like he ran past Mani-Girl on the same side as her swordsman too, so he’s definitely got a plan. If he was just running scared, he wouldn’t go closer to the guy who can shop him up. I don’t see him being THAT stupid, even as an act…


I’m not sure if this was intentional, but it looks like all the influence she built up (the wisps) are gone when he passes by. Does screaming cream influence, or did he somehow disable her special? Because silencing her is what he said he could do…


Okay, I didn’t notice the whisps even though it was established a few pages ago. Kudos for seeing it!


It was stated earlier that a Mani creates an automatic fail if they can guess what you’ll do. Perhaps the opposite is also true, and if they incorrectly predict your actions they lose influence?


That’s basically what I figure happened. She confidently predicted his attack, and he did the exact opposite.


Sir Robin ran away. Oh, yes, he ran away, away…


Well, I thought for sure he would silence her with a kiss, but that would be more Bandit’s MO. Still, would have been a nice ratings play and would have silenced her.

I truly expected him to headbutt or body check her. But thinking on it, that would have been very un-Dude like. Kissing her would have not only likely disabled her (totally unexpected), but may have disabled her for as long as she was shocked– especially if she liked it. Summoning Jane? I doubt it. Probably he’s just trying to get past their group and closer to their destination. But what he plans for the others in his group has me stumped? He probably figures Kat can handle herself and that Dani (Danni?) can dance her way through. But Bandit, all… Read more »

Did he put a card in her hand as he ran by? Like a reverse pickpocket stealing a watch?


Yes, definitely! She wasn’t holding anything in her hands the last time we could see them, so I declare that Dude planted it on her as he went by. I probably says something like, “Anyone not a Cardista who reads this, is player frozen for 60 seconds” or some such. Or maybe even a Cardista, and it froze him too when he found it, but it didn’t matter at the time.


That’s her collar, not a card.


Oh, well…


Along with all the other predictions up there, I’m going to put in the two cents of why he has the hands covering his ears – both for shock value and also to mute whatever the Mani might command.


The Dude just keeps proving how awesome he is.


Okay, that is a strategy… I guess…

Funny thing is, I think I did something similar in high school. (We will not discuss how long ago that was)


Dude special: Monster summoning-instant train.

Morris Darkstar

Actually, I think the trick was: with him screaming and covering his ears, he couldn’t hear any commands from her, so while he is under her influence, he hasn’t been given any orders so he’s still free. And running away with all her wisps which might also be the mechanism she uses to take control of others could remove her best weapon. And with removing himself well beyond sight range, she can’t give him a non-verbal order.


Ah, simplest way to “silence” someone (learned from kids and refined by teenagers) – make it so you can’t hear them

USS Lloyd

Dude, Dude is totally lowering the Mani’s %. The scream and ears covered prevent the Mani from influencing him (as already mentioned). Lower the Mani’s % enough and she’ll have no specials available….


Even if he only has the speed card, he has his uses!




From behind them one Massive *Thump* shakes the forest.
What he was running from and what his screaming woke up.


Okay, I think I know what he’s doing now, he’s trying to lower her percentile and change her alignment / weaken her by dropping her percentile.

Either that, or stun her into silence by shock, of one kind or another 😛

I forgot

So far, I think we’ve all tried to predict and failed. I think we have to face that Dudes strategy is totally unpredictable, and we should be glad we’re not all Manis.


So wait because they are lost in the woods, I assume that he’s just running in like a loop? Because I feel like he already ran the other direction. Am I wrong?

(throughly confused and looking for the author’s insight)


Kay knows what he’s doing, even if we don’t.


The Dude is as random as i am…you cannot predict what i will do in a game. people have tried to guess and i still did something out of left field. i’m one of the players that randomly spouts weird sayings or animal noises for responses to personal questions. the only thing that is predictable is that my reaction will be random.


Now I am confused. ?-?

Didn’t he run the other direction earlier? Is he going in circles?


called it