See? Kat’s not going with it.

Also, are they asking to pay them to assassinate Jane?

About feet – I do that all the time xD


You… have feet all the time?


I’m pretty sure they mean draw the feet and then draw something else that ends up covering them, like what happened to Aneeka with the grass. So basically the effort was wasted.


I can’t help but notice Kat isn’t preparing her next move already. And Jane’s all done playing with the critters, and has a real nack for turning up when people are talking about her…….


I believe it’s called Speak Of The Devil…

…and this would be a perfect opportunity. The new group isn’t watching their backs…

Dragon Knight Annalius
Dragon Knight Annalius

Ack! Warn me when you put up tvtropes links! I just lost 3 hours of time…

On another note, I am now expecting that to happen!


Sorry, not entirely intentional… 😛

Was tempted to link to the TV Trope “Backstab”, but I’ll be nice…


Nice save, Dude!
Kat really does have a supporting team there, doesn’t she? They got her back and everything.


Plot Twist: That “Enemy Group” are Janes new Special – all of them are Puppets.

Jeudi Violist

Second plot twist: Everyone except Kleya are Jane’s puppets, too.

Alexander The 1st

I like Dude’s answer better; not only does it have justified paranoia, but now Kat doesn’t need to make a new excuse every time she catches something before it pulls off completely.

“That was considered something that might have happened, so I was expecting it.”


“How did you know we were coming?!?! I mane we were-”
“……..But…..Yeah, alright…”


Yep, Brandon is MUCH better at coming up with plausible explanations at the drop of a hat than Jake. Impossible to disprove, useful in all future “how did they know that was coming” events … and surprise attacks can still be a thing if they ever truly let their guard down!

Excellent job “The Dude”! (Make sure to keep him on the team)


This conflict seems to be going places. Exactly where it’s going, too soon for me to say especially with how often Aneeka goes places I did not expect.

Also, Aneeka, congratulations on spending much of this month at the #1 spot on Topwebcomics. I know I’ve been voting for Not A Villain regularly, and it seems many others have as well.


Wow, #1? That’s amazing! Back when I started reading it was somewhere from #2 to #4, with Twokinds having 3 times as many votes as #2. Now Twokinds remains at roughly the same amount of votes, but a couple of others have gone way beyond that.

So, congratulations from me, too! Especially since NAV is the only PG-rated comic for miles.

If that flower eats one of the players, but the player is still alive, just stored inside the flower, you know, forever, does that count as being nice? Even better, the player is swallowed, the flower is left behind and the hippie…eh, the erbana leaves the area, and then the player dies, would that reduce her erbana points? Oh, what if a player is left behind in that nice package fashion the bandit is right now and a wild animal appears, again after the erbana has left the building, and said animal eats the convenience food left behind, would that… Read more »

If they die outside of her range, no. If they die inside of her range, yes.


I really hope that Jane will appear somewhere behind the other group and show them why they should always expect an attack))))


I kinda want to cry about how unused to people helping her Kat is. I have so many feelings about this arc! More… updates….


Are we finally going be talking about The Game’s currency?
What’s it going to be called?
Is it related to L.I.F.E.’s currency?
Are there micro-transactions that can be done with real-world currency?
Am I asking too many questions?

Iron Ed

Love Danni’s “so tired” look in panel two, and the nice lighting effect on Kat’s plant-thing! Glad Kat’s noticing that her teammates are -deliberately- helping her too.


Okay, that excuse was way better than Bandit’s. I like it! And the face Danni is making in situations like this (or when she thinks of having to go through the mist) is my favorite. ^^ I just love those kinds of characters like Kyon from the Haruhi series or Yukito from Air.

I wonder when the new group will finally get to telling our main-character-group what they actually want.


My guess is that they’re waiting for the deployed special to end and playing for time. But they’re not necessarily counting on Bandit getting free anytime soon.

When I looked at her puppy eyes in the previous vote incentive again I started to think about what might happen if one of her Game followers actually drew a picture of her posing like that and uploaded it everywhere. 😀 Either the ensuing world wide wave of laughter would result in her causing a larger power outage than last time or – as a more serious thought – she’d have some inner conflict, thinking “is this the way I should be to be nice”? Alternatively I’d like for her to meet an Erbana who does behave all kind and… Read more »

Kat takes X rare herbs she was planning to sell in town out of her carry-all bag:
‘What About money?’