‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 45

Nice thing about avatars: no bones break!  Course, it doesn't stop you from feeling like you broke one...


And who wants Kleya to get famous?? If you'd like to help promote my comic so more people can find it, please consider voting for me at TopWebComics.com. Just click on the pic below - it takes less than 30 seconds (even if you're computer illiterate) and you don't have to sign up or give an email. Simply prove you're not a computer by doing a matching game and push the vote button.

Edit: The best part is there's an incentive afterwards now! I made a little explanation sheet of why Kleya's avatar turned out so wrong and why she chose cat ears and the hideous combo of pink and yellow. Interested? Vote and you'll be directed to it!

Thanks again!