Annnd I’m still viewing page 459 as the latest one. Getting to the new pages is becoming more and more annoying. And yes, I am going to keep complaining about it for as long as the problem exists.

Sooo, I’m guessing Ms. Mani is going to issue a bounty on Danni now.


What browser are you using and what have you tried to solve this so far? I use Firefox and I didn’t have this problem in quite a long time. Am I assuming correctly that you already tried the usual stuff? E.g.
– switching browsers
– installing the latest updates for your browser (possibly for your OS, too)
– hitting the refresh button
– clearing your cache

If you want to issue a bounty, you need money to pay the bounty hunter(s), soooooo I’m going to call “No, she won’t issue a bounty on Danni.” 😉


I actually think Waterman’s fans issued a bounty on her as soon as she became morto. Miss Mani probably will use what Danni said as an excuse now. But I keep being pretty sure that her objective from the very begining was to kill Danni.

Look at it this way: if you had to choose between confronting Danni or Jane. Would you really go for the psycho one? Specially when it’s easier, being mani, to convince Danni that you’re for Jane then backstab her.


Yeah, Waterman’s fans might actually do that. But if I had to choose between Danni and Jane and if I had done a few minutes worth of research then I’d know Danni is friends with Kat. Also I’d try to be a good guy anyway, so picking on the weak is a no-go for me, as should be for Mani-girl’s Hero group.

Man, I want to know their names already. I’ll just call Mani-girl Bellatrice de la Fromage from now on (yes, I know it’s the wrong article).
And their Demoli is Albert von Heinzelmann.
Big guy is Haudrauf Schnetzelschwert.


Cardista-dude will be “Langusto d’Oliviera” from now on.
And I don’t really care about the last guy, so I’ll just call him “Betty”. Because he likes Kung Pow.


…Firefox -.-
I didn’t try switching browsers, as it doesn’t really feel like the problem’s in my browser. After all, everything worked fine until the last two updates. This problem only happened once or twice before, and quickly resolved on it’s own.


Try it anyway. I mean, if you use Windows you should be able to try out IE without having to install anything else. Did you try the other things I listed?


…I’ve been trying to refresh the page for the whole week, and my browser is properly updated.
Also, no, I don’t use Windows. I do have another browser, but I haven’t needed it for a while, so I hid it away and now it’s too annoying to reach for.

James Eck

With no one else confirming the problem, I’m not sure why you think the problem is somewhere other than your end.


I can confirm the problem. For two weeks I got the update where Dude falls. A couple of days ago I thought this was taking too long, and started refreshing, and hey presto, I’m two updates ahead (which I now see consistently).

Firefox on Linux.


working fine for me


I’ve never had an issue like this… I use Google Chrome from my laptop, and the Chrome browser app on my Iphone (used to use the inbuilt Safari browser on my phone, and never had a problem with that either)…


It only happens if you read the chapter early, cuz the links haven’t been added/updated yet.


Make sure you are bookmarking the right page: If you navigate through the archive, even the first page is addressd by its page number, so it won’t change over time. But, if you bookmark the front page (no comic number), it will show the most recent comic when you load.


…your link shows me page 459 as the latest one >.>
Quit taking me for an idiot. This address,, is the one I go to every time.


Nikary, as a quick test on whether it’s a cookie issue or something else, press ctrl+shift+p for a private browsing window, then try coming to the site. if you can see 461 in the private browsing window but still only 459 in your main window, it’s likely a cookie issue and you’ll have to delete cookies, at least for this site. the addon I use to do this is


Oh, thank you!


looks like posts with links get eaten for anonymice, so typing again all over….¬_¬

Nikary, you may have a cookie issue. as a quick test, open a private browsing window by pressing ctrl+shift+p and try navigating to the link posted by greysage. if you see the latest as 461 (as it should be), then your issue is definitely the cookies, and you can delete the cookie to fix it. if you only want to delete the cookie for this site, do a search for “Remove Cookie(s) for Site” addon for firefox, and you can fix that issue 😀


I’m not sure how it is established, but I am hoping that Danny’s unconventional attitude and approach may give her some fans just for how different she acts.


I love that Danni is refusing to permanent-kill Jane when they went into this session knowing that Jane was going to try to kill her. (Although possibly Jane was only going to kill her once, which apparently she could survive, though she’d lose her Esone.)

Also, I love Kat’s expression in the first panel….

kit ramos

I agree on both counts.

I also think it’s interesting that the mani girl is saying how those who kill for sport should be banned yet what she herself is doing isn’t a whole lot better. She’s hunting down to permakill a player character as well, even though she at least is saying it’s not for sport and even if that is true, still she’s going to kill for money.


Aneeka, you don’t have to post this if you don’t want, but I thought that this link would be a good thing for you, since it helps with drawing perspective, and a lot of people have found it useful. I don’t draw well at all, but even I found it quite helpful. So…enjoy!


OK, I give up. What’s the difference between dying in-game and being permanently killed IRL? I don’t remember anything about that.


Most of the players in the game do so for income, as it’s become the national spectator sport. If such a player is killed in the game, they lose their income, and potentially starve to death.


Dying in-game is equivalent to losing your job. In a post-apoc world, this is pretty dire, especially with kids to feed.

Seems death in-Game removes your character & all your access to the Game, meaning you have to go right back to the start – design a new character from scratch, go through the trials, hope to get through, start right at the basics again, etc. Permanently killed in real life – you’re just another rotting meatsack amongst millions after the “Ending”… Let’s see if this works, I don’t play World of Warcrack (Daniel the Human won’t let me, says it’s too addictive…), but imagine if you died in WOW & as a result, they deleted your profile & your subscription,… Read more »

Don’t forget that normally, only the one who places first gets into the Game. Even the one who only loses the final battle has to wait for the next chance.


LOL when I first spotted KTrimbach’s post, there were no replies, so I decided to write mine. Hit submit, found mine waiting moderation while 2 more had popped up from nowhere. Guess I missed a round of Moderation? Oh well, got through in the end…


As I remember, citizens ave to work to sustain their cities. They have to pay to be in L.I.F.E., but can make money in the game and not have to work. L.I.F.E. Is free for Outsiders. But getting killed in game only kicks a person out of the game, right? So how is that perma-death, except in extreme cases like Danni who can’t work AND are taking up extra resources?

i don’t think they’re talking about permanently killing irl, i think they’re differentiating between different levels of dead in game. like usually if you have enough powerups or whatever you can die and respawn a few times before your character is permanently dead and you have to restart from scratch. but probably because they just started playing they haven’t had time to acquire much of (esones?) whatever it takes to respawn, so they’d be easier to permanently kill. ~~~ ok, i went back through to find it and on page 439 bandit says they can “each survive a kill” because… Read more »

Hey, wait a minute! What’s she saying?

“Anyone who seeks to protect those who permanently kill team members for sport shouldn’t be in this game either.”

Is she threatening Danni?