You’re horrible. 🙂


Hm. From the little bit we can see, he wants her to find him something… I’m gonna guess it’s a card, but hey, maybe he just wants some specific snack or something lol.


Something something something find one for me. Hmmm… what’s the quest…


“I need a card. Find one for me”?



…the game has recorded this, right? In a Quest Log somewhere? That Danni can access? From her menu? That’s the logical thing to have happen?


Kat heard it so she can tell Danni. Also, no reason why Dude wouldn’t repeat if asked. But she already accepted that quest, that’s the problem.


Bu Kat already said it was an okay quest– not that Danni can’t have her own opinions, but it seems like Kat’s quest screening process would probably be tougher.

El Suscriptor Justiciero
El Suscriptor Justiciero

As long as what he asked is what Kat let him ask. Keep in mind that he’s an a**hole.


I have a feeling that not only is it possibly not the quest told to Kat, but this might have been a preplanned, deliberate move to get her stuck with whatever it is. The Dude & Jake were talking before about testing Kat’s temper, plus you can see Jake chuckling just before he “Whispers” over The Dude’s quest.

Alright, taking bets on how pissed off Kat’s gonna be next comic…

kit ramos
I can’t see Due being that that kind of a jerk. Plus he was just pleading for Kat not to kill him before telling her that quest. and it wouldn’t require any leaps of logic to believe that if she could of done it before she could do it right afterwards if he did pull a jerk move. but he strikes me as the more of the it’s to much work to be sneaky type. now if it was bandit that was giving the quest instead of dude then you’d more likely to be right. But I don’t think dude… Read more »

Poor Danni, I hope he wasn’t asking for something rude

Last few words look like, “Find one for me” so my guess would be that he wants Danni to get him a Card

Only question is, is that the same Quest he described to Kat or are we about to see if Erbana can slap a character round the back of the head

I don’t think the Dude is that brave. 🙂 But it would have been fun to see a rude quest like the comic below, if only to see how many cities would suffer a power outage from it: Which actually makes me wonder whether Danni will get that topic presented to her if her popularity stays low, even though her manager is Sandra the Prude. Something like “It’s your final day, so strip or die.” and then Danni would be really sad and cry “I’m trying so hard, I really want to make it, whyyyyy?” and her emotional outburst… Read more »
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Or maybe when it comes time to heal him and Danni, she can give Danni a clean nice looking potion in a bottle, while she gives him a disgusting looking mush of herbs and grasses in a bowl and tells him to drink up.

kit ramos

it wouldn’t be something rude, Kat made sure of that. actually I think he did tell her exactly what the quest is, and she did agree to it. but just like Danni you totally missed the quest because you dismissed it as him just giving advice, but that was the actual quest “to come up with a better quest request line then what Saisuke uses”


lol, your comment made me think, wonder if they didn’t team up to give her two quests instead of one.

The Dude gave her the one he told Kat, while Bandit gave her a vague one in whisper.

Or maybe, because she didn’t hear the quest, she won’t be able to finish it, as she doesn’t know what the quest is, locking her from the Kesti route.


I doubt a whisper can be used to give a quest. Fans have to be able to see hear it, surely.


Nice. Just enough text visible under the whisper to make out “find one for me.” A card? Probably not an esone– I doubt Kat would have agreed to that….


Bandit is Green
Danni is Blue
Shouldn’t you’ve been
Listening to Dude?

Danni is all derp in the last part. Definitely gaining some followers, not many can successfully acheive that quality of derp. And yes, you are quite mean to Danni.


I hope Kat was paying attention at least. Is there a quest note book or something in the status menu? Would it even keep track of player quests?


Here own unique phrase should be “all right already”. Hehehehe. Also she can always just ask Kat what the quest was.

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Works for me. I had a particular catch phrase in mind that I would use, well two different ones depending on the givers. If it’s someone who I want to be nice to and charm them I would say “What services do you need rendered, oh wise one?” or something to that effect. This should be said while bowing from the waist with head upturned facing the giver with a smile. Wise can be swapped with a different descriptive to fit the scenario. If it’s someone I don’t really care for and manners aren’t called for my response is “Yeah,… Read more »

Theres more visible then the last line

It looks like its three lines and the first 2 words of the second line appear to be “of a”

Of a …t ( something something)
Find one for me?


I spotted a “d” in that same line. Almost like he was saying “card” take a closer look if you can again to see where I’m seein this. I think at the end of that before the “find one for me” the word is “own” again this is my deduction from what I can see (zoomed in on the text)


Correction, behind “own” may be “you” as if he’s asking “will you find one for me?” Because if you looked behind “your” you can see the “ll” there.


Tried to read the text, but couldn’t get any further than the others of you have…
But take a look at that nasty tree in panel one. He sure doesn’t look happy!


Distracting whispers and wrong chat channel D; it happens….

Do they at least have a chat panel they can scroll back through? XD Maybe she can read back and fake it O_O “Yes, I totally heard your amazing wonderful quest! *scrolls back to reread*” hehehe


It it weird that The Dude is my favorite character? He’s the only one that even seems to be trying to have fun, even though he’s clearly go his share of issues too. And his interplay with Danni is _hilarious_


Ok finished 5 years of comics in 3 days almost to the day. It’s really cool to see how your art has progressed over the years I am loving this story to. I’m gonna go rest my eyes now lol


Quick! check your quest log!