Ethan Mitchell

Kat is giving one of those looks again. Tcough i wonder, could an Erbana beat somone to a bloody pulp as long as they don’t kill them? Might be a bit of loophole abuse, bet they are still alive so…


Yea! They don’t need to kill anyone. They could just lock them in a room somewhere and frequently beat them up. Or better yet, save time and just tie them to a table which pulls on their arms and legs really hard so it constantly hurts super bad.

Wait… I think that technically qualifies as torture. Do you think Erbana’s are okay with torture?


Yeah, most likely beating up or torturing is a no-go for Erbana, too. I mean, it IS a pacifist route. What she did is probably all she can do when it comes to using force. Other than that, her current main weapon would probably be “I won’t heal you”.

Ethan Mitchell

She would heal him up afterwards… which makes the thought even more terrifying now that I think about it.


I imagine provided the right plants she could do some rather terrifying things. Such as leave him tied up hanging from a tree for Jane to find.


Yeah, that would be even more terrifying and even more unlikely. 🙂

Regarding plants, I keep thinking about Olive Branch from Erfworld who drugged her enemies (making them addicted) or lured them into eating poisoned food. Also she could play a song that rendered everyone around her unable to attack for a day.




Ok. Just have to say it. Kat is adorifying in the last panel. I love it!


SO Stinkin’ Adorifying. I just re-read half the archives to try and dissipate my ‘sqweeeing’


Seems Kesti cannot refuse to do a quest they’ve been assigned? Wow, that must be difficult. I’ve been given a quest to kill someone, but hey wait I don’t want to! Too bad – percentage drop!


It’s probably more along the lines of “You get Kesti bonuses for doing quests, and kesti penalties for failing them.”, but the quests need to be significant enough. Kayla’s probably stopping a quest that’s either an autofail, a worthless one, or one that’d end up making her fall under a different alignment with this.


Remember when they were talking about Saizuke (I think I spelled that right)? They were saying that he was avoiding anyone who might give him the quest to kill Mr.Tree NPC (that’s catchy, I’m going to keep referring to him as that now). If it was only for completing/failing quests then you could just ignore the hard ones with no penalty. I’m fairly certain that that’s not the case.


This should be interesting (muhahaha!)

In other news, I received a nice big padded envelope yesterday containing a trio of books 🙂 The extras are a nice touch – including Mina giving a rough overview of the alignments (with the help of the avatars of half a dozen higher tier backers). Mani and Kesti are definitely alignments for those with the gift of the gab…


Um, Kesti, too? Danni is doomed. XD Now I understand how she couldn’t possibly get alignment points for it during the tutorial.

Also it’s nice to hear that the alignment short stories are done and the books have been shipped.

Does that mean you now have time to look into that channel-problem, i.e. one can’t join using PayPal without having a credit card?


You can enter a debit card and PayPal will work just fine.

Well, the main reason I started using PayPal was so I wouldn’t have to share such valuable personal information with anyone. The problem is: PayPal wants such a number because the feature the Aneeka-channel requires requires PayPal to be directly connected to one of my real bank accounts. That is a no-go for me. If my PayPal-account gets hacked, then all the hacker can get is the money I moved there myself. I don’t want a direct connection between a vendor and a credit- or debit card of mine. And I know that it can work without my having to… Read more »

That’s awfully defensive…. Are some player issued quests bad for you?


My guess is that she thought The Dude would give her a quest like “Make out with the Dude”.
Refusing it would propably cost Danni Kesti allignment points.

Only reason I can think why she is going to be this scary on the Dude.


Come to think of it, that is a good reason to get all scary on him.

I can’t wait until Friday to see what he had in mind.


Something tells me that Kesti quests are a bit more compulsory…


Yeah, that’s my impression too. Nice to see Kat looking out for Danni in a beautiful&perfect f***-why-is-Erbana-the-scariest-one-of-the-group way 😀

Nobody f***s with Danni on Kat’s watch. Nobody.


It’s less compulsory and more, you lose alignment percentage for not doing it I believe. Tho if that was Kat’s issue with it I doubt it would matter much since she probably has a 0 in Kristi anyways… unless it’s just like, undefined right now and not doing the quest would count against her later average. Hmm.


Ugh, stupid autocorrect turned kesti into Kristi lol.

Alexander The 1st

Well, more to do with the alignment details, as well as the quest itself being easy to complete – “Escort The Dude off the Island” is going to take longer, for example, than “Find 5 rat tails.”


Alternatively “Find 5 rat tails” might need to be avoided at all costs due to an absence of rats.


Been rereading the comic, and you seem to skip over why Jane is able to make specials, and talks to Sandra as if they both work FOR the game, which would seem impossible, due to Sandra’s apparent hatred for Tenka. I understand if you want to build suspense, but it just seemed odd.


the impression i got was that making specials is pretty much like writing code
anyone can do it if they’re willing to learn
however with the paranoia over being a hacker most people that know how to write code are considered evil (by the general populace) unless they work for tenka
even janes code was described as a mixing together of 4 other chunks of code and kat was surprised it even worked
so janes really just copy/pasting and hoping for the best

Colin G

I would suspect it’s more along the line of “packaged chunks of premade code” that’s available to be used in making specials.

As an example, when I was learning Java, (or trying to anyway), I learned how to take other peoples examples and hack them into something different, and in a couple of cases, put together 2 or more examples to get something workable. But, I still don’t know Java itself aside from how to put packages together.


I really like how you drew Dani in the first panel.


This just became one of my favorite pages of all time. I laughed so hard!

Seriously, Dude, don’t assume Erbana is a push-over.


Wow, even without knowing who Kat really is, hitting a nerve with her is one of the scariest things you could do in that game…


Except Brandon knows, so it’s way scarier. Like, “heart attack scary”.


I can imagine him going, ‘Wait whats going on…. Thats kat… and she looks pissed… SH** SH** SH**! ABORT ABORT!! FLEEEEEE!!!!”


Kat your admin tendencies are showing.

Michael Davison

I don’t understand why this page makes me so happy, but I’m geeking out right now.

Chaos Magistrate

I think Kat is more worried about how the quest is because if Morto is required to kill everything, the quest could be to kill jane, If she doesn’t kill Jane then she loses Kesti but if she does Kill Jane then it raises Morto and Kesti which would make it more of an evil rank still, if I am understanding it correctly.


I didn’t realize at first that there’s a face on the tree in panel 1.


I also just realized that in panels 2 and 3 The Dude’s hair goes from perfect to “all up in his face”


To me, and I am probably off my rocker, it look like The Dude is about to say question. He says “questieh,” up until the “eh,” it lines up with question. The quests may not fit our preconceptions of the term. All quests might be started by a question. Something the player needs to answer, this would make the quests a lot harder to figure out.

Probably not, but it’s been bothering me.


I think he said “questieh” because of “Kesti”.


Well, I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and say that lest I have to do every quests someone tells them to.

Dragon Master

Hmm, I wonder if doing a quest can raise your percentage in other routes. Like you have to find and kill 15 Scoiatti, that might raise your morto percentage. Or maybe collecting 6 cards might raise your Cardista percent.


I’m noticing green specks in her left eye (on our right side.) Is she hacking, or did the background colors leak through?
Or you could claim it as a coding bug of the game world and say it was intentional.