Kat, If you can’t become more discreet in the future you’ll be in for a little more than a VAC-ation.


My opinion of both Bandit and Dude went up.

Good point, Danni. XD


Dani has a point there.
Kat needs to be more careful.

Scott McCarthy

Anyone else want Kat to say she only heard it coming because of her Cat ears…


Ha! That would be cool. 🙂


So far, everyone thought of erbana as lame class… I wonder if Kat can make something Bad*ss out of it. I wanna see people changing to erbana in hopes of becoming as cool as Kat :3

Stellar Jay

That may just be a nice save for both of them.
Danni’s got a good point — where’s the smiley face to make that a happy flower? All we have is that scary smile that Kat’s wearing.


Minor nitpick: There are two “I” in Jake’s speech bubble. Or is that intentional?


That’s got to count against her no violence tally… right?


Nope. It wasn’t alive. Just an attack… probably a Special.


Whoa-oh here she comes. It’s a Mean Eater. Loving the art on this one!


Hmmm, no other comments? Am I first at last?!?

Naa, all probably waiting for approval… 😛

I had a feeling it was an attack, & it’s looking more & more like it was. Gotta admit tho, that flower’s looking a lot nastier now with the black dripping out of it…


You’re a little late in noticing that, Danni. The rest of us were commenting on her special’s artwork several updates ago!


I love how Danni doesn’t even know she needs to help cover for Kat, but comes up with a great distraction anyway. 🙂


Kat’s face is the face of a smug villain. Of beating back a difficult attack as if it was nothing.

Techno Gray

In fairness to Kat, there wasn’t time to cover for herself.


Kat looks so happy that she just totally dismantled whatever strategy their attacker had.

She’s like, “Is that all you got? Come on, bring it!”


I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with the way you made the whiper box clear. It is very easy to know that he’s talking to The Dude, even without names, ears, or icons. That is very impressive.


Oh! And Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Yes, very much so, good job on the whisper boxes. As for the noises…I change my mind, the plant should rustle softly as it grows, and the incoming attack should’ve whistled or skreeled faintly (transparent text overlays).


Dani’s right, the Mean Eater needs a big smiley face on the flower part that smiles at it opens to slurp up the mob.

Siva Smith

Or maybe it should come out of a smiley-face plant pot?

Either way, clearly the artwork is done by the guy with the fat-grandpa avatar. 🙂


And kudos to the dude for the quick change- up in his response.

Alexander The 1st

Heh – expecting Bandit plans on taking improv classes to make sure he can be on the ball when he needs to do further covering. :p

Mary Shoup

I adore Dani’s bland acceptance like at this point nothing can shake her.


There’s something about the way Kat looks in that last panel; she looks abnormal but I REALLY like it!




I don’t understand what the Bandit is saying in the first speech bubble. Is it because I’m non-native or because of a syntax error? Is he meaning to say any of the following things?
a) “She acted as if she knew that was coming.”
b) “She didn’t even act as if she didn’t know that was coming?!”
c) “She didn’t even act surprised. How did she know that was coming?”


More “she didn’t even act out how she knew that was coming” I reckon
As in she knew it was coming thanks to her hacking programming, but if she does not give a reason, in game, how she knew it is obvious she has help


I’d say B is the closest.

The first box of text is written a bit oddly, it’s not just you.

I think B is closest because the idea is that Kat is supposed to be acting like she’s new and doesn’t know everything about the game.Which is hard because she knows more than most people do and it’s hard for her to break from her old habit of winning at any cost.


No, she’s not supposed to act like a newbie. People had access to the Game pre-Ending, when it wasn’t a competitive sport like now but just a cool MMO. It doesn’t blow Kat’s cover to be a cool player, although it does attract attention.

And I’d say it’s closest to C…


It’s b). The phrasing is a bit awkward, but still correct. Try mentally adding ‘out’ to the sentence. As in: ‘She didn’t even act out how she knew that was coming?!’. Bandit has a pretty solid idea of who she is and what she can do, so c) is improbable, while a) is incorrect.

None of the above, but it’s closest to B. She knew it was coming, had to react quickly…..but didn’t bother to act out her “noticing” the attack….so there’s no visible sign of how she knew it was coming, therefore Dr. Grace will suspect it’s her (because her ability to see things coming by looking at the code is known). If she’d tipped her head and pretended to hear something? She’d have a bit of leeway against suspicion. Jake/Bandit used exactly the same way to detect the attack, but didn’t get to react first because 1: He’s not as good as… Read more »

I probably would have phrased it “She didn’t even pretend to have a reason to know that was coming?!” Feels kinda wordy. It can be a difficult phrase to try to put in a quick, snappy manner.


Thanks for the responses! 🙂 I agree that “act out” makes it clearer on what was actually meant, so, yeah, none of my variants really match.


Yeah, he’s definitely commenting that he didn’t see her do anything when she herself was aware of the danger, which essentially is a little suspicious

I was trying to think of a better phrasing for Aneeka too, but it’s very tricky


Image for this page isn’t loading for me for some reason.


Maybe a link to the image works?
comment image


Kat has her mean ‘I’m nice’ face on again.


So… This is just going to be the elephant in the room? Kat making that catch may be suspicious, but I’m sure any of the viewers who have even the slightest clue about the game would be even more weirded out by how no one is pointing it out. I mean, has Bandit never heard of lampshading?


I bet Bandit is giving her too little credit, and she has ‘how she spotted it’ covered.


Love the slimy face on Bandit this page. 🙂


Kat looks cross-eyed in this one.


I don’t know, I think having a smiley face on that thing would just make it *worse*.