Ethan Mitchell

If looks could kill, Kat would’ve just lost her 100%.


If looks could kill, Kat would be dead long ago XD


They are in a videogame. There is surely a way to make looks able to kill. Kat could desing a Death Stare Special, that initiates a staring contest, where the loser dies.


Except she has no interest in killing people so she wouldn’t design something like that on purpose.
And it would be too boring for the past her to make that for the game, either.


Curse these database errors >_<


you cursed and the errors went away. I was able to binge the entire archive in a single night thanks to your curses 😀


That’s what curses are for xD

Stellar Jay

We knew from the beginning that Erbana was in direct conflict to Morto and Demoli, so situations like this will just keep coming up. In each case, someone there will experience a percentage decrease in the chosen alignment. We have the makings of a story here! 🙂


Heh. Bandit actually looks worried in that first panel….

Rowen Morland

Knowing what he knows it’s not surprising, even worse that he cares too.


…this is my favorite page now.

Mr. Random

So just to be clear.

His plan is to mess up her 100%, so he can see if she can control her temper?


Yeah, I noticed that too; what’s his plan if she can’t?


He’s probably actually trying to teach her to control her temper by basically having her loose it constantly until it’s too repetitive and she learns to stop being angry.


“Learns to stop being angry”?
You know that anger isn’t exactly something you choose to have, right?


You can’t always choose what makes you angry, but you can ALWAYS choose what you do with that anger, including calming down.

More importantly, antagonizing the girl who blew up the planet may NOT be the best plan, especially if Bandit want’s to keep Kat safe/hidden.


Actually, it’d be more like bottling it up than actually calming down… and there are limits to human patience.

Jarod Leutri

I think cri meant learns to control her anger?


Ehm… Actually as someone that has huge anger issues I’d say I got much better at controlling my temper over time.

Anger CAN be controlled. I know that for a fact. And if not please explain why anger therapy works…


Anger therapy with professional therapists is one matter.
But as far as I’m aware, Bandit is no professional therapist. And I’d say what he’s doing is closer to trolling or bullying.


Oh, I’m not saying he’s doing it RIGHT. I’m just saying that that’s what he’s TRYING. Actually just as a fun fact some therapies do involve outright trolling (along some other stuff, of course, trolling by itself won’t work) as part of the deal, not the one I was part of tho so I can’t say if they work. Still, he’s no professional. But I can see how he would try anyway.


you dont need a proffesional…i learned to control my anger by myself….i used to fly off the handle at the smallest thing and now it almost takes an act of g-d to get me angry enough to lash out


See Page 381 ; “If she – who is not my girlfriend – is turning over a new leaf, she needs to learn to control that temper of hers.”


Well, she could just kiss him, that would be nice and I guess stop him…


Exactly what I was thinking.

Jarod Leutri

I cannot picture her doing that, but I would love to see that and how everyone (including Kat) reacts xD


I can’t picture her doing that, either, but I can picture Bandit asking her to do that on the next page. 😛

But that would be more than a Knight sacrifice.


Oh good, I’m not the only one who was thinking this.


I actually CAN imagine her hissing him and then acting super smug when he’s surprised right on the next pannel. And even throwing a little sarcasting thing just to piss him off.


This was my first thought too.


Bandit already tried it the other way around. Got a slap that was immediately avenged by Kat’s own Special.

Wow, that sounds really messy xD

Anyway, I doubt Kat would kiss him. Out of characted for both Kat and her player.


I thought the vote incentive would be that…

Okay, the vote incentive would certainly work on me. And I bet that in fact it would work an Bandit as well, if only because he would laugh so hard that he wouldn’t be able to act for a couple of minutes. And the Dude, too. Too bad that this would be so far out of character that it won’t happen any time soon, similarly to one of the earlier incentives where Kat was sitting between animals like a Disney princess. Unless someone drugs her. 🙂 For her current character I’m more like “Yes, ma’am, I’ll be a good boy.”.… Read more »

Well, we’re watching an Erbana trying to hinder both groups from engaging right now. Let’s just see how she fares 🙂


Love the way Kat makes ‘be nice’ feel like a threat.


I loved the vote incentive; that was so cute (if highly unlikely).

Seriously, Kat, you need to learn to be less predictable.

Can’t wait for Friday now!

One theory that I have for Jane/Bloody mary but didn’t post till now I dunno why: We know she’s a mother Of presumably 2 girls (because of the dolls) That she desperatelly NEEDS to be in “the game” (persumably because of the money, for her daughters). That she’s an outcast (and even has a little bit of a grudge against citizens). And that she gave up way too early when attacking the dancer. So… What if she’s the mother of the singer? (forgot her name, sorry T_T) 2 female childs, outcast, needs money because 1 of her daughters has some… Read more »
Your theory is actually a little old. While possible, there are a few problems with it. To play in the game, one needs a Kido. We believe that the Lillys(the singer’s family) use headsets because at least two of the family of four(youngest daughter and mother) have been confirmed as useing the headsets. Jane would have to use a Kido, so that family would need access to one. It is possible but we have absolutely no information that supports this theory. Another problem is that immediately after the deathmatch, Kleya is approached by Mina and her mother. It is said… Read more »

Could be both. Possibly Mrs. Lily played Bloody Mary, but Mr. Lily is playing Jane, or vice versa, or they swap off as needed.


That would be AWESOME


Dude stop using logic and evidence to wreck my theories!!!

Jokes aside yeah I guess it had holes… Pity, I felt inteligent for a second :p.


I’m a little confused. Who do those square-ish bubbles belong to? They are not whispers; they don’t have the colored borders.
So they ought to be thought bubbles, but, it sounds like Bandit’s thoughts more than Kat’s, but we only ever hear Kat’s thoughts…


“but we only ever hear Kat’s thoughts…” – no reason that has to be true. We already see scenes that Kat doesn’t see, so not tied to her perspective, can be omniscient narrator who changes perspective as needed. Kat being the protagonist gets the biggest focus not the entire focus.


Square bubbles are always thoughs, and in this case they are clearly bandits. And I remember seeing bandit’s thoughts on that TENka out-of-L.i.F.e. scene so it’s pretty clearly his.


We mostly only hear Kat’s thoughts, however we have heard Bandit’s thoughts, especially during the last reality session.

Is html still fine to use in comments, I notice the tips on how to use it are gone?


I’ll help you test, jon



Yeah okay. They were totally best friends at one point. Because hes pushing her buttons. (I mean you’ve said that, but now your showing us. As in you’re portraying it well) I see them coming to an uneasy understanding later.
Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Aneeka, I have a question. How are voices transmitted in L.i.F.e. and in the game? We assume there to be microphones, but Kleya runs a program for Mina in her singing gigs. I assume there is some sort of modulation or… something? that alters the way voices are heard while in-VR. If there aren’t programs to alter the voices, could you let me know. If there are programs that can alter voices, how realistic and reliable are they, and how much can they change someone’s voice? If what Kleya is using is only a sound board like the ones we… Read more »

Okay, now he’s just being a jerk.


Is nobody going to mention that, in her effort to try and talk some sense into him, she grabs his arm? I mean, it’s not like this is the first time she’s touched him (they did fight after all), but most of the time she seems to avoid human contact, so this gesture is very meaningful in that way as well.

Plus, I just can’t wait for Duke to finally be right about them being boyfriend and girlfriend.