‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 453

Colors by Audrey. Everything else is by me.


Now we know what they want.


Thanks everyone for all your well-wishes! I'm on the mend. It's one of those dumb colds that take weeks to recover from. But at least the headaches are gone! I can focus on stuff again.


New vote incentive where we get to hear Bandit's thoughts! Though now that one of the big names did an incentive, I don't think we're going to get #1 again. Sad 🙁 But let's try to keep #2!


Wow, that girl is about to make her last mistake. 🙂

Btw: Could you please upload the previous incentive in high-res, i.e. the New Year’s one? I am currently using the small one as a Desktop background, because it’s kinda enchanting.


You think so? Maybe, but I don’t think Kat would let that happen.


Ok, maybe I exaggerated, but I imagine if that alleged Mani girl comes too close, especially if her party keeps staying behind, she will be taken down swiftly and nicely and then this was probably the last time she made a big mistake like this one.


Even Kleya is backing away from her, that says something.

I would guess she is Mani. If I am right, Mani might just be the hardcounter to Erbana:
Able to turn your team against you, without overt hostile actions.

I think Kleya backs away so she can glance at Danni for the whisper. I know she can whisper from anywhere, but it still feels more natural to look someone in the eyes. I agree that she’s most likely Mani, but I’m not sure about hardcounter. Earlier it was said that when Morto and Erbana are in the same party, normally the Erbana dies quickly. So, rather than being a hardcounter I’d say Mani is the easiest Villain alignment to have in your party if you’re Erbana, because their actions might not drain Erbana points. Also if you’re a pacifist… Read more »

…So, forget Jane, who put the implied bounty on Danni? Is “anyone” limited to within the game? Or does it include watchers and sponsors, too? If the latter, I could see Sandra setting this up for a popularity boost, or Tenka/Grace even, to further test Kat.


Forgive me, for my memory isn’t what it used to be, but where does it stated Danni has a bounty?


Danni is technically low-alignment Morto right now, due to her performance in the tutorial.

And this new girl just said that anyone can put a bounty on a Morto.


It’s not. Hence why I said implied. Kat’s body language and the other girl’s word choices support this though. Plus, they already tried a surprise attack previously. It’s not like they did that just to say hello.


Wow, that would be an interesting twist. If Dani really has a bounty, too, then probably some waterman fan put a bounty on her.


i was wondering if the (evil) city officials who want to pull the plug on danni might put a bounty on her. the game is her last thread, if her character gets killed off they can oust her family for more productive citizens


Judging by Kat, this girl really IS a Mani.


Danni needs to fulfill a quest or two quickly to lose that Morto tag…. Meanwhile, the fans are about to see just how bada$$ Erbana can get.

I suppose Bandit has also lost some Demoli points, since he was powering up an attack before Kat stopped him. I guess the team will need to find something he can blow up soon… without killing anyone….

Yeah, this should pull in some viewers. 🙂

Dr. Acula

“Meanwhile, the fans are about to see just how bada$$ Erbana can get.”

Kat does definitely seem like the Kurama type.


As fun as that would be, it certainly isn’t nice. But I do hope that as some point it is revealed that hypnotism and/or hallucinations are common Erbana tricks. Mani probably have something similar at their disposal.


No, your feet-drawing skills are not wasted. You can still see the lines between the swooshes of color. And having correctly drawn feet means the lines of the ankles/legs are also correct.

That said… perhaps obsess about the feet a touch less until you change locations?


When I tried to vote I got one of those *serious* security screens saying “This connection is untrusted.” First time I’ve ever gotten that on the vote box. It’s also the first time I’ve ever seen the vote box without a photo. Any chance someone hacked it?

I don’t know why, but this page is one of my favorite so far. Kat looks so… determined and ready, like she’s fully aware and in control of the situation. Good to see that.


You aren’t even supposed to be able to connect to TWC over HTTPS. Something’s screwed up on your computer, messing up your web connections. I suggest you find it and get rid of it.


Look out Danni! They’re going to try to kill you!


Don’t wanna nitpick, but I have a feeling that the dialogue doesn’t go smoothly from the previous page to this one. It’s possible that it is totally correct, and it’s just my not-native-English speaking-brain that gives me that feeling, but I wanted to point it out anyway, just in case.

Anyhow, I still love this comic, and I’m impatiently waiting for the next kickstarter! Been reading your story for a couple of years now, I believe it is time I started supporting 😉


Just binge read the whole thing from start to finish…(well to date anyhow)
Confused? Yes.
Cleared up? Yes.
Intrigued? Definately YES.
Wanting to read more? YES!!!
Keep up the great work!




ditto to everything you just said. i discovered this at 3am on friday. needless to say i didn’t get to sleep til 7…

then the next day i reread it, and noticed authors notes halfway through

and here on this third day i’m rereading parts of it with the comments and fan theories

this is bad. at this rate i’ll own all the books by next week, and i’m still broke from xmas D: