Jarod Leutri

I wonder what the other group is thinking…and what Bandit will do when he gets out.

Still, I love this page so much xD


Other group is thinking: (?_?)

Bandit when he gets out:  (?°?°??? ???


I’m betting that Kat has stuff that will do something to incapacitate an entire team. The question becomes “do they realize this”? Or maybe she doesn’t, but now they’re not sure what she can do.


I’m glad you kept the whisper exchanges; it doesn’t make the panel too busy and I like getting to read what the characters are saying on a meta level.


Oh I love the whisper exchanges, they make the scenes much more real.

I am laughing so hard right now. 😀 So many jokes on one page. XD The other group is probably either amused or annoyed by the fact that they get ignored like that. But this also makes me think: If the other group intends to wipe out Jane’s group, then they have a large advantage because Kat will basically have to face all five of them alone, stopping her allies from intervening if necessary. Isn’t that a bit harsh? I know Erbanas are pacifists, but it seems now that this is the hardest alignment out there, since an Erbana has… Read more »

its sorta like paladins. you just have to distract her right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kNpvCVQPm0


Erbana definitely seems like it’s a better route for Solo players than for Teams.

Of course, being a pacifist does not mean she can’t fight. Only that she can’t harm. She’s a Martial Pacifist, if I’m reading TVTropes right.
Talk first, fists a distant second.


no she has to prevent all harm around her to remain 100%


Not quite. She can’t let anyone perish within a certain range. Mere harm doesn’t lower her alignment.
Otherwise she would have already lost some points when BM and Danni fought. This also implies that Bandit was going for a kill, while Danni’s “I can fight, too” doesn’t mean that Kat has to stop her.

@on: Yeah, Bandit can try to use his Special requirement on her, i.e. blindfold her. 🙂


Eeee, Kat and Bandit are talking to each other. I feel like that’s a significant step. Now to see if she’ll talk /back/….

Also, he should have seen that coming. Ahaha.


Well, Bandit is talking to Kat. She’s not been responding yet. That’s Dude and Bandit talking back and forth.

Miss Teddy

Yes! Agreed! He’s whispering in Kat’s ear. Which honestly gives her the advantage because she gets to play it cool when he makes it go boom. So Yay shipping / we’re on the same side communication.


Well, they did talk 2 pages ago already. But it is their first whisper.

Alexander The 1st

So is that Kat reading Bandit’s whisper as it leaked or was it intended for her?


Looks like intended for her.


Pretty clearly intended for her.

Alexander The 1st

Fair enough – I suppose I had thought he was pointing it out to The Dude, since Kleya almost certainly decided to block The Bandit – snooping whispers could very well be in D’s skillset.


I’m – going to just join The Dude in HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA’ing
this is beautiful

but also now I’m thinking that Erbanas don’t make it far because they get brutally murdered by their own teammates o.0

the stick is a class feature


It’s even better if you read the whole thing starting with page 439 (http://navcomic.com/not-a-villain/page-439/)


Indeed it is. Thanks for the link. 🙂


So, I’m wondering, are we gonna find out exactly how big of an area an Erbana player has to keep an eye on to keep from losing points?

Because they said before that to be a good Erbana you have to keep everyone within a certain radius of the player alive, and I’m curious as to what distance Bandit and the others are going to have to maintain from Kat if they wanna resort to lethal force with no interruptions.


I get the sense Kat isn’t the type to just go, “Oh, well, I’ll just walk a hundred yards away so you can murder this guy without hurting my alignment.” I think she’s going to try to intervene a lot, even if it wouldn’t hurt her alignment.


True, but it would be entertaining if the group had a revolving “Distract Kat” to allow the others to work. Or have Danni or Dude literally pick up Kat and run when Jake needs to set off a devastating explosion. In short, making the team of villains work together alternatingly on who they need to keep in check, Kat or Jane. Or Danni from touching something she shouldn’t have, or Dude’s bad luck… Or Bandit’s massive explosions…

I need to get more popcorn!


[sighs] My, what fine yet rustic architecture. I think I will examine it more closely.

Jarod Leutri

I think it would be better for the team if she can learn to get really interested in things off in the distance when required. I still cannot picture her doing it yet, but it would make things easier if the team has to kill someone.

Of course, if the radius is too large not only would it make Erbana even harder to play, but also make that strategy not work.




Looks like Bandit just got flattened.


This page made me laugh out loud! That whole third panel, especially the whispers.


I’m glad you kept the whisper dialog! I was laughing right there with the Dude HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


The whisper is amazing!

I don’t think the whispers make things look cluttered at all, and they offer more then enough to accept a little cluttering anyways. However, they do always bring up another question for me, when do they get the time? It’s not easy to keep two verbal conversations going at one time, our mind is such that it really can only parse one verbal input. The time it takes for the oral exchange is pretty limited, it’s hard to believe that they would have time to have a side exchange while still keeping up with the current conversation. Not to mention… Read more »

Love the third frame.
“Dude did you just get owned?”
“Shut up.”

That would SO happen! 😀


What makes it even funnier is he’s their top fighter,
and he just got flattened by the pacifist of the group,
and knowing what he knows about her, yes he should have seen it coming a mile away, and he knows it, thus his grumbling


Annnnd not reading the alt-texts in time keeps biting me.
I don’t know about others, but I like it cluttered. It’s better than empty panels… and large chunks of empty space in busy panels would look rather awkward.


It’s interesting to note how immature Kat still is. She thinks that she has to be “nice” to get people to accept her again and that’s all she needs to do. Bandit has a much more realistic view of what she needs to do. (i.e. control her temper when things don’t go her way). Still, she is learning that she needs to sacrifice her desires for the needs of others (e.g. Danni, Mina). I’m interested to see how she ends up becoming the hero that everyone accepts.


I assume she knows it won’t hold him for long, and just needs time to neutralize the hostile players in a ‘nice’ way.


I actually thought Kat was saying Dude’s lines “but he’s our best fighter” etc so was kind of confused


That he had coming…