‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 447

Colors by Audrey. Everything else is by me.


Asking nicely isn't really Kat's style.


For those that were hoping for a kiss, please see the vote incentiveย  ๐Ÿ˜€


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Jarod Leutri

Oh my, yep, that is totally a Kat sort of way to deal with this. I am not surprised she already came up with ways to try and keep her group from fighting, even when they want to.


It’s not the fighting that’s the problem, it’s that move is lethal that’s the problem. Erbana can’t let people be killed, knocked out and incapacitated, completely fine.

Jarod Leutri

Yes, I know it is the killing that is the problem. I just said fighting because fighting in these games generally leads to killing ๐Ÿ˜›


Not sure if incapacitating your team right before a fight is the smartest move. But it might be a sure fire way of getting good views. Now everyone wants to see how an Erbana player takes out both her team and the other team without any bloodshed. If she can pull it off, she’s going to be really famous.


yeah omg

and imagine the angry fans “we liked Kat before she was popular” and yelling at her for “selling out to the masses” because that’s totally the scenario that sprung into my head the moment I started thinking that now nobody will be getting on her case for being Erbana

kit ramos

it might not be but then again I believe he was going to summon Jane. and with how much of a wild card she is, this is probably a better idea then letting him do that. Especially if Jane is still intend on taking out Dani, and there’s been nothing to suggest otherwise.


I don’t think he was going to summon Jane. He is a 100% demoli. I’m sure he has some pretty impressive specials.

kit ramos
on page 445 dude reacted to bandit’s idea of what to do next by “I don’t want to die” granted he could do something to blast him to cause some sort of disruption. but then why would bandit respond with “Well you better hope she changed” if he was going to launch some sort of attack directly that line would make no sense, and it’s not like he has any reason to throw a non sequir at dude. So it seems more plausible that he’s going to summon someone, who’s female, and Dude believe if she shows up will likely… Read more »

I read the “she” in “then hope she’s changed” to be talking about Kat. As in Kat doesn’t like to loose. He is about to cause her percentage to go down and is about to do something that she would normally do (since Demoli was her favorite alignment). I think the Knight’s sacrifice was about his attempt to force Kat to show her colors. He wants to see if she can control her temper (as per http://navcomic.com/not-a-villain/page-381/)


Pretty sure “Knight Sacrifice” Probably would mean sacrificing a party member, in this case the Dude as part of it’s requirements lol

Ethan Mitchell

I love how surprised Bandit looks. Seems like Mr. Expert here forgot that Erbanas have quite a few tricks up their sleeves.

And for some something completely different, how the devil did Hershey’s survive the apocalypse and manage to keep producing chocolates?!


Are you sure it is chocolate? I wouldn’t accept anything from Kat when she has that look. ๐Ÿ™‚


It didn’t. Hershey’s chocolate, must like Hostess twinkies, doesn’t truly age and will thus outlive all human life on this planet. We’re really just mass producing cockroach food at this point.

Rowen Morland

They didn’t. And Kat has a monopoly on the virtual variety. If Bandit turns her down he’ll never have a kiss again.


Red belly!


And again we get Kat’s evil grin in 2 and her smug “I win” look in 5.


It tickles. Suddenly you don’t feel like hurting people. You want to BE NICE.

Kat 1, Bandit 0.

Dragon Master

From the way the plant is sprouting on Bandit, it makes me think that it’s gonna wrap him up and restrain him.


That was my thoughts too.


That”s what I’m thinking as well, wrap him up and prevent him from doing something mean!


I noticed the NaVi site was unreachable earlier this week, but I’m glad it was “only” a server upgrade mishap. They’re annoying, but usually get fixed fast.


I don’t think asking nicely is/was any successful Erbana’s style really, (before the Ending of course since Kat is the only Erbana really around now). How many Demoli, Morte or Mani’s were running around? Maybe Erbana can get along with Mani, or Cardista, but the moment that the goal to get a card, or a plot involves killing someone, out comes the tools to stop them. They cannot get along with Kesti, due to the likelihood of kill the monster quests.


i don’t think monsters count for the no killing part of erbana


Erbana only need to prevent player death not npc or monster death according to their rules so they would probably get along fine with Kesti characters. Morte probably not. I’d love to see some of the rules for the other paths.

Jarod Leutri

Are we sure about that? She had to avoid killing the monsters in the tutorial.


There’s also the “no random encounters” special which seems to be a high level passive erbana skill to keep the percentage up.


And letting NPCs die is probably not okay either, though this one is hard to judge by the tutorial as not saving the woman fails the whole route completely because the player has no way of getting that flower if she dies.


Kat’s reaction is totally understandable. What I missed / have no idea what happened is what he was planning to do that prompted her reaction.

Alexander The 1st

He intentionally goaded her like he did in the Game Trials when Bandit went up against her Nice Special.


Taking on account his path it was probably a sweet giant explosion. They solve everything.


“Everything goes boom!”


Dude is off screen. Pity. I want to see his reaction to Kat sort of attacking Bandit xD


Kat: Making Erbana Look Evil


Something that only kat can do


“Then nicely stop me”

…never tempt fate


I’m wondering if it’s possible to have more than 100% total across the various classes? Like, if Kat keeps up this manipulation of others, she might get some percentage in Mani, without losing any in Erbana?


For what it seems I would have understood that each path is independent in it’s percentage, you gon’t have “100%” spread across all paths, that marker is there to note how faithful you’re being to the path, independently of the rest. So if 2 paths are compatible you should be capable of maxing. Indeed I’d say kat may end with 100% in both mani and erbana, wich taking on account that by what we’ve heard seem to be her parents’ paths might be freaking awesome.


It was explained earlier(author’s comment I believe) that one can never have more than 100% across everything. However, it is possible to have less than 100%. If someone has 30% in one alignment, for example, it does not mean that they have 70% spread out among the other alignments.


That is exactly right.


You cruel troll. That kiss exceeded my expectations.


I actually kinda expected her to use a modified version of “Nice!”, kinda would have been awesome to see that lingering giant smiley with hammers over the group waiting to beat the sh** out of bandit if he gets too cocky. Guess it can’t be. Well this is cool too, I wonder if she’s gonna encase him in some weeds or actually just gonna leech his energy/attack power off… We’ll see next strip I guess XD


For some reason i feel like its a special that temporarily changes your highest alignment stat to erbana with all the perks and requirements. Any change in your erbana stat when the special fades would be be reflected in the original attribute changing

Jarod Leutri

For some reason I feel that would be too extreme to be workable as a special. Remember Kat had to keep things balanced(ish) with Nice, having it able to hurt her as well.


By the power of Weed!
*Woody voice
‘Now Play Nice.’