Lol, I keep hoping that a scene happens where he runs away, followed by 1 or 2 enemies, and 5 minutes later when all the others are done with their combat he returns all alone and the enemies are never to be seen again. It would be fun to be annoyed at the fact that we’d still be in the dark as to what he can do. But it doesn’t look like that is going to happen, because Miss “Bellatrice de la Fromage” is more confused than bloodthirsty, unless some of the Kestis start chasing him on their own (which… Read more »


Now we know who to blame if this actually happens.

Siva Smith

De la fromage?

Of the cheese?


Yes, and I used the from “the” on purpose, too, because it sounded cuter than “du fromage” (this also fits with some grammatical errors Aneeka is doing on purpose e.g. with the Scoiatti). I gave the whole group names just for fun on page 461, because I didn’t want to keep writing “Mani-girl”, “Demoli-guy” etc.


Soooo, was it a girly scream this time or not? ^^
I wonder because I just browsed the vote incentives for page 250.


Wait, how did you do that?


By paying to be a channel member. 🙂


The Dude uses Confusion… Its surprisingly effective.


The only problem is Confusion has a 10 block radius and therefore everyone is confused including himself and his teammates

Alexander The 1st

Hey, if it works, don’t knock it, right?

Also, I see The Dude is pulling and Odysseus route of “If I can’t hear her, it doesn’t matter if I’m in her manipulation range.”.

Also, I love how the Mani is so flat about what she just saw.


lol, yeah looks like he’s gonna try to silence her by blocking her mouth, like someone else said awhile back.


Or keep screaming while punching her in the face till she surrenders or is no longer a threat (knocked out if possible/games-dead)? Maybe just until it’s violent enough to activate his special…

kit ramos

I think your right about dude. As for the Mani I think she is having a w.t.f. moment and is to stunned right now to react any more then that.




Genius! He’s being an annoyance, and drowning out any noise the mani girl could make, therefore preventing people from being manipulated! Either that, or he’s hoping his sudden outburst with dumbfound her so much that she’s left silenced, with nothing to say…


Wow I don’t know what I was excpecting but it was not. That. Well if this works. I vote dudes next plan be standing perfectly still and letting someone use him as a blunt instrument


Oh my g-d this is beautiful.

Ragtag Party Of Misfits XD this is probably fun to watch for the viewers…


Completely, utterly ridiculous, and making himself look like he’s going for 100% Fool alignment. (Maybe just for show, maybe not.)

It’s what the Dude does best.

Solyn Schroeder

… D: Oh my g-d he just ran in.
Stick to the plan, guys, stick to the..






Least he’ll have some chicken…


36 stratagems, #36: When all else fails, retreat!


Oh,Dude, you play comic relief SO Well! I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile, nicely done.


oh g-d he ran in there! save him!


Interesting. It could be he is just planning on drowning her out. It could be he is actualyl charging her.
It could even be that between the left hand and ear he holds the one card he has, wich happens to be quite usefull at silencing/disabling Mani’s, but only at close range….


Well, that 1 card is “Luck”, so maybe he’s hoping to trip up & crash into her, making her bite her tongue so she can’t speak? That would be a lucky event…

kit ramos

I think your right he is going to rush in, as he got some way to silence her but has to get up close to do it. and the screaming and ear holding is to try to avoid falling prey to her manipulation ability while he’s getting close enough to pull his trick.

I forgot

This is both adorable and hilarious. I have a new favorite page.


activate….. RUN AND SCREAM SPECIAL! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadistractionaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Yeah: “Hey look, everyone! An obvious distraction!” 😀


… The Dude is not stupid.

He just looks stupid.

He’s got to have something up his sleeve, though I don’t know what yet.


Most likely his luck card, as I don’t see where else he’d be keeping it.

kit ramos

yea I do agree, he is actually a pretty smart player but likes playing the “class clown” when he can, so he does often come off as a stooge.


Like chess or cards, the best play is to let people think they know your game, then surprise reveal for the win!


If this is actually one of his skills…


Wha — no! NOOOO!!!! How am I caught up already!?!? I only found your comic yesterday!! WHAT DO I DO?!

*ahem* Uh, yeah. Well done Dude. You’re actually cooler than expected.

I forgot

Heh, I feel the same way every time I find a new webcomic. I swear I’m addicted to them.


I keep coming back to this and keep wondering if the screaming is for the Dude’s sake or for the Kestis behind her. I mean she was clearly trying to talk to them/give them a quest/manipulate them before the Dude’s stunt.


You see, she hasn’t known Dude for very long…


Can’t put my finger on why, but Dude’s face looks so uncharacteristically mmm calm? sober? collected? Well, not his usual “scared fool” mask for sure. Something gonna happen.


Honestly, i completely love her face in the last panel. 🙂