Honestly, I’d be good with any of them getting cut save Dani or Kat. Preferably Bandit at this point. I don’t know why, he just kind of annoys me.

Actually Bandit is needed, since he’s the “Older Brother” of our main protagonist. But I hope they cut Jane. She’s a pretty 1D psychopoathic killer. Definitely made to be a main villain in the future, someone to stalk the group, prey upon them, and tempt Kat to go to the dark side to protect those she cares about. But that’s all she is. Hopefully if Kat gains a Rogues Gallery she can be the Joker to Kat’s Batman. But if she’s on the team, she’s just a notorious team killer, who’d mass murder everyone because she can [or I don’t… Read more »
Alexander The 1st
Jane *seems* to be 1D, but I’m guessing that’s mostly her show persona – I mean after all, she did have a team with her in the past, before she slaughtered them for ratings (And that even wasn’t why she was forced to reset) -, and I’m guessing she’s more of the Outsider who wants revenge on those who hole up in the Cities and send them token food and help to keep them alive, but not enough to bring them in. I see her less as Kat’s Joker and more like Batman to Kat’s Superman. In a world where… Read more »
But she’s not a hero, not even trying to be an anti-hero. So the Batman thing doesn’t work. – She had a team. Killed them all. Why? Who knows! – She’s in a team. Constantly tries to kill all her teammates other than Bandit [at the moment]. Why? Who knows! She just feels stabby for anything that exists. – Random wildlife? Kill them all for the lolz! Quest with NPCs? They aren’t living but still bleed. Why? Because they bleed. What’s her motivation? Who knows! – Can have multiple alignments. Is 69% Murder Route. Dude. Seriously everything she does… Read more »
We don’t know much about Jane’s motivations, but we know there are depths as yet unrevealed. For example, we know via Sandra that she has trouble “killing kids in a game” (p392). She did it anyway – we don’t know the reason but maybe we should be interested in figuring it out, since she is evidently pursuing Morto well beyond “for the lolz” and out of her own comfort zone. Thus, her motivation is not “because they bleed” it’s “because I think I need a high Morto alignment (for reasons I want to keep you in suspense about).” In other… Read more »

The real mystery here is this Sandra character, why she is in league with BM, and why she wants BM to kill her teammates. That’s not a very good managerial thing to do.
Somehow, it all has to do with her getting hold of Kat – for whatever reason.


Wasn’t there one slide where she was whispering with the sponsor. She also seems to have more of a hidden agenda then what it looks like. Besides, nobody is JUST a psychopath. There’s usually a reason.

Crazy counts as a reason.

Rowen Morland

Poor Dude, she’s smiling one panel, growling at him the next, now she’s reminding him of how cold blooded he thinks she is. Must be a scary situation to be trying to play the girl who destroyed the world.

Jeudi Violist

The trees! They’re watching…always watching.


Was always watching, the past tense applies now.


I wonder if the audience in-universe is enjoying this as much as we do XD
Dude is trying really hard that they do I guess


*Tree is like “missed me”
Then he was like “I didn’t see that one coming”.


Ew, right through the eyes.

I didn’t even realize that BM went after the Dude at all. I know Kat went past him but I figured she just ran after her in a direct line. Also I don’t see how he distracted BM from chasing in Kat’s general direction at all. Did she want a meat shield just in case BM would throw her sickle or her dolls?

I understand that BM’s task was to kill someone (preferrably Danni) to get the viewers’ interest but I didn’t realize that she always chased after the nearest target until she contemplated fighting Bandit.


Now, I’m no botanist, but I’m pretty sure tree sap isn’t supposed to be that horrifying shade of blood red. On a side note, Jane must REALLY hate being stared at if that is her default reaction to tree faces.


I’d say the tree sap is red cause that used to be a player/AI character who got zapped into turning into a tree. That’s why it has a face in the 1st place, so it can now spy for the guy who did that to it.

hmm, few rhymes in there. I’m a poet & I didn’t know it… 😛

Iron Ed

…but your feet sure are longfellows! 🙂

Interesting that the tree did not scream or anything. I wonder if they can actually speak via those mouths, or maybe they only speak ‘tree’.


It’s more common than you’d think (there’s some very nice/colourful tree saps out there, although mostly they’re pretty boring), but I’d also agree with the “it’s because it was a person” hypothesis.


I think it’s more that she thought it was laughing at her for having to kill animals instead of people.


Hmm … Trees with blood red bark and sap … yeah, I’m not touching that!


“No spying!”

Kessy Athena

You know, I think Danni would be great with kids. Teacher, parent, something like that. Her “cut the crap right now” glare is killer!


Aww, no wallpaper for us regular mortals? =(


Well, we commoners didn’t pay for it.


Jane doesn’t need to know how to return. Wherever she goes she will find things she can kill.
If she wanted to return she’d just trace back the corpses.


The tree is spilling blood because it’s a player who was turned into a tree by the master of this island.

I’m also confused at Dude’s comment about him getting attacked though. Danni was spawned right beside Jane, they hit each other once, then Kat stunned Jane, and Danni, Dude and Kat all ran away.

kit ramos
I went back and looked at that scene, and your right, Jane was never after him. though Kat did run past due with Dani in a move similar to tripping your buddy so the thing chasing you has a chance of being slowed down by them and give you more time to get away. So Dude has some reason to be upset as it did land him in harms way, but Kat is also right he was able to get out of the way in time, and since Dude was only in harms way while we was an easier target… Read more »
Well, dude IS kind of a d*ck, tragic backstory or not. I personally wouldn’t mind him getting his a** kicked a bit by Jane. I mean, he’s not totally incompetent, right? They have specials now, and Dude said himself that his combat style revolves around his specials. Frankly, I think cards are just a bonus for him. I’m kinda curious about his specials now though. He seems the type to avoid doing the work himself, so it’s probably not an enhancement like Bandit’s. Maybe some sort of control type? Hm….actually, some sort of summon type special would be cool. Especially… Read more »

I’m thinking more MTG. You “tap” your esone to “cast” your special. That would fit with pretty much the whole special system.