‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 437

Colors by Audrey. Everything else is by me.


Due to Jemma's health issues, we've been slowly transitioning to Audrey as the main colorist. This page starts where Audrey fully takes over. Thanks, Audrey, for taking on the job!


Stellar Jay

Morto really is about killing everything in sight, isn’t it? But she really isn’t that bad, right?


“Don’t hate the player, hate the game!”
“That’s just morto being morto!”
“Morto’s gonna morto…”


Reminds me of Undertale.

* if you keep going the way you are now…
* …
* you’re gonna have a bad time.


Morto propably play by most of the 70 Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schlock_Mercenary#The_Seventy_Maxims_of_Maximally_Effective_Mercenaries).
6 (If violence was not your last resort, you failed to resort to enough of it),
12 if you got an Erbana for the soft Answer around
13 in particular (Do unto others).
23 if you are the parties cook too
27, 34, 37, 49 (if you got a Kesti around)

44 will propably be taken by the Demoly players


And on the next page: “The trees are attacking!”
(Or view it as a lotr reference if you will.)


Looks to me like it might be the other way around…

P. Took

The tree, the tree is smirking Merry.

Ethan Mitchell

Well someone got cut down a notch. Serves them right for being so smug around Jane.


RIP tree with a face that used to be a character that we don’t even know the name of.


Oh… Oh man, I had almost completely forgotten that the whole scary thing about this place was the Mani guy who turns people into trees.

Jane is going to have to turn into a lumberjack to raise that Morto rating

Iron Ed

Jane’s going to need a bigger scythe…


I like the color job. It is slightly more subtle and pretty somehow?

And tree smiled too fast.


…so do trees also count as NPC characters?


No, not treeguy. He hadn´t a single line yet!

Karis Van Valin

Would it be possible to get the first panel as a wallpaper? It is seriously cool.


I second this motion.


Jane the lumberjack? Cue Willhelm scream? Or is this an accepted way to get information and money as well as popularity?


I think the backgrounds and colouring on this page are exquisite.

Jane felt the tree was smirking at her.


She’s either attacking the tree (it looked like it knew something was about to happen anyway) or she’s attacking the reader.

Iron Ed

I’m sorry about Jemma’s problems; but, it looks like Audrey will be doing a good job in her stead. I particularly like the lighting in this page.


“Oh I’m a LumberJane and I’m Okay, I chop all night and I chop all day…Oh I’m a LumberJane and I’m Okay….”

Iron Ed

But do you like Spam??


Jane the Ripper turned into LumberJane? Will she be ever caught? 🙂