Ethan Mitchell

Bandit to the rescue. Also I just love how her expression just calls them out without her even having to say anything in panel 3.

D***, so the girl is no Demoli then? Guess I’ll call Mani, since she wants to talk rather than fight. Also: No other Demoli and no Morto in this group? Is this a group with two Mani players or is this a Hero group after all? So, for the remaining unknown alignments I update my estimation to: – Girl is Mani – For the guy on the far right I remain at Kesti – Blue-Haired guy is Kesti, too, now that Morto is not an option any longer. – Far left is either another Mani or a Cardista. Could be… Read more »
Iron Ed

Can Manies lie? “No Morto” might be manipulating via a lie..?


Could be, but since Kat was even able to see their Demoli’s percentage drop I assume that people can see each other’s alignments. Unless of course Kat made an educated guess using her Game knowledge.


I don’t think she saw the percentage drop, nor did she really make a guess. She stopped his attack, and she knows for a fact that her action made his percentage drop.


Hah! I told you the monk is the Demoli!


Yes, you did. 🙂 Congratulations, so far I was completely off as far as alignment info was revealed.


Looking at my censored swear-word I now know how Kat’s dragon got his name. 😉


Dang it, now we need a troll version of D who trolls everyone and says “LOL” all the time.


It’s entirely possible they don’t need to or want to wear their alignment on their sleeves.
I mean sheesh, that heavy warrior armor is so unsightly, how about a suit? And monk robes are so unbecoming, leather armor would also protect better….

the game basically let’s you create your own look, I’ve seen nothing to enforce a relationship between that look and anything else. Prod and infer all you want for who is what. I’ll be patient and let the story tell me who is what.

Well, we do know that spikes in outfits can actually cause damage to others and the avatar’s proportions can make you move all wonky. Granted, The Game does have limitations of how your avatar can look and proportions accepted but those seem to be maintained by Tenka/the organizers and not a natural limitation of the code (then again for those things to work like in the preliminaries they would need to be specifically be coded to work like that). Maybe different clothes, even if they are basically drawings created by you, need to pass by an examination by Tenka and… Read more »

I’m going to say that far left is cardista and big blue is kesti. I have to agree that the guy with a sword is probably kesti and their leader is almost definitely mani.

David D

Awwww, Bandit and Kat are so cute as a “team.”


Jakey’s helping 🙂


Ooh. If Kleya put 2 and 2 together, she’ll know that Jake knows who she is, and we’ll really be off to the races!

This is potentially game-changing, in several senses. 1) The fact Bandit is telling Kat that, implies that he knows she is searching for an explanation to cover herself. Therefore he knows she knew through ‘other’ means – and hence who she really is. 2) The fact that Bandit is helping cover for Kat implies that he is NOT trying to expose her – at least not just now. I don’t think Kat will suddenly “trust” him, but she is going to question his motives and who else knows due to him knowing. It’s up in the air whether she will… Read more »
Yes omg I love this development and I love how there isn’t really an explanation for this message other than “I am aware you don’t have a good answer for this and need help” I wonder if Kat is going to talk to him now or just keep hiding and prenteding nothing happened and hoping that if she doesn’t look at the problem the problem won’t look at her I don’t think there are logs of who equipped what when. This just doesn’t seem like information that would be recorded for any reason, definitely not with the shortage of resources… Read more »

Well, keeping hiding is more likely.


Regarding information gathering I suspect that all whispers of this party are bugged by TenKa.

Tim C

I would expect that, too. MMO’s today already log all whispers by everyone, so they can verify reports of harassment more expediently. That there is a log of Bandit’s whisper there is not the question – it’s whether anyone’s looking at that log.

Still, I think Bandit and Kat are safe, since some level of hacking is pretty much assumed/taken for granted in the game. Even if Kat cheating – or the fact that Bandit helped cover for her – gets discovered, that doesn’t instantly condemn her; TenKa already knows she’s a programmer.


Um, “Kat” and “Bandit” have already had a confrontation about being a programmer. Y’know, that thing with the Ai’s that “Bandit” wrote? That was the point where “Kat” Learned who he really was and where “Bandit” would’ve learned she can read code. Theres no real reason yet to suspect He’s telling her he “knows”, just that he knows, y’know?

Alexander The 1st

Reading the code isn’t hacking.

Writing to the code is, if it’s not within programming guidelines.


Kat could take Bandit’s cue and comment on the existence of a Special allowing detection of esones without actually saying SHE has that special equipped. Bandit also knew the others were coming, and was visibly prepping to counter them.


Not really tho. Dude said out loud that Bandit CAN see those things too, so he does the same, it would be easy for it just to be 2 hackers helping one another cover tracks.

Sure taking on account that Kat already suspects who bandit is that’s the most likelly explanation she’ll come up with, but it’s not like bandit can’t try to pull that lie off.


Seems like Kat’s best move here is to just ignore the Demoli or blow him off with some version of “That’s what you think.” or “Wouldn’t you like to know?” Playing up her bad*ssitude to the viewers beats trying to explain herself (and risking a disprovable lie).


Or she could say “I heard you because of my ears”. 😀


I like that one. Particularly because the ears don’t actually have any in-game effect.


Oops… Busted!


I am loving the dynamic going on as Leader girl is trying to be all dramatic before Demoli guy interrupts by whining. The way his party looks at him makes me giggle, like,”Shhh, Quiet George! Can’t you see Boss Lady is monologueing?”


Bandit saying that to her totally made my day.

Scott McCarthy

I just want her to say “These ears are not just cosmetic…”

Shay Guy

“There are too many people in this scene >_”

Is the title text supposed to be like this, or is it supposed to say “>_<" at the end?


I think it’s also notable that Kat’s favorite alignment is Demoli, but then revealing that she knows the ins and outs of it may also be too much of a tell at this point.