Danni went exploring? Without Kat? Cue Jane’s spooky entrance…


Thank the developer for the HUD


Sounds reasonable. But depending on how rules lawyer the game is about it it may require her to literally be the first player to ever lay eyes on the card.

But I doubt Kat would have let him get away with that quest if she thought that technicality would occur.


I think that would only be possible if the wording was “Discover a card”. The would find is often used for things that were misplaced, so if Danni already had a card, lost it, and then found it again and gave it to the Dude, that should be one way to fulfill this quest.

kit ramos
I don’t think it has to be one the Dude, Danni, or anyone else in the party lost. I mean think of this if you notice a quarter laying on the ground as your walking past and pick it up, what would you say happened to anyone who asked? that you “found” a quarter, irregardless of if you had recently lost one or not. Though I will agree the wording wasn’t “Discover a new card” or something like that. also the wording of the quest doesn’t say how she has to find it just that she does. so she could… Read more »

lol, yeah, probably have to literally ‘find’ a card, rather then buying one.

Anthony Tran

Holy crap, we got it. The quest is to find a card and give it to The Dude.




Splitting the party is NEVER A GOOD IDEA!

Alexander The 1st

But splitting the party is the best way to get the most exp per encounter!

Also, this’ll probably increase her viewership popularity. The Kesti that does their quest the best way they can get around to doing the quest, even if it involves doing it solo, works pretty well for Saisuke after all.


Danny is looking at a thing 😐


I’m not sure if that is a map button, or a Mani symbol.


I think it is the card she is supposed to find.


Is Danni gonna wander off? Because I’m busy trying to figure out who is gonna get turned into a tree by the end of this adventure, and at this rate Danni or Dude seem most likely.


Not so much a comment on this page, but I just got my Shirt today and I think I have been hacked by D. Went to use the urinal and saw this –

comment image

Am I going to die?

As for the page, obvious quest is obvious. Now the question is how hard is it to find cards laying around in the middle of a forest?


Kat just has to drop a random playing card.

Dragon Master

Well it got hope someone picks the phone up on that, cause it totally got called.

Dragon Master

I like Kat’s pose in panel 5 too. She seems to be giving off an air of strained perseverance and suffering (as in “why do I put up with this fool”). She also looks real cute. xD

Iron Ed

Yup; panel 5 has the best overall look, especially Kat. I particularly like her head positioning and expression. The Dude, on the other hand, is good, but I think he looks best in panel 2. 🙂


Is no one else concerned about the ominous cutting off of Dude’s commentary about what money quests require? What interrupts him??


All the way from the start to here in two days, thanks to an ad from ExplainXKCD. What a ride!


*Danni heads to the Porto del Fama Greeting Card Store*


Is Kat tilting her head wearily at Bandit, or is she tilting her head wondering where Danni is going off to? Because the angle might be right for that if I have the correct positioning in my head.


So now we’ve got three members of the group conversing and two engaging in independent exploration (Danni to find a card, Jane to find an NPC or dozen to kill). So much for teamwork…


Somehow, since Jane is “Team Leader”, I get the feeling teamwork is going to be…interestingly applied…

*Jane just wanders around alone killing everything in sight…*


Can anyone see this comic becoming a freaking anime or no? I can! >w<



Maybe… 😛


And Danni intimidates Dude into giving her the card he already has so she can give it back to him, completing the quest…

Dragon Master

I LIKE that idea! I doubt it would work but I like it.


new reader here, awesome comic.
by chance, will you be fixing your rss feed?


Yay for voice to text!


I love Danni’s face so much here! 😀