Who would be watching them?


Jane is coming.


An attack?


By the pricking of Kat’s thumbs… 😛


Something silly this way comes?


Looks like the trees are talking….
I wonder what they could be saying?

Oh crap…. No no no no

David D

Kat: “Squirrel!”
Bandit: “Kat, please just pay attention for once…”


So a set esone acts as a spare life? Convenient…

Dragon Master

Uh-oh if it’s got Kat distracted and worried like it appears she is, it can’t be good. Since we know it can’t be a monster since Kat’s got that no random attacks Special. That must mean it’s something bad, I wonder if it’s related to the rare object in the tree. Like a guardian or something.

That or it’s just Jane sneaking up on them.


It’s not a random attack…
Unless colors on that hand are due lighting, it’s not Jane.

If I had to guess, Pa is coming over to say hello to Kat & friends


My thought was that its the viewers/fans getting bored (or malicious) with all the standing around and chatting… they’re the real ‘enemy’ after all! >_>


Yeah, that’s my thought to. Kat sees a group of esones nearby – suspicious to start with – but then notices that there’s someone there watching them. Is that Pa’s avatar or some other yet undiscovered character?


“Well traversed area?” So somebody we haven’t met may be uh traversing?


Jane just hurt the trees… was that the lighting, or did she set them on fire just before the SLASH? I think they are out to get revenge….


Actually, based on that last panel, it looks like someone else has hack-o-vision. Is that intentional?


Yay! The site’s fixed! When I checked Wednesday, the latest page I saw was four pages ago… Coulda sworn I left a comment there. Ah well, all’s well that ends well. It just meant I got four new comics of awesome art today. 🙂


Occasionally this happens to me, too, but it can be fixed by refreshing and/or navigating a page back and forth. Since it can happen that the main page doesn’t link to the most recent one, the latter method works because then you reach a page that’s like “http://navcomic.com/not-a-villain/page-439/”


Thanks, I generally forget the latter trick you mentioned because the arrow are greyed out/faded on the main page, hopefully I’ll remember that this time. Usually, to get somewhere I just type the next number in the address bar, but for a lot of webcomics, the number in the address bar is completely arbitrary or they have page names in their addresses.


Kat noticed her Erbana route rating dropping, because Jane is killing stuff within her radius?


That’s a nice deduction. I don’t think this is going to be the case but it certainly would be interesting if it were.


Rereading this page, the hacking view looks the shape of a plant with 5 pods (esones?) that might help Kat.


I wonder what the viewers think about the group turning on Jane…


So, if they are a villain group, would some of the hero groups benefit from killing them all off? Or would that be considered un-hero-like, what with them being basically level 1 or something.


They’re not much of a villain group. Not really. They’re more a split-personality group.:) You have one person who kills everything, one who demolishes everything, one who lets nothing die, one just looking for cards, and someone trying not to die… They’re not very focused.

Would be a really cool fight though.


So as soon as I take my time to study the last panel, my cat decides to make a weird noise and freak me out. I laughed for a good five minutes afterward.
Can’t wait for the next update X3


I am surprised that I did not see that hand in the fourth panel earlier.