Uh oh, Kat whispered back. Now the viewers know. They will not like it.


No, no, no, Kat’s going for the Unspoken Plan Guarantee – if the audience doesn’t know what the plan is, it’s definitely going to work, and the characters will explain it all afterwords to the Audience Foil.


You are doing great with not showing that people are whispering Danni 😛


I’m not betting. I’m just enjoying Danni speaking to Kat, not getting any responses and still getting them at the same time xD
– Kat! What’s the plan? …how? …silenced?

Also, I love Kat and Dude’s conversation in the first panel xD


What the Dude does best! …Run away!!


Hmm… being a Cardista, I am going to hazard a guess that there will be something available to… I dunno, freeze enemies? Dome of Silence, possibly?


I desperately hope it is not the Cone of Silence.

kit ramos

Using the Cone of Silence is only a problem if you actually want to hear the other person in there with you. Since in this situation they don’t it’ll be fine. So while doesn’t work to let you tell someone else a secret in private it does work to keep people from hearing each other quite well.

Alexander The 1st

I’m going to guess it still has something to do with a card, and he has one, but not enough of them – he’s going to use a special to duct tape a card to the Mani’s mouth to silence her.

And then Danni can pick up the card after they disable the enemy group, and complete her quest.


Why do I think he is going to silence her by going over and kissing her silly or something?


Because that would be funny and awesome. Also, that would get a lot love from the viewers.


I think that would be a bad idea to try, her sphere of influence is a PBAoE toggle, she could just take him over if he gets close enough.


To be fair, I never claimed it was a -good- idea. 😀


But, if she has to talk to exhert her aura, it might work, excite viewers, and enrage the, uh, target, all at once.


Aww, Dude is so happy he can do something.


I’m going to go with talking her into submission. Dude is excellent with shocking and irritating people speechless.

I am going to guess that the Dude is going to do something similar to what happened to Danni. Use whispers to prevent them from hearing an impossible quest that has something to do with not talking. The ‘hero’ party would get penalties for talking and possible lose their hero status. I am assuming that the Mani has to guess out loud what people are doing to make it fail. If the Mani can’t talk she can’t make guesses. All this would start to put the odds in the main casts favor except that the other groups Demoli isn’t Kelsti.… Read more »

That… would be brilliant O.O


“Yay! Soon there will be less people to draw!” = Everyone dies?


Note on the nav-problem (heh). It is still there. Page 461 points to itself. The file has been written at fr 05 feb 2016 08:06:07 CET, according to its Modified-header. Apparently your site-builing-tool (Inkblot?) is having problems.

(This is also why I commented at 460, when 461 was already up.)



…and now it appears fixed…


Well. On the one hand, Danni really needs to work on the everyone-is-whispering.

On the other hand, I could see it being interesting if there were a party where one person only communicates by whispers and everyone else acts exactly as though they were just talking normally. It’s a standard joke, true, but in a context that makes it make some sense. Could even end up as a comedy routine – since anyone else could pretend they were saying something else.


…it might be a cache-issue… I see no cache-control/pragma: no-cache headers on the pages…


Why do I get the feeling that Dude’s solution is going to be hilarious and surprising? Waiting for all these updates is killing me. XD


It’s obvious what the Dude is going to do; he’s going to say something dumbfoundingly stupid!


It’s his specialty!


Don’t you mean its his special? 😛

Alex van Zanten

He is going to talk so much no one can get a word in there

Iron Ed

I like that first panel.. I believe that’s one of your best feet-in-the-grass shots, Aneeka.


Wowzers… I was just reading back through the story from the beginning and came across something I missed the first time through…
Page 235 panel 5 seems to say that Jane and Sandra know who Kat really is and are working together to earn her trust… Or am I misreading that?


I think you’re misreading that. From what I remember they’re interested in her programming skills because Tenka basically monopolizes all the good programmers. Since Tenka has all the good programmers they’re the only ones with custom specials and the only ones that tend to succeed at making it into The Game. They want to earn her trust so they can convince her to move to their city.


Except that Jane is an outsider. They’re trying to recruit her to some other cause.


Jane “might” be an outsider. It’s never been confirmed, she clearly has a relationship with Sandra and Pat outside of The Game and they both live in a city, and she’s capable of some programming since she seems to have made her own special so it’s likely she was recruited to move to the city.


He’s so Happy to be able to do something. Probably what that one card he has does.


My guess: Dude’s card can duplicate an action of his team; he will use what Kat did to Bandit on the Mani


Dude seems so happy: “Hey! I can do that!”


Mani – pulate
Demoli – sh

What word contains “Erbana”?


H”erb ana”lysis maybe?




Were going to give them…the silent treatment!