Stellar Jay

Wow! Kat got my surprised attention as much as she got the other three and that tree behind them. Now I eagerly waiting to see just what the Mean Eater does.


Wow, this looks like something out of nightmares. I guess now it’s Jane’s turn to be creeped out. But on the other hand, this might be a pre-made Special that everyone (besides Danni) knows, because so far Kat has never taken the time to draw nice graphics for her own ones. Unless of course she just took a plant model and enlarged it…

I like the tree’s expression. 😀


She has Paddy doing her art for her now, remember. The code may be hers, but the graphics are his.


It’s not a time issue, it’s a skill one.


Paddy has redone the graphics for everyone’s specials. Judging from bandit and dude’s faces this is mean eater’s maiden trip – and I think kleya will be sooooo much more popular after this! Not many truly original programmers around especially erbanas…


I think Paddy might have helped, like he helped with their avatars.


Kat can’t draw, all her graphics are now handled by that guy, Sandra’s husband.

But yeah, I’m also guessing this is a premade one.

omfg I didn’t notice the tree you are right it’s glorious XD

and yeah, Erbana have potential to be the stuff of nightmares. And especially Kat, with her cutesy ‘nice’ appearance. Dissonance between actual danger and appearance = insta-win.

I mean, that’s probably not what Kat wants, but to be fair, it’s going to earn her a lot more popularity…


I think that is one of her own specials. Called “Mean Eater”. She just switched out the Ha! special for it.

Could be it is enlarging a plant/summoning some pre-made monster.
Or maybe she is just bad at drawing humans, but can do plants alright?

In any case, this is one bad*ss move of a “weak erbana”.


It’s unlikely to be a pre-made wandering monster, since Kat’s also got a Special which prevents random monster attacks. I’d say most likely another player is spying on them, possibly about to have all their “Mean” stat removed to the point where they literally couldn’t hurt a squirrel-creature…

…If it is Bloody Mary/Jane, will she still try to attack, or just give up trying to kill them & actually work with the team, maybe even lead them…


I think Patrick was supposed to be doing the art for the whole team, including specials (especially for Kat, since her art is, well…)


lol, thanks for the numerous responses. 😀

Paddy doing the graphics for her Specials makes a lot more sense than my theories.


I like how it looks halfway between a sunflower and a rafflesia


I’m still very curious as to what HA! Does 😛

Jeudi Violist

It probably makes big white bold words saying “HA!” appear everywhere. First one, then another, then three or five more. They appear around the target, humiliating them while everybody around is forced to laugh like madmen at the target.

The target dies of shame.


Was thinking was the Special that overwhelmed your Emotion stat, made you amused until you passed out, or something? Or maybe I’m mixing up with something else.


That’s hero smiley I think? The one that activates when she’s about to start hacking something


The basic idea is the “Nice” Special, damage taken is also done to the attacker’s health & their “happy” stat, causing them to go below 0, freeze up & lose. That said, “Ha!” could be a similar deal, make them laugh till it shuts them down, or maybe it’s like the flower-deal Kat used on Jane when they first got in The Game, paralyze them with laughter long after the flower’s sneezing would have worn off…


revenge of the flowers!

ha, and you thought erbana was only a more complicated form of flower arranging, did you? Now, eat grass!


…Or have grass eat you, see how it all goes…


I joined AneekaChannel today just so that I could see this page early 😀
Definitely worth it.


(Almost the) same here. 🙂 I joined a few days ago and this is my first early page as well. It’s nice that now I can check the new page after getting out of bed instead of after getting to work. In German time-zone, non-members get to see it around 8:00-8:15 a.m.


Kat *definitely* has the skills to make Erbana respected again. I look forwards to seeing what this Mean Eater does beyond looking pretty and menacing.


I had this feeling that Mean Eater is a giant carnivorous plant.

Alexander The 1st

Calling it now – it’s a mount designed to get everyone further inland or through the Chaos Mists.


And I bet it just restrains the attackers.


Ok, that should shut up the fans who thought Erbana would be boring. 😉

Michael Davison

Hmm… a pre-made Erbana special only available to those with a very high percentile, perhaps?


This could be an Erbana special, considering the plant imagery, but it could still be one that she made and Paddy did the art for. There is no reason that Kat would not design an Erbana type special, which Paddy would compliment with plant artwork. If it is a premade special, I would bet that it is really powerful. If it is one that she designed, it has no excuse for not being powerful.

Also: AWESOME ARTWORK. No, really, that’s amazing, well done, Aneeka.

