Contrary to the alt-text, Danni’s expression on panel 2 is adorable.


…that must look weird for the observers…

Yay for Danni’s raising popularity!


…it’s probably for kicking Jane, not for the Kesti route like I initially thought. Too early for that to kick in.

That’ll come later… 😀


I suspect it is real time, and the popularity was for a mix of the kick, the Kesti and the whole interaction with The Dude.

It is an interesting watch. 😀


Personally, I think her blatant n00b status is working to her advantage. It gives her a certain naive charm, and makes the group dynamic more interesting, since the others have to train her.


Maybe some people, i understood you mean she went exploring her over-screen HUD.


Danni is getting famous now. I guess the audience likes how she hit Dude.


He really is eminently kickable. 😀


Well, Danni’s eyes in panel 3 are a bit too far apart, but other than that the page looks nice. Ok, her head in that panel is a bit too big, too, but that’s more of a general gimmick, i.e. the farther away from the “camera” someone is, the bigger the head becomes. So I believe that one is on purpose for some reason.

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Mr. Potato Patato Von Spudsworth III
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You missed. First doesn’t work on moderated comments unless you can ne reasonably sure by the comic release timestamp.


Dude, you have to post about 6 hours earlier to get First Comment. :-p
But I bet you realized that the moment you saw that comments are held in moderation.

Mr. Potato Patato Von Spudsworth III
Mr. Potato Patato Von Spudsworth III

Yes, yes I did. *sob*

A spectacular speech squandered! Oh, the shame! The shame!

I guess I’ll recycle it on another webcomic.


I umderstood it as exploring the menus.


I thought that after looking through her quest menu she got some kind of marker pointing her towards a card, and she wandered off looking for it. I guess, despite her inexperience, Danni isn’t foolish enough to wander away from Kat.

When are we going to learn more about Dude’s class? I’d like to know more about these cards.


Yay! It looks like Danni’s goal to become popular isn’t impossible after all!

Panel 2 is great. I don’t think that I would have noticed the change in artwork for this page if it hadn’t been pointed out to me. I don’t think it looks bad.

Vanilla Fire

I personally love how the last panel came out.


G-d, they’re doing so much whispering I don’t think the fans haven’t realized it by now. ^^

Alexander The 1st

They’ve probably noticed Danni’s whispering, but the others are probably better at hiding it so far.

This might be why Danni’s popularity is going up – they know she’s a tell for when the others are whispering at her.


I actually kind of like Danni’s dorky expression in panel 2. It’s oddly appropriate. X3


You’ve been kicking people in the face! Of course your popularity is going up!

Iron Ed

I thought Danni had found something online that would help her, like a way to find a card for Dude, and her explanation was a quick cover-up for her out loud gasp.

Dragon Master

I just LOVE the dialogue in the first panel. Bandit and Dude’s conversation is hilarious IMAO. I’m surprised no one else has said anything about it.