‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 46

Personally, I'd flee from that green helmety guy. It's like he combined being a frog and a fly into one thing. Ick!


And who wants to subscribe to DEATHMATCH 6 for better quality viewing?? Well, since that channel doesn't quite exist yet (inter-dimensional travel still has a few lethal hiccups in it) how about voting for Not A Villain and seeing Danni and Scorpo in all their close-up glory? Maybe even see what the Scorpo was probably thinking during that moment...

(just click on this pic!)


I see Scorpo has an appreciation for the finer arts. Too bad he sucks at using his own weapon effectively.


Yeah, he probably didn’t expect someone to simply ‘dodge’ his attacks, either, especially since it takes several seconds for the tail to strike; plenty of time for a dancer to leap high in the air.


Haha… ‘virus’ ^^

So what happens now that they’ve tied? Points are split, or they fight again or something?


No rematches (or it wouldn’t be called a DeathMatch!). You get a max of 10 points per game, so both of them got 5. As for how that affects Danni and Kleya’s chances, we’ll find out in the next few pages!