P.S. Anyone else notice the face in the tree on the left?


Even if it’s a pre-made Special, Kleya may have designed it… though I get the impression she wasn’t into helping her mom make Erbana more powerful in the old days. 😉


“Ooooo, she’s using Erbana! Better tell the Boss about this…”


Whatever that is or does, it’s VERY gorgeous, including the magical background colours and effects! Congrats to both Aneeka and Audrey!


I bet it seeks out hostile creatures and paralyzes them (‘eating’ their ‘meanness’).


I’m guessing this is Kat’s new version of the Be Nice special. If I’m right, we’ll discover that “Mean Eater” means that it *eats mean people* (probably restrains or disables them, so as not to damage her Erbana percentage, whether its her own code or a default one). I’m guessing the “eaten” person ends up stuck inside the plant for a while 😛 😉


Oh my gosh! I love this page! It’s so pretty, and I can’t wait until next update to see what that giant flower does!

My theory: It makes those affected unable to harm others. Gets rid of all their “Attack” stats, maybe?


That moment before it eats her teammates because nobody except her knows which actions trigger the flower.


Dat smile.

It’s like she knows she’s the center of the attention, and can’t resist flaunting it.


That is impressive.


Something tells me she found a way around the ‘do no harm’ rule: have a summon that does the harm for you!


You forget the second rule: “let no harm be done”. That would prevent killy summons.


Mean eater?
That flower looks more like a man-eater!


Looks as though Paddy’s studied Van Gough – the design definitely looks inspired by Sunflowers and Starry Night…


And whales?


With a side of Lovecraft… 😉


Hmm.. Here’s a thought.

What if ‘mean eater’ is a healing special? Devouring meanness doesn’t just mean opponents or active combatants- it could mean healing (disappearing or ‘devouring’) wounds. (Caused by strife, which is usually linked to anger, etc..)


Wouldn’t she have used it when Danni and Dude asked her to heal them, though? I think her reaction meant there’s no healing special, or at least not one that works without the right plants.


I really like your theory, but the only problem is: Who’s hurt??
Besides the cut Danni has and when Dude got kicked, nobody got hurt.
My random theory is that it reveals everything hostile in the area, but I’m just crazy?


It’s unlikely it will actually do harm to anyone, since they’ve already said that if someone dies near an Erbana, the Erbana gets penalized for it.
You can verify with

kit ramos
Harm ? Death. or in other words “You’d be Surprised what you can live through” I don’t think Kat would kill someone on purpose, and not just because of the class thing either it would be a rather Jerk move to kill some one for no apparent reason. And Kat is trying her hardest to avoid being labeled as anything bad or that could be thought of as even slightly bad. and there are several pages that show off that part of her personalty. So this isn’t going to kill anyone, but still might attack and cause harm to someone… Read more »
kit ramos

aww the not equals character I found just showed up as a ? so to rephrase that first part “Harming is not the same as Killing”


Such a cool page. Love the bad*ssery!

Snoots Dwagon

Whoa! Nice panel. Great coloring and shading and composition. Really adds to the surprise effect.

As for what a Mean Eater does… it’s obviously eats mean vibes and turns everyone peaceful… possibly including the sneakily approaching Jane?

HUSH Snoots! No spoilers!


i dont think jane would be very sneaky at least imo.
she’s probobly tromping through the forest swish swish slash slash killing any small creatures and trees with faces she can find

Snoots Dwagon

Follow up: I just noticed… check out the look on the face of that tree on the left. 😀

Dragon Master

The artwork here is BREATHTAKINGLY AMAZING! Can we get it for a vote incentive? I’d like to download a copy for a background.

Hmmm. Curious what this does. Pacifies others? It consumes a herb whenever she uses it, so I’m curious. Ooohh, maybe it changes depending on the property of the herb she uses? Like it spits poison if the herb is poisonous? That’d be cool. Be nice and Mr. Smiley won’t work in the game, since there’s no emotion cap like in the tourney, so I’m curious what types of specials she has lined up. Curious what Ha! Does to. It must be different from Kat’s other tourney specials, since they don’t work here. I wonder if she let Paddy work on… Read more »

I wonder how the Game moderators make it so that a player with coding skills doesn’t just make a special that’s incredibly OP. Is there some sort of regulation for custom specials? Clearly they aren’t banned, we saw Ha! on Kat’s list…
Imagine a special that deals an ridiculous amount of damage and heals the caster by the same amount. A morto with that would be nigh unstoppaple.


I love your new colorist! It’s amazing